03 August 2012

See you soon, Japan ❤

This is the last post for my Japan trip. You can find post one, two (EMODA Fashion show), three and four (Disneyland Tokyo) by clicking =D

So this is the fifth post about Japan, and counting!!! Cox i definitely wanna go back again! I enjoy being there cox when i'm there, i feel a NEED to dress up! =D Also the food there is REALLY good.

Anyway, picture heavy, get ready! Most of it is my face lah. Lol.

^.^V Told Josh to help me snap some pictures with buildings with Japanese words. Lolol.
At Harajuku =D Josh say every tourist must take picture with this landmark one. Lol. Okay lor!

By the way.. I had very bad blister on my feet that day that's why i have to wear socks with my heels. It doesn't match lah!!! =((( So i try to crop out my feet as much as possible haha.

Okay this is the only picture without me i think =X

See lor, the socks. Lol. Anyway! I LOVE my black tights! Bought it in Japan for $6 SGD.

Did i say i pack for the wrong weather? It's VERY cold for me when i got there lah! I was all packed for summer like this. End up have to go buy tights and jackets there haha ^.^ Lucky i manage to find cheap ones! =D Actually shopping in Japan is not that expensive! Like got a few shops along Harajuku that sells lotsa ¥1000 clothes. That's like $16 ish SGD. And it's what you can find at Bugis for maybe $10 - $15.

But of course that's quite rare to find. Most of the shops sells expensive and unique fashion items that you can't find easily in SG one. And they have sooooo many cute little stuff! Like i bought 2 My Melody keychains just cox it's too cute O.O One is SGD16 one is SGD24.

Until today i haven't bear to use it yet. I'm just keeping them and i do take them out to say hi sometimes. Lolol. "Oh you shoooo cute!!! Meow meow meow" Lolol.

Lotsa ME ahead.

Double-sided eyelid sticker, you just have to go wrong on the day i camho most. Lol.

That should be good enough. Lolol. When i was snapping away there was a old Japanese couple sitting beside me sharing a cup of snack. I remember feeling very happy =)

Josh is super love to go on a trip with ^.^ Cox he help me snap pictures likeapro! Lolol. Bought this bag from EMODA shop at Shibuya109 ^.^
Oh man. Why even my hair looks smoother in Japan =O Every other part of the street in Japan also camhothy. Lolol. Camho-worthy that is.

Act cute *.^
Some other parts in Harujuku. Somewhere near where i fall on my knees =____="

So it happened like this.

Josh walking.

Me walking.

Me looking up at some pretty shop on the second floor.

Me asking Josh to look.

Josh turn around.

Me kneeling on the ground.

That's right after i screamed AHHH when falling =____="

I am embarrassed by myself. The Japanese girls around also screamed for me please. I also don't know what happened leh?! I think it was a moment of soft legs?! o.O

So i got up laughing and the people around also laugh (in a nice friendly way lah not like mocking way, or that's how i feel lolol cox Japanese are so nice ^.^) and this Josh never help me up!!!!!!!!

I ask him "Eh, how come you never help me up just now ah?"

He say "Cox i don't understand how you can fall when walking on straight, flat, even street"

Si ren gui. Don't understand cannot help me up first then say meh! Lolol.

Don't care already lah, please pretend you never see my socks =(

I mad already. I bought this pair of Sanrio Hello Kitty sheos.

You can't see it's Sanrio shoes but on the shoes sole you can see Kitty faces lolol. Real one, got tags and all, bought in Shibuya109. It cost like SGD61 i think O.O It's crazy.

Or was it $41. I can't remember. STILL, crazy even if it's $41!!! I have never bought shoes for more than $20 i think!!! Eh. Got. $25. My black working clog shoes for flying last time. Lolol. My company then got subsidise somemore. Lolol. So this pair of shoes really is love at first sight. And okay lah! Very comfy also! It's not the pair that gave me blisters. It was the other pair i brought.

Hop into random cafe for a snack and it was SO GOOD ALSO ='O I miss Japan and the whole eat-what-also-damn-yummy thing!!! Very touching one!!! Really is what they say 好吃到流泪 lol.

I know you'd like to see Japan and Japan street without me but sorry, buy your own air ticket. LOLOL. Kidding lah. It's just, it's my first time there! So i am being a hardcore tourist! Lol.
Some malls along Harajuku.

