26 September 2012

Last minute, so?! ^.^

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I've been busy. With what? No idea. But trust me, i've been busy.

I mean if you think about it, eating, sleeping, watching a nice movie with Josh, meeting friends for quick lunch/ dinner and shopping, visiting my family and Baby Yurou are all very essential in my life becox.. No, not becox these are the only things i do lolol, becox..

This is call a balanced life. Balancing out the time i work late, balancing out the days i have events from morning to evening time and balancing out the time i spend in the beauty room just snapping pictures of myself and then spend hours photoshopping it haha. Yeah so there are days where i just have no time to sit down and have a nice chat with my loved ones.

True story, sometimes i am so packed, that i don't even have time to go buy myself outfits for events where there's a particular theme or dress code. Sometimes i have no time to go get presents for my loved ones.

Like my niece Naoki just had her birthday last week but i really really had no time to go get her something, AND pass to her. Now it's over = / i am a horrible aunt. But i'd make it up to her!!

If only i am reminded earlier that..
Jipaban does NEXT DAY delivery for just $4.90!
For just $4.90, you get to enjoy Jipaban's express delivery and receive your items the next working day! How awesome is that?!?! I should have thought of it and send my niece birthday gift on time first, then bring her out for dinner another day! Now a bit too late but better than never! Haha.

Oh and! For every $100 you spend, you get free next day delivery! OHSUM~~~!

And Jipaban ships worldwide so it no matter what country you're from, you can shop on Jipaban!!!

Had to head for dubbing for the movie the other day and it's at Mediacorp and since after the flea, i feel like i have EVEN lesser clothes to wear. Lolol. So the day before i selected some clothes from Jipaban and the next day before noon, i got it. NISE.

Knit cardigan and dress from maryjulian on Jipaban. I love love love the cardi SO MUCH!!! ^.^ It's my favourite cardi now. So easy to match with other stuff somemore.

Thanks to Michie for helping me snap pictures haha.

So leh! If you're like me, somehow, you always find yourself in a rush to do something, to get something, to buy something, and you always feel like at the last minute, you have nothing new to wear for an event happening tomorrow, you can always count on Jipaban.

With various labels that carry different styles, i am sure you can find something for yourself!

Refer to this blogpost i did for all the different brands on Jipaban and the DAILY updates of new items on Jipaban on these brands!!! Also, Friday is NEW SALES ITEMS update day lol. FYI.

Now whenever I am in a rush to get new clothes or gifts for friends, I go to Jipaban to select clothes or to their gift section to see if there's anything i can get for my friends.

Remember this whole outfit?! I selected them from Jipaban the night before the Nuffnangx event and receive them the very next day before noon. Thank you for being reliable, Jipaban!! Lol.

If not i will be in trouble.. Look at all the other bloggers dressing up to fit the theme BLUE.
And yes, i'd be sharing more about Nuffnangx soon!!! ^.^

If you don’t know what to buy for your friend or not sure what colour of what to choose, you can buy gift voucher from Jipaban for your friends so that they can choose what they like!!! Jipaban is like a megamall carrying anything from fashion, to books, to games, to household novelty items, to stationery and more more more!!! See for yourself on Jipaban ^.^

Alright some camho shots of myself in my favourite cardi for now ^.^

Remember, if you need something the NEXT day and you have no time to go get it, look out for it on Jipaban! If you can find it, they can deliver it right to your doorstep the next day!

AND AND AND!!! Good news! My readers get 10% off!!!!

Jipaban is offering a special discount code for all items on Jipaban.com only for my readers.

Quote “qiuqiu10” upon checkout to enjoy 10% off STOREWIDE.

Thank you Jipaban!!! Go shop your hearts out on Jipaban NOW!

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Shop away~


FiSh said...

wow the very next day delivery? that's quick. only in singapore? how bout malaysia :D *excited*

FiSH @ ohfishiee.blogspot.com

David Zeal said...

Nice post. Anyway, your post is always nice and interesting. You look good in long skirt.:)

_tinalee_ said...

Hey qiu~

What time will the delivery always come?

_tinalee_ said...

Hey qiu~

What time does the delivery come? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL is that Daisy Duck on your leg!? Cute little outfit I like the glasses, wearing fashion glasses always make me look so much smarter. I don't know why glasses are associated with being smart anyway. Any who..great post! RoRos World

Unknown said...

That cardigan is beautiful. I already gawk at some instagram pics of this shoot BUT I had no idea it was for a sponsored shop. Next day delivery would be perfect for gifts. Going to go check out the site thanks for sharing!!

Willyn said...

wow!! amazing that is too really fast,how about in philippines? does it delivered after the next day?

Unknown said...

you are so cute lah

- said...

What happened to your skin! It's more smooth and brilliant! You are so beautiful!*w*

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I got here from Poland. Great blog and great styling. I'll be a frequent visitor here, With my friend also did a blog, but we just starting. We invite you to our site.