28 September 2012

Nuffnangx - Making our life easier

You must have heard of the NuffnangX app for your phone if you follow me on Twitter!

 If not, you must have been living in a cave ← potential line to be picked up by the NuffnangX special patent-pending technology thingy, i know, i am confusing myself too, but i'd explain haha.

You and i are all busy people. Yes, of course. Busy people are busy reading tweets, viewing and loving pictures on instagram, liking statuses on Facebook AND, reading blogs.

Like you are doing now. Thank you ^.^

But have you notice how hard it is to read blogs on our mobile phone!!! =(

I have a few problems.

One, for bloggers who use Blogger as their blogging platform, sometimes it's SOOOO hard to view their pictures and blogs on our mobile phones! Like if i wanna open the picture bigger/ smaller, it'd be swiped to the next post =___=" But if i don't, sometimes the picture is too small, or too big that it gets cut off =(( Why so tragic one, read one blogpost on phone must read until so pekchek =X

Two, IF you wanna switch to "web version" on the phone, you must scroll until tian ya hai jiao then you can find the "View web version" selection = /

Three, whenever i see updates of the blogger tweeting about new post, how do i know if it's worth a read =X Lolol. Give preview lah!!! We are very busy people remember?! Lolol.

And becox of all these problems, i hardly read blogs on my phone anymore.


Nuffnangx is going to change everything!!!!!

And we went to find out at the Nuffnangx launch!!!

Wendy and i ^.^

Seated with us Sophie and Yutaki ^.^

Free flash drive haha. Ours all very pro. Yutakis.com, Xiaxue.sg, Qiuqiu.sg EXCEPT Sophie one. So unpro!!! Lolol. Sophiewillocq.blogspot.com *yawns TLDR* Lololol.

Ming bringing us through this new baby project that can and will change the blogosphere!!!

And it got ALL the bloggers interested!!! =DDD I mean what can be a better product than one that can make bloggers be MORE interested to read blogs. Lolol.

NOW LET'S TAKE A VERY QUICK TOUR. You'd know why you'd love this app!!!

For one, you can connect with your favourite bloggers!!! I hope i am one of them O.O Haha. Yeah, sort of like messages. You can leave messages (comments) for the blogger and the blogger can reply and everyone can see your conversations! Be nice! =D And talk to me!!! ^.^

Can you see the difference between this two pictures? It's the same except for the right one, it has this tiny dialogue icon. This means..

I replied to the comment! =D And anyone can click on the dialogue to see our conversation! ^.^ So if you want ANSWERS to your questions, like "Hi Qiu where you got your bag?", "Hey Qiu would like to know what model of camera you use!" then please DOWNLOAD nuffnangX on your phone now!

Really that much in a rush?! Don't worry, Love it and Save it for later when you're free! It can be a genuine Love like you love the post also lah, but mainly you can use it like a bookmark tool ^.^

You can have a better idea of what the post is about and if it's worth your time by gauging the paragraph/ line picked up by the patent-pending technology NuffnangX came up with. So you have a better what this post is about, or what is the MOST exciting line in that particular post haha.

Other than these cool functions, you can also browse good blogs from all over the world!!! You can also follow blogs that are of your interest. Eg DIY, fashion, pets, photography, food blog etc.

You can follow any blog you like and have their blog feed to your nuffnangX timeline.

So you might have figured, NuffnangX is like the a instagram + twitter + BLOG combined.

Download NuffnangX on your phone now, READ BLOGS ON THE GO, and CHAT WITH ME!


Thank you first ah.
After you download liao search for me hor, qiuqiu.sg =D And then 
follow me there on NuffnangX!!!

Oh if you wanna link up your blog as well, you can too! Find out more from the NuffnangX site!

But would be best if you just DOWNLOAD IT ON YOUR PHONE NOW.

I highly encourage you to leave me comments there using the app instead of here thou i'd still check here lah. Cox when i reply you there, you'd know! =D

Me, Sophie and Yutaki at the launch of NuffnangX ^.^

Wendy, Sophie, Ming and Yutaki ^.^

Download the nuffnangX app now.

They are also giving away a total of 50,000 USD for people who have a certain number of followers on NuffnangX. To what i heard from Audrey, herself, Cheesie, Wendy and me have all hit the mark to receive 100USD each $.$ Haha. LOVE IT! Download download download!

DOWNLOAD the NuffnangX app on your phone now!
It's FREE~ Haha ^.^ And follow me *serious face*


Jessie Ooi said...

I have trouble updating my blog under NuffnangX. Even I followed the instruction throughly... Instead of being excited, I feel like it is very restricted, like only expert can join... Can't even find the customer service or something similar to that in NuffnangX. .. Pls help noob-NuffnangX...

Anonymous said...

I received spam mail from markeddownmarket, and their email is as follows, saying supported by you.

Honestly i think its very misleading -.-

Hi dear!

Check out Marked Down Market's newest ALL Bottoms collection!


NEWLY LAUNCHED LAST NIGHT! Check it out before its all gone!


Anonymous said...

it's cool, though there are already many apps that do that like google RSS reader ^ ^.

Eggzzzz said...

how did wendy make her phone pink!!!!

Unknown said...

Lol so glad this was the first post instead on the nuffnangx

So awesome thanks for explaining it more!

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu can you blog about your times at Bangkok, and what you bought there? as i will be going bkk soon and wondering how much should i bring for a 4days trip to shop!
tyvm, stay pretty:)