20 September 2012

Today and Tomorrow

You know what does "today" means to me.

Today means from the moment i woke up, to the moment i sleep.

I don't care if it's past midnight or not.

Yeah i'm a badass like that. Haha.

And today would be a normal day if i didn't have a photshoot with Straits Times for an interview. And today would be a normal day if i didn't meet Mich and had lotsa laughter =DDD
And today would be a normal day if i didn't go to an event so nicely planned with the organiser so generous i walk out of the event with 5kg worth of products. Or more. More, i think. Much more.

Thank you Shiseido. I super welcome and look forward to the new ranges =D

Today would be a normal day if Wendy didn't (finally) announce her pregnancy!!! Everyone must be anticipating the next thing.. BOY OR GIRL. I say girl please. Like PLEASE!!! Haha ^.^

Today would be a normal day if Vivien didn't give birth to a healthy chubby baby girl =))

Today would be a normal day if i didn't wait pass 12 midnight to wish Josh Happy Birthday

So my conclusion is..

Today is a super extraordinary day and i am thankful for all the good things happening to me and the people around me so thank you, thank you and Thank You. I really am happy although more overwhelmed. I don't even know why. It's like i'm in this block of good state of mind for myself and i sometimes feel more excited and happy for the things happening to people i care for, than myself.

When something more than good happen to me, i zone out.

You know what i mean. Like i am happy by myself. Like just happy most of the time. So i don't really know how to tell myself to react. Like what? "Yo dude, now it's time to be EVEN MORE happy!"


Like the other day, i was quite happy about something, that i walk into a restaurant to eat alone.

I didn't know what i had to do to set it into my head that i am EXTRA happy.

After that then i manage to set it into me, that good things are STILL happening to me and around me and will keep happening.

Btw Mich, i will be really happy if you get Punggol BTO lolol. Please please please lah....!!! ZZ and i huan yin ni. Ni lai ba!!! Wo please ni!!!

And Happy Birthday, Darling *shy face* lolol.

Today and tomorrow, both also your birthday! Only becox i sleep so little. Haha.

Today and tomorrow, all also awesome lah~ ^.^

Every tomorrow also will be super awesome.

Just think about it.


hidayah said...

hello there..

( just wanna hi u )

really like u , in hanis show #madmarket

Anonymous said...

Love love love super love all your happy posts!
and yet its also so simple!!!!!
As if there's some kind of magic happy potion in it hehe
Today and tomorrow and every day will be even more happy!!!
Looking forward to all the marvelous extraordinary days!!!

Vivien said...

Ur bf also 21st sept?! Ha! Same birthday as me!!! Happy birthday to Josh!