I also got to see Liz Lisa shop =DDDDD And bought a bag for Wendy. It was on 50%! LOVE! The shop is super nice-smelling and everything inside hen love de!!!!! All pinkish and floral and sweet and makes you wanna spend ALL your money there and nothing seems too expensive suddenly. Lol.

Didn't snap pictures of the shop cox too excited lol. And Josh was too bored following me around in the shop i guess. He don't understand why i can stand in front of some floral place-mat for 15 minutes and just look at it and touch it when i don't even need them haha.

Random cozy-looking house at some small alley.

And then we head back to the hotel to put the stuff, rest for a short while and head out for dinner ^.^ You see lor, i really is packed for hot weather one. Lolol. Shorts and all.

Supposed to match this pair of shorts with like a floral tank top but heng i manage to buy this grey long sleeves for ¥500 which is like SGD8.30? Not bad!!! =DDD I quite love it. It's cropped and got heart laced badge ^.^

¥100 shop!!! =DDD Right outside our hotel only some more!!! Very love! I bought the cheap and good eyelashes there! 2 pairs for ¥100. One pair is like what, 83cents. Lolol. LOVE! Regret not buying more!!! Nevermind! I'm going back again one!!! =DDD

Josh and i settled for something like fine-dining. It's gonna be one of the nights i will always remember, that is spent with Josh =))) It's very simple and comfortable lah, just good food, good service, great company (Josh lol) and i can tell Josh is happy! Which is.. Quite rare. LOL.

Why my head look so big here. Lol.

We decided to do a food photography competition. Lol. The lighting there was REALLY dim and orangey/ yellow thou. But we try our best! First picture is Josh's. Second is mine. So you judge who's is better! =DDD Of course i will lead you to think mine is better ^.^

Josh's take
Amuse bouche. Aiseh. I also know. Ren jia wo is got do fine-dining at Genting before one leh! Lolol.
My take.

My face. Bonus for you. Lolol.

Josh's take.

My take. Look at the texture of my jelly. Lol. It's cauliflower soup! Cold one wor!

Bread selection basket ^.^ Josh's take.


Josh's take on the tuna carpaccio.

My awesome take in a dynamic angle.
Hi, me.
Poop. Lololol. Foie gras! Josh's take.

My take. Josh say it's unfair cox my foie gras looks nicer to start with. Sigh~ Excuses!!!

Josh's take on some chicken dish.


Josh's take. He very impressed with himself cox he caught the moment where the other couple is holding hands. Lol. They are the only couple other than us. Quiet evening!

Mine. Where you can see the dish clearly. Ahem. Lol.

Josh's take on his crabmeat aglio olio.

My cream and cheese pasta with mushroom. My take.

Super yummy mango sauce with sorbet and mango pudding. Josh's take.

My take. Super professional, 45 degree angle. I say one. Lolol.

So yeap! I LOVE this meal in Japan!!! THE MOST! All in, they did a really awesome job in making our evening perfect. Great and prompt service, staff can speak decent English, flexible enough for us to change some of the dishes in the set menu, and of course, very fresh and yummy food!!!!!

The restaurant name is Cujorl if you're ever keen! Each pax cost about $125 SGD for all that food!

I You Darling! =)

Next day (which is the last day in Japan) i had to put on light makeup cox we're gonna check out, head out, and then shop all day, and then i have to fly back to Singapore, and then head for a scene in the Jack Neo movie and i was asked to do light makeup and then go there for touch-up O.O

Anyway! So yeah, light makeup, just doesn't make the cut in Japan. Lolol. I feel lah!

I feel naked without fake eyelash there!

At a pink restaurant that specialises in crepe dishes.
My braid headband is from 100¥ shop =D
Such a simple salad, i hardly eat salad in Singapore cox it's always shredded cabbage with what, mayo ah? Mai. This one is sooooo nice!!! Got mashy tomato, some garlicky or is it oniony sauce, fresh garden veggie and it's kinda citrusy! But it's just a free salad that comes with the crepe O.O


While waiting for my crepe.

It might not look very good to you.. But it IS YUMMY!!!!!! The bacon i saw at first i thought, "okay, my first not-yummy dish in Japan" cox it doesn't look crispy right? Yes it's not crispy but it's soooooo fragrant!!! =OOO And it's like it's BBQ-ed to be slightly salted like this! Then inside the crepe got egg, tomato, cheese, lots and lotsa spinach and mushroom. VERY LOVE ONE!!!!! ='D

Josh de boring tomato and chicken or was it fish with rice.

