05 September 2012


Just now i tweet say if i don't blog todaym i'd be a badass cox the last time i blogged was on Sunday! Lolol. If i don't blog today, i'd have not blog for like.. 3 days. That's super badass yo! Haha.

So that's why, i am a goodass aka Insecure blogger who is super scared to have people forget me.

Another hair post ^.^ As you know i super duper love my current hair sponsor cox they are just really so super good =D See this post i did HERE!!! You know you'd always walk out with silky hair!

But of course, one thing i learnt is, if you don't use good shampoo and hair conditioner and if you don't take care of it, your hair is still gonna turn shit okay. Unless you every weekly go to good hair salon like CLEO Hair and Make, then okay lah. But nobody ever do that i think! Cox it'd be.. Costly =X Lolol. So although yes, Cleo gives one of the best hair treatment i've done, but ownself also must take care to maintain! Please read the link i linked earlier. Their treatment is VERY unique!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page
After i did my hair colour touch up and treatment, i ask Sio to help me tie a simple ponytail.
Bottom from Jipaban =)

Not sure if you can see my teeth here but it is getting straighter and straighter thanks to Orchard Scotts Dental!!! And i'm only on my 5th aligners!!! To straight teeth in the shortest time!!!

Btw, i never liquify any of the camho pictures in this post lolol. Why? I confident can or not. Lolol.
Act cute ^.^V
Sio and i =) He takes a lot of pride in his work!! And i feel my hair is safe in his hands always!!! =D

Look at the colour i pointed. It's more green in real life. Mint ash. I am thinking about that for my next hair colour!!! Since now Ah Boys to Men finish filming, i can dye any colour i want!!! =DD What do you think?!?!?! Imagine this but more green!!!

Happy me cox i always walk out feeling pretty!!! ^.^
Sio, Me and Samantha ^.^

Later i go meet Yong Ming for lunch =))

This is the kind of pose that says "Wo chio ma?" Lolol.

This is the kind of pose that says "Wo shuai ma?" HAHA. Bu hui. Mei you.

Yong Ming and i ^.^ Funniest things we talk about.

Okay i gotta go. Have yourselves a great week and weekend's coming really soon!!!


HitomiNeko said...

chio la ~

so jelly of u get hair sponsor! wish myself 2 hv that too! haha looks so nice! love it!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Anonymous said...

You are getting prettier and prettier!!!!! Love love love it!!!!! Love the confidence!!!!!!!!!
Super super super love your hair!!!! Any color also can!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hihi may i ask where u got ur sandals from? i love the bright colours =)

Irene Chan said...

Hahaha I envy you for always touching up your hair colour!! Every time I do that I sure paranoid about hair loss one.. TT-TT That ash gray colour nice!!! Fade liao also nice!! Do it!!

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Can I know where u get ur top from?? It's really pretty :)! Ty!!

charmaigne grace said...

hi qiuqiu!

i really love the way you dress.

simple but classy!

<3<3<3 muah!

Jewel said...

Love your hair colour dear! Do you dye your eyebrows the sane colour too?

Anonymous said...

Love your style in this blogpost! & i've always thought that your friend Yong Ming looks really good :/.

mimibear said...

Sio is kinda cute, straight or gay!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you blog more about your husky? So cute! I hope you are the same 'qiu' he is talking about thought, if not malu ):

Unknown said...

Your sandals are very nice... Been looking for something colorful like that for a while..
And you Blog is awesom....

Kiwi said...

You look great in the photos! But if you don't mind me saying... I think you should stop dying your hair. I've been following your blog for a while and every time there is a close-up photo, I can see that your hair is really dried out. You should let your hair rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, this Yong Ming friend of yours, is his surname 'Tan' and was he studying at Yu Neng Primary School in the past? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You look prettier and prettier every post! I love the way you dress too - probably the best budget shopper I've ever seen.

ValerieDeoferio said...

You've got a handsome hairdresser! love your hair! ♥

Anonymous said...

A flea with things u gonna sell pls!! <3