18 September 2012

Milk and Jelly

Not a recipe post today haha. Thou the title does sound quite yummy.

It's to share with you about a Milk body lotion and a sponge which i choose to call the Jelly Sponge.

Keep reading till the end cox Smoochiezz is giving away free items!!!

Scentio Milk Plus Body Lotion (400 ml)
"One of the TOP selling in the USA and Thailand!"

This soft, lightweight skin-brightening body lotion contains milk extracts to moisturize and lighten skin tone. It nourishes your skin by providing nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy and maintain a young, firm appearance.

Also, like what body gotta do, the Scentio Milk Plus body lotion also moisturizes our skin and is also effective in remedying chapped, peeling or cracked lips.

This is especially crucial for people like us who put on makeup, and go under the sun! So long as you head out of your house, you'd need to quench the thirst of your skin! And yes, this lotion can be applied onto your face as a moisturiser!
And that's not all for the benefits of this milk lotion! It also rejuvenates your skin! It contains three vitamins that are important to your skin's health:

Vitamin A promotes the healthy growth of new skin cells to replace dead cells.
Vitamin D promotes cell turnover and increases skin firmness.
Vitamin E's antioxidant properties protect against free radicals which causes premature aging.

And lastly, it helps to lighten Wounds, Scars and Burns

Milk contains fat and lactic acid that can soothe the itching from dry skin and minor sunburns. Plus, vitamin E in milk also enables the skin to heal faster and minimizes the occurrence of scars. Daily usage of milk lotion thus not only improves the skin's appearance, but also increases its resilience.

Just massage it on gently. It's non-sticky and smells damn good! =D
Can't see a visible difference in the picture but after applying on my right hand, it feels real smooth!

If you're keen to try this lotion, look out for Smoochiezz events page!
Find out WHERE, WHAT, WHEN you can buy this on their events page now!
One more product to introduce!

The Konjac Sponge (Jelly Sponge)
Facial Konjac sponge!

Comes in Heart shapes and many more shapes!!! =DDD Some for face, some bigger for body.

If you're wondering what this $5 sponge is and what is does..

It is for a start.. 100% PURE and NATURAL.

It's natural Konjac dietary fibre. It's soft, gently, and is ideal for everyone!!!

Becox all it does it to bring back the natural glow and softness of your skin!

It gently exfoliates and at the same time kills acne-causing bateria and will also balance the PH of our skin!!! This will be extra effective and helpful for you if you have delicate and sensitive skin cox it's so super soft. Look.

Each micro sac feels like mini jellies brought together. All filled with water. You can choose to clean your face with this and lather it with your favourite cleanser! =D
Also, exfoliating your skin with this daily can help lighten blemishes ^.^ However, remember becox the Konjac Sponge is made from natural fibre, please replace it every 2 - 3 months!

If you're keen to get one and try (please do!!! You'd be pleasantly surprised by the texture! =DDD) please email Smoochiezz (support@smoochiezz.com) to purchase your sponge!

For my readers only!!! =DDD
One reader is going to win
1 Year Supply of Jelly Sponges!!!
Simply tweet the following
"I wanna win the Jelly Facial Sponges from #Smoochiezz on qiuqiu.sg because __________"

Fill in the blanks! =D Please tweet from a public account so i can choose one!

Okay bye!!! One irrelavant camho shot of myself ^.^ My top says Fortune Cookie.

Visit Smoochiezz events page now to be updated of where you can find them!


Anonymous said...

Is there a typo on your Tshirt because you said it says "fortune cookie" but it ends with a "turn". Haha, just saying :)

QiuQiu said...

OMG SO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAA. Yeah there's a typo!!!

David Zeal said...

Both forturn cookie and fortune cookie do provide different meaning but both are meaningful. Fortune cookie has a fortune wrapped inside whereby forturn cookie is a cookie for us to turn around to smell before we eat. Both are nice cookies. LOL. Anyway, I am going to participate to win the one year supply of Jelly Sponges. I will win because both type of cookies bring me fortune. :)))

Anonymous said...

Where can I get this in Canada? I want to try the Milk Lotion!

Tysh said...

i love the fact that you've painted your hair!
and your teeth are getting so good

Tysh said...

i love the fact that you've painted your hair!
and your teeth are getting so good

๑۩ﺴ PINKtistic ﺴ۩๑ said...

hehe your shirt

Icy said...

You look better in this hair style and colour! :)

Icy said...
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Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blogg!
you're soo pretty. <3
I actually have one of these heart sponges, someone got it for me from Asia :)

krystal said...

Loving your new hair and hair colour!!!!

Anonymous said...

why is there something on your tooth (viewer's left side) in the last picture???

Anonymous said...

You are tall and good looking especially when you stand next to Xiaxue.

Monie said...

omg..i love your hair! its so healthy and shiny..love the colour too <3

Unknown said...

qiu qiu, i think u look nicer than before!! :D nice color.. i look at ur face wo looking at the product.. i love ur hair color.. :D good day anyway..

Anonymous said...

i love the dark hair on you. (: you look really nice. <3

Kimmeh said...

Is this open to Malaysians? :)

Anonymous said...

Super super super love your new hair color!!!!!!!!!!!
you look extremely gorgeousssssss!!!!

Dreysaur said...

O: !
You look so cute with dark hair!
I want to try the Milk Lotion :3 I have a jelly sponge like that though smaller lol

Anonymous said...

I have been using the milk lotion for almost 3 years and I use it daily. Its really good and affordable!

Unknown said...

Hii QiuQiu , mind if i take your post as review of my konjac sponge? =)

Unknown said...

Hii QiuQiu , mind if I take your post as review of my product konjac sponge? =)