16 August 2012

All's not gone!

A shout out for a donation drive this weekend!

Readers who have been following me for a longer time would have know that i used to visit Gentlepaws for a year plus, every weekend, until a few months ago that is. I stop visiting cox MooMoo (my sister's dog) gets overly attached to "his humans" and when we're not there, he gets kinda cranky to the volunteers and the rest is history. So i've stopped visiting. To be honest.. My family and i discussed about it before and we had wanted to stop visiting him all together, in hope that it might be a better thing to do for him. But my 12 yro nephew would bawl his eyes out. So he still gets to visit. Anyway, i am not paragraphing this becox i see a need to explain, but i don't wish that everyone would read it becox i know i'd be judged. But it's okay, we know, or at least i know, that this is for the better. Before we can get a house to bring him home, it'd be the most magical thing if he can open up to other people. And you never know, if a good family/ couple come by and they just really really love him, they might be patient enough for him =') By then when any of our house is ready, maybe he also don't want to come home with us! Haha. But before that can happen, i really just have to work very hard (yes i am actually quite hardworking although you see i everyday wake up late lol, i work late too lol) together with everyone in my family. And then hopefully in 4 - 5 years time, omg don't cry, in 4 - 5 years time, they can all be together again. That would be perfect. Thank you =')

So Gentlepaws is a non-profit shelter making shift a home, for dogs who have yet to find their homes. You can read some of the posts i've blogged about under label MooMoo.

To find out more about Gentlepaws and their rehoming stories as well as just to see cute doggy picture haha, check out the Gentlepaws Facebook Page!

They are currently housing over 40 dogs. And all of them need shelter, food, clean water and medical supply. When they fall sick, they'd need medical attention and dog owners will understand, cost of a doggy seeing the vet one time = to a human seeing the doctor 3 - 4 times, at least. It's costly.

And 40 dogs in one shelter, when one falls sick, it'd usually cause a few more to fall sick. And Gentlepaws takes the doggies' health very seriously cox a healthy dog is a happy dog is a dog who stands a good chance to be rehomed =D So all these medical attention provided for the doggies that fall sick, has chalk up a bill of about $8000 over. And this depleted the pool of fund Gentlepaws has.

The fund is for daily running of the shelter, food, utitlity bill, medical/ cleaning supply etc for 40 over dogs. And also, rental of the shelter premises. All these are hefty sum if you think about it.

Saw this on Gentlepaws' Facebook page! Good ad, i'd say. Lol.

Therefore they are running a flea this weekend!!!

To raise fund!

And they need our help! They would appreciate donation of dog supply, but someone gotta pay the rental, the utility bill, the money for their food etc. So the best form of donation would still be money! I've donated $200. It's not a lot but we do what we can! Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

If you can't make it down to donate and shop at the flea but would still like to donate, their account number is POSB Savings 198-66799-4

THANK YOU =) Any amount would be helpful!

But if you have new doggy supply that you'd like to donate, or anything you think that people will like to buy at the flea, to raise more funds for Gentlepaws, they will be glad to have you there or to drop off your things there for them to sell to raise fund!

Some of the things and snacks for both human and dogs, the volunteers are bringing this weekend!

Bring your children if you like! =D I personally quite like the Mickey Mouse bags =X And the owl cushion handmade by one of the kind souls! I also like the human cookies they bake for sale =X

There has to be a lot more items for sale but i just don't have pictures of it. If you have more things to bring/ share, feel free to tweet me a picture of it, i'd love to share it to draw more people to the flea! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With a little bit of help i'm trying here, in hope to get YOUR help, i believe the doggies' bowls and hearts will be full again =) Thank you first!


If you'd like to donate, their account number is POSB Savings 198-66799-4

If you're heading for the flea to buy or to donate for people to buy,
This Saturday and Sunday
12pm - 4pm
No.16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2


Anonymous said...

I remember that time you said you already set aside some of your clothes for a flea. Maybe You should consider donating your extra clothes to them. I think more people will come down to buy and this will help gentle paws too. Just a suggestion:)

Unknown said...

I wish I lived near there! The pet toys are so cute!!