04 August 2013

Baiyuck Suite Hotel

Hello from Bangkok! I don't know if this will get through cox i am blogging from my mobile.

It's the first time i am doing so and i am veryyyy excited if it's possible! Cox then it might mean that i will blog even more than i already do lol.

I just feel sooooo disgusted by Baiyoke Suite hotel in Bangkok that i have to show you.

This is their shower curtain. Moldy and stained all over. You don't actually know where to touch to lift it *puke*

This is their basin. Peeling and rotting.

And after you are done showering, if you accidentally touch the wall you will find it slime-y. Like it's never been wiped ever.

 This is as much as my bedroom curtain can draw =___= I am going to have to deal with sunlight from 6am - 9.30am which is the time i'm supposed to wake. Sigh.

I just feel so cheated lah! Cox when i book it on Expedia, the picture i saw was like this.

It looks quite decent right?!?! AND IT IS NOT CHEAP LAH! Definitely not in Bangkok's standard. And i so dumb i think i go upgrade into some better suite room type somemore. Then you see.

The TV is sooo small, nevermind, cox it's a suite room, the living room damn big. So i can't see TV on the couch lol. Okay lah this one i asked for it one, who ask me to upgrade all our rooms lol.

And then the sofa is also like powdery powdery one. It's like old degenerating suede like this. Sit liao you just feel like you're sitting on dried up semen O.O

I don't feel angry i just feel sad like how come a hotel can survive with such standard. The location is good lah. But seriously, every corner in the room you see dirt / stain / black markings of sort / old peeling rotting stuff.

And we paid a good fee for my parents and Josh and myself to enjoy this holiday but end up like this.

But nonetheless!!! My dad seems to be having a good time so i think that's why i am not pissed even though the hotel is shit ^.^

I hope Josh can finally get something tomorrow! So far he only bought like plain water, shampoo and shower gel for our usage in this 3D2N haha.

Tomorrow we're heading for floating market and JJ market for a short while! Just to let my parents look see =D Hope it doesn't rain hor =( Today it rained quite a fair bit.

Okay lah if you see this it means mobile blogging for Blogger is good!

Bye bye ^.^ oh wait.


And my 45cents Milo =DDD


Hanna Lei said...

This is so nasty. I feel bad for you. -Hanna Marie

Cat said...

:( that's horrible.

In the future look up any hotel you are thinking of staying at on tripadvisor.com

I just looked up this hotel on it and it is ranked #583 out of 729 hotels in Bangkok with customer satisfaction of 40% out of 100%

It makes me sad when I see things like this. People work so hard for their holidays and things like this have happened to my friends too :(

Anonymous said...

Is that what u really look like?... cos that is a hideous pic of u wtf =| u famous blogger is it? shld put up better pics of urself even if it's been photoshopped 200%

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are in Bangkok. :D
If you come to Thailand next time
, I suggest you to go to Hua Hin , if you want.
Hua Hin is the good city , more beautiful Hotel , resort also delicious food.

Windy said...

Baiyoke Sky is indeed very old,you can try Novotel Platinum next time.
Ard the same price but much nicer, very new n it's just next to Platinum Mall =)
Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

hello QiuQiu,
Next time you should try Glow Pratunam hotel! BTW, which application u use to do mobile blogging? TIA :)


Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. Next time try Shangri-La.

Nira said...

Their standard has dropped for the longest time. Food is bad too.

Anonymous said...

Try Sheraton next time. Sure no complain from you wan.

Anonymous said...

wee..why its so bad :( i once myself went to thai last year and check into cheap hotel but the condition is not that bad..next time should be more aware ..btw, laughing at ur disappointing face at the end .i will be like that too if experiencing this lol

Anonymous said...

i think budget hotels sometimes even better. i tried staying in Tango vibrant,even thou its not as huge as it is, but at least its clean and nice

Anonymous said...

Try glow or citin hotel. No view but not dirty(:

QiuQiu said...

Yeah Hannah, the hotel was really bleah. We look forward to go out everytime.

Cat, yeah i learnt my lesson =( Really lor, save up for holiday and shit like this happen. You know the shower tap ah. Omg. Ah boh cold die ah boh hot die. And the showerhead holder is spoiled also. So must kneel down and shower cbbbb.

Anon, kill yourself whenever you are free.

Windy, thank you!!! I think i'd go back to Grand Diamond next time! Expensive a bit for its standard but at least clean!

Anon, i use Blogger app! ^.^

Anon, you people trying to be sacasrtic asking me to try shangri la and sheraton so i won't complain, you fucking stupid? It's like i say my $3 meepok taste awful and you think "Next time eat a $100 abalone lah!" is a good insult? Fuck you if you think i should stop whining, then you should stop reading me altogether. I can whine, i can laugh i can do whatever shit i want right here.

Nira, yeah!!! BAD. Their room service is like a crumpled piece of A4 size paper lol. Damn sad.

Cat said...

Some people are so rude!

Price is not always indicative of quality.

I stayed at the Hyatt and had horrible service and a terrible time, next time we stayed at a Four Points which is Sheraton's 'base' brand and it was amazing with great service, buffet and nicer rooms (also a third of the cost).

QuiQui, sounds like a place I stayed at in Malaysia except... the shower tap and pipe came out of the wall completely.

We were like oh sh*t maybe they blame us and make us pay to fix.

So we carefully balanced it back into the wall and stayed smelly :( ha!

Jennyi said...

I've stayed in baiyoke boutique n baiyoke sky. Now that I've seen your photos of baiyoke suite. I suggest u might wanna try baiyoke sky. It's totally different from boutique n suite :D

Nana said...

eeww! the bathroom looks so disgusting. seems like taking a bath will bring more germs. anyway, thank you for posting this. :-)

Anonymous said...

Baiyoke Suite is the sucky one. never ever stay there. dont be fooled by the word 'Suite' and their professionally taken images online. you should have checked the reviews and travellers pictures on Tripadvisor before making your booking. Baiyoke Boutique and Baiyoke Sky are the better ones.

Una said...

Even many cheap hotels in Khao San road have better room and bathroom than that hotel :D