23 September 2012

Boring or Boring

Thank you guys for coming down to the flea today! =) I hope most of you manage to grab something nice! And thanks for all the pictures!!! ^.^

I will keep on shopping haha. So see you next time when my room is exploding again ^.^

A little bit about wedding stuff! Haha. I am now planning my hen's night =DDD

I told gfs i want something that's along the line of massage, mani-pedi, food spread, board games/ card games, hotel stayover/ slumber night party, wake up to hotel breakfast, OMG, awesome.

But i am not so sure if hen's night are supposed to be like that. Or it's supposed to be filled with strip-dancing by some hot chunky men meat, alcoholic drinks, dare-games and first-time-last-time before marriage stuff.

You all think my idea of hen's night nice or not, say real one. I mean look at my list of the confirm invited girls, namely, all my bridesmaids.

Michelle - Boring. Loves to hunchback and everything also "anything lor" YAWNS.

Yuzhen - Safe. Will cry after some alcohol and then blame the salted egg for being salty O.o

Gem - Uncreative and gets red burning cheeks after just a bit of alcohol. Totally uncool. LOL.

Niao Niao - Hum Sup (means she very lecherous) scarly she koala-hug the male stripper o.O

Wendy - Pregnant, we need to think for baby!!! Loud, rowdy activities and alcohols are no good!

Sophie - Okay this one is the only young and happening one i am sorry Sophie you have to go havoc on another person's hen's night.

The numbers are clear, there's only one choice, we are doing boring.


Extra camho shots from the previous tutorial, with my hair tied up ^.^

Didn't realise i stuck the eyelash unevenly haha.

Spider eyes. Lol.

Mid-Autumn festival is here again!!! =DDD It should really be call Mooncake Festival cox that's the only thing that matters to me on Zhong Qiu Jie. Lol. Mooncakes. I LOVE MOONCAKES!!!

My two favourite places that sells the best snowskin mooncakes are Raffles hotel and Bakerzin. I only like liquer flavour ones ^.^

And then my favourite traditional mooncake leh.. Is anywhere that sells those with thick CHEWY baked skin. White lotus preferably but normal lotus is okay. And must have at least double yolks. Lolol. Very fussy.

This year i add one more brand to my favourite mooncake brand! =D Mooncakes from Chocoelf!

They are for one, SUGAR-FREE. So it's great for our parents!!! Of course only eaten in moderation, like anything else. And it's definitely healthier than the usual ones with high sugar content.

So i am happy when Alice from Chocoelf offer me two boxes lol. Actually, it's meant for my dad but nevermind i also get to try some lol.

Traditional X Modern simple black and red packaging =)

Their traditional baked skin with double yolks. My dad's favourite other than pure D24/ Mao Shan Wang durian filling snowskin mooncakes haha ^.^ Thank you, Alice!!!

Snowskin with a chocolate truffle yolk center. Sugar-free lotus paste is used and the flavours include: Vanilla truffle yolk, Berry truffle yolk, Green Tea truffle yolk and Durian truffle yolk. I don't have pictures of the actual product cox they run out of it!!! O.O Must be really yummy right.

But i am thinking their snowskin can't beat this!!! CHOCOLATE SKIN MOONCAKES!!! Comes in such pretty and cute designs too!!! The round Chocolate Skin Mooncakes consist of Dark Lotus, Vanilla Lotus and Cabernet Red Wine Lotus. Red wine one is my favourite =DDD Mini-chocolate mooncakes come in white lotus with macadamia, red lotus with walnut and French orange peel.

By the way, in case you are wondering and in case you are as swaku as my father, the printed designs can be eaten!!! It's actually rice paper lah ^.^

If you're thinking to get these as gifts for your clients or to buy them for your parents, you can visit their shop at TAKA basement (where all the food stores are) or purchase them online HERE!

You can also purchase chocolates from their online store =OO ENJOY!!! =DD


darky said...

You are so pretty with those lashes!!! O___O I would love to see more pictures of your face with lashes !! :D

Anonymous said...

I Know why no one comment.... you to UGLY!!! and old your face look so old get some work done like xiaxue!!! lmao

star said...

I wish I could have gone to the flea today! And all those pictures of mooncake is making me hungry yumm. I love mooncake!

Fionism said...

miss the snow skin mooncakes...australia selling at insane prices :((((

Anonymous said...

I must say that your hair makes you look niggersomely healthy

J said...

Love your top! May I know where you get it from? Thanks. :)

Laura said...

you look so cute and your hair look so good (:

Joelle said...

Your idea for hen night is what I would want for myself too. So it's great!

David Zeal said...

Saw you yesterday at the Cineleisure during the KPOPGAGA Preview at the basement floor. You looks much prettier in real life. :)

Anonymous said...

May i know, what lashes you using?? they are so pretty!!

Unknown said...

You're getting married too!? So exciting!! Can't wait to read about it. you look great with fake lashes by the way. You're pics always encourage me to put on make up cause sometimes in the morning i'm too lazy but then I see other girls dressing up nice and I think Oh well now I just look like a slob. lol

Unknown said...

You look awesome with the lashes and hairstyle! Like doll! :D

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys!!! =DDD

Darkyberryish, actually most of the time i got put but i use those cheapo ones so not so obvious!

J, from Bugis Street!

David, hahaha! Hello! Thank you!!! I actually thoought that was the ABCD happening!!!

Anon, Dollywink ones from previous tutorial.

Kimmy, work it babby!!! ^.^

FiSh said...

ah mooncakes! :) that looks healthy and delicious

FiSh @ ohfishiee.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Looking extremely pretty!!!! Love love love this hair color!!!!!
I'm sure your hen's night will be super duper fun and one of the happiest time!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty in dark hair ! and i absolutely adore your lashes !
keep blogging ! xx

ahlost said...

hahaha.. i'm sure your gfs will be more than willing to plan your hens night. It's once in a lifetime thingy, even if they don't feel like drinking.. they'll force u to drink cos it's your night :D :D

ShutterEye said...

I have no problems with ladies putting makeup, but honestly, I felt that you had overdone it. You have a better natural look, and you should embrace that. You level of make up just made you look really old and and fake, really disappointing. Other then good, good job on the eye lashes, but do something about the makeup

Unknown said...

WOW that doesn't even look like you! :O The lashes are really pretty :)

with Love, Cheryl said...

wow babe i think you're darn cool to just strut your hypertrophic scar without photoshopping it away -- RESPECT! :)

Anonymous said...

what the lashes u r using and wat the lipstick or lip gloss?? niceee

wlrach said...

May i know where you bought the lower lashes? Brand and model?

Thanks :D

Unknown said...

QiuQiu you look amazing in these pics!!!
Do your makeup that way everydayyy, you're so beautiful, you found out the way to enhance it!

lots of love from an italian blogger! <3