05 August 2012

QWeekly - Fluff and stuff

This is probably the cutest picture in this post. Haha.

We went out for Sophie's birthday the other day and then later we went to movie and then later we went to catch soft toy at the machines at Cine ^.^

I actually really like the feeling of catching something from the claw machine (or according to the act-cute side of Sophie, grab-grab machine lolol) but it NEVER EVER EVER EVER happens to me. I used to try it until i lose faith in it and am VERY certain that nobody will actually ever catch something. Until Sophie blogged about catching them then i thought maybe they are just SUPER lucky or they probably bribed the operator. Lol.

But then Alaric caught this on first attempt O.O =OOOOOO @.@ I was super excited and happy of course! But more than any of that, i am VERY SURPRISED. Each try is $1.50 only somemore.

So cheap. Lol. And it's really very soft lah. And then i gave it to Baby Yurou the next day cox as much as i love it, i told my gf "It's just weird for me to keep it cox Alaric caught it" LOL.

So leh, here's me and the chioest soft toy i ever had, for memory's sake. Lol.

Can you believe this is $1.50 O.O

Mich and i went for Rachel K event the other day.

It's for their newly launched skincare line. So far it sounds pretty good! I can't wait to try the products!!! Another day show you all more pictures from the event but for now.....

This is one of the dresses from EMODA that Nami San gave me ^.^

The other day at the press conference nobody took full length shot of me. Or they did but never publish =( So i can't show you all the high-low part but it's so pretty!!! So i post these pictures first!


Mich help me take the pictures got no EMODA feel one. Lol.

This is slightly better haha ^.^ High-low floral dress from EMODA.

Alright! That's all for this week! Will blog about Audrey and Tim de wedding very soon!!!


Sleepy much now. Good night.


Lilpink said...

Hi Qiu. Is it me or you look like Zhang Zi Yi in most of your photos?

Btw, im gonna die! That's so fluffy and adoraaaable. <3


Kiyo said...

OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE YOUR EMODA DRESS!!! Isn't that the one that Fuji Renachan was wearing in the ViVi magazine??? You look super good in it!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

You should've kept the toy! The fact that your friend's bf caught it is so cute, hahaha. And $1.50 O_O it's too cute!

donnarose said...

LOVE your dress and especially your hair <3
Can you please do a tutorial? pleeeaaase?
it's so cute and adorable

Sockhan said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!!

Omg each time I look at your photos on your blog, I really really wish you are my real life friend!!


I love your figure!!
I'd never be as slim as you :(

I really wish I could be friends w you :(((

Sock Han

QiuQiu said...

Lilpink, haha not most lah, maybe a few.

Kiyoko, yes it's the one EMODA X Lena! =D Thank you!!!

Donnarose, i try!!! VERY EASY ONE!

Sockhan, hahah! Thank you but i am sure you can be as good as you want to be! Good luck!