Canon, you really should sponsor me. I from IXUS60 use until S95 use until 60D. Gimmie a 5DMarkIII, my Josh is a pro. Thank you. Lolol.

Josh very nice to ask the shop owner if we could go inside the shop to snap some pictures =D

One more with the streets of Japan ^.^ Josh ask me after he snapped the shot "Why you stand like superhero" Lolol. DENG DENG DENG! Wo shi ying xiong.

Taking shuttle bus to the airport already = J
This is the time i was checking my mail and replying and tearing up O.O Josh didn't know. Lol. Cox Clarice just settled some stuff for my wedding and Jayne (my manager) telling me a reader from overseas sent me a huge parcel filled with snacks and all and it arrived in Nuffnang office ='))

So i was feeling a bit overwhelmed by how everything is happening nice and good for me to a point i feel a bit like i don't know what to feel and then.. I REACH HANEDA AIRPORT.


Some of the things i got for people ^.^

We also bought like 16 boxes of Tokyo Banana. And then have another ramen meal at the airport. I had 3 melty eggs ^.^ What what what. IT'S YUMS! Needless to say already.

That's all lah! FOR NOW, that is =D

Really wanna thank everyone from EMODA, Jayne, Clara, Nuffnang and Josh for this trip =)

I hope everyone can get to see Japan at least ONCE in their life! =D

You've been very beautiful and amazing for me, Japan. Thank you! ^.^


Irene Chan said...

Hi you look so pretty in this post!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much <3 I hope one day i have a lovely blog like yours ^^ <3

Anonymous said...

can you do a tutorial on how u do your brows? :)

bree said...

qiu qiu,

jz wanna say u r sooooooooo cute :p

hope i cn be as lucky as u too in many ways, hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

the blue boots look awesome on you! did you get them at Japan?

Unknown said...

so pretty !

mumutchan said...

Your socks look alright! It's the socks trend now in Japan anyway!
Your photos make me miss Japan so much.... T__T

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and this is the 1st time I leave comment in your blog ;)

I wanna tell you that you look prettier without fake eyelashes. You have that Asian model look.

Stay being just you, so true, so real.

QiuQiu said...

Irene, thank you ^.^

Veronica, good luck!

Anon, most people dislike my brows oh O.O

bree, thank you!!! =DDD

Anon, no wor, i buy from Bugis one. $10.

Audrey, Thank you ^.^

mumutchan, it looks like bandage!!! =X

Anon, THANK YOU!!! ^.^ But i still sort of prefer with falsies!

Kristel said...

woah, you + Japan = I can die happily now.. lolol. In 2014 I will go to Japan also, can't wait. Really like this post btw

Anonymous said...

How tall are you?!!

abby quah said...

Qiu,you looked so pretty and natureal beauty face without ur double eyelid tapes, you looked awesome with ur natural eyelids. hope you can forgo ur double lid tapes n stick with ur natural lids with ur favourite False lashes and eyelinner. everything's perfect.

abby quah said...

Qiu,you looked so pretty and natureal beauty face without ur double eyelid tapes, you looked awesome with ur natural eyelids. hope you can forgo ur double lid tapes n stick with ur natural lids with ur favourite False lashes and eyelinner. everything's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu.. Dun mind tellin which brand u use ur falsies?

pxdkitty said...


Jolynl said...

Hi Qiuqiu! You're so pretty, as always! Can you do a tutorial of your eyes make up? :) Take care <3

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu qiu!!

Omg you're so lucky to go japan!! and I want the hello kitty shoes ~~
How come in the pic when you were checking your phone, your white strap came out? LOL

Tony from Canada said...

You are so beautiful and I enjoyed looking through your blog.

Tony from Canada said...

You are so beautiful and I enjoyed looking through your blog.

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, just curious, how come in the photo towards the end where you're replying messages and all, your spaghetti stripes seem to have come out alrdy ah?

Ash said...

Eh, you guys got no 100YEN store in Singapore ah? Malaysia got a lot bah. :x

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiuqiu, really like your grey crop long sleeve top & green shorts w blue boots outfit! You look so slim & pretty! Can i ask where did you buy that shorts from? Thanks ^^