12 August 2013

GUESS what, i am gonna be YOUR denim specialist!

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Went for denim training with the Nuffnang bloggers and our managers one weekend!!! With my neighbours in the class, Sherlyn and Jayne ^.^ And my manager Jayne photobombing haha.

I learnt a lot of interesting tips and tricks on styling and dressing up and importantly how to let different styles and cutting of denims compliment different body shapes and sizes.

And the Shifu of that day is none other than our very own celebrity stylist..

Keith Png!!! The super nice and friendly and talented stylist who have styled international names like Zhang Ziyi, Lin Chi Ling, local artiste Fann Wong and many many more ^.^ Definitely have lots to pick up from him in just a few hours!!!
The bloggers are not alone, some of the denims specialists from GUESS were also there to learn styling tips and tricks from Keith.

I mean it makes sense for the denim specialists working at GUESS to be there for the course right?

But why we bloggers go kaypoh leh?




Yup! I will be at your service!!!

And i will help you Find-Your-Perfect-Fit

Date : 17 August Time : 12 - 3pm


GUESS @ Paragon : QiuQiu (me! ^.^V), Sherlyn and Jayne!

GUESS @ Taka : Velda, Fay and Melody! =D

Same day, same time, two different outlets! Three awesome bloggers (haha group praise including self-praise lol) at each outlet to help you find your perfect fit of denim!!! ^.^

It's gonna be so fun =DDD

PLUS. 6 of you guys who come that day will be featured in a editorial spread featuring GUESS denim, in CLEO Magazine!!! =OOO I WANT ALSO!!! O.O

So this is why GUESS sent us for a class with Keith! ^.^ To assure we can help you find your perfect fit on the 17th August! 12 - 3pm! So you must come if you are free okay! ^.^

First and most importantly, we need to learn how to identify the different body shapes. And learn which denim style and cutting will best compliment which body shape.
So we first determine what's our own body shapes.. And i think i am a rectangle! And then we have to gauge our partner!
Jayne gauge me.. To be an hourglass O.O Hahahah. Thank you ah. What you want i buy for you.
I also gauge her to be an hourglass. Bloggers all good very good figure hor lolol. But no lah in the end we think we are both rectangle.

Some other shapes are triangle, inverted triangle and apple. And for every body shapes there are denims styles, cutting, wash, embellishment, pocket placement etc that will fit best. And i also found out how amazing it is that these little details are able to flaunt your assets and hide your flaws.

You think i anyhow talk one? EXCUSE ME I GOT WRITE NOTES ONE OKAY. Hahahah.

我超认真的, 拜托. I damn serious one please. So serious now i look back at my notes i have to squint my eyes and try to remember what i wrote. THIS, really helps learning. If you just read, you don't actually get it in to your head one! But with scribble, you have to make the connection with what you learnt. You know what i mean. Yeah, this is just a small tip on how you should scribble your lecture notes lolol. Obviously i could have been a doctor. But i choose to be a blogger. Lolol.

Just now you see me and Jayne check each other out to see what our body shapes are right? And i think we look quite professional. Ah now you see this Gabby.

Gabby tidak sekolah lolol. Not professional one. Become like checking out her partner, "How many months pregnant!" Lolol.

I think we all better learn more from Keith first lolol. He continues to share more interesting facts about how various cuts and wash of jeans are meant for different purposes.

So you know why you can look awesome great in a pair of jeans and not in another day. Other than the fitting and the cutting, there are also many other things to look out for!

At GUESS, their most popular jeans fitting are the skinny jeans selection! And out of the skinny jeans there are many many other types! O.O Like the Power skinny, KATE skinny and the Starlet skinny!

All of them have variation but they all compliment different body types really well!

One other popular jeans cutting from GUESS is their boot cut. You have to check them out they are really super major comfy! Great for a casual day out where you wanna dress down but still wanna look effortlessly chic and stylish!

And the training doesn't stop there!!!
I know jeans basically is the easily thing to match and look fabulous in, any other day. But Keith teach us how to do interesting match like denim on denim! These denim tops from GUESS are sooo interesting!!! I want the lacey one ❤_❤

And do you know that the way you hold your handbag can also make or break your entire outfit! It's a small detail to look out for but the end result would be either amplifying your flaw OR hiding them and making you look shapely and sophisticated.

Also where you place your sunglasses, and the length of your necklace, all these will affect how tall / short / skinny / big you look. They are like tricks of distraction and illusion haha ^.^

HOW LAH?!?! You want to know or not! Want come down, i help you style you, and then see what will help you look more shapely and help make the parts you're uncomfortable with less obvious.

The bloggers get to practise what we learnt by dressing up a denim specialist ^.^

I picked these for my model hahaha. Very expected i know. But this pair of jeans is SO PRETTY. Like SO CRAZY PRETTY i can't wear it cox i am bottom heavy. Denims with prints are great for people who are top heavy, or those with broad shoulders. THERE, another tip for you =D
Then we have to do a mini presentation on why we dress our model up like that. Haha.

Every blogger before me went something like "So i asked my model what style she likes and that's why i pick out......" or like "I checked with my model for her usual style and it's blablabla so i chose this....."

Then i was like "Shit" lolol i didn't ask her what's her style O.O I was like "HEY this tie dye jeans very nice hor?! I think you'd look great in it!" *grab* Lolol. I damn fail. BUT HEY HEY!

We all learn from our mistakes. When i see you guys at the event i will check with you what's the style you like and then we'd work on it from there okay!!! ^.^ But the good news here is~!!!

She does look great in it!!! Notice where i placed the pair of sunglasses? *smirks* I got listen to Keith one okay!!! Placing the sunglasses there will enhance the look and size of the.. Ahem. Lolol.

Deng deng deng~ It's just a simple coordinate but i think she look stunning and striking! Go out confirm will turn heads one! People be like "RAINBOW~" Hahaha.

And then we graduate haha. One of me and the teacher / trainer / shifu of the day Keith ^.^
All the bloggers you will see that day! A picture with Keith.
And one with Velda!

Alright now if you're keen to let us help you Find-Your-Perfect-Fit, details as below!

Date : 17 August
Time : 12 - 3pm
Paragon : Qiu Qiu, Sherlyn, Jayne
Taka : Velda, Fay, Melody

And all you gotta do before / during the event is..

1. Take a picture of yourself trying on a pair of GUESS jeans

2: Post it on instagram with #GUESSjeans

3: Flash the post to our retail associate to get $30 discount on the day of the event!

6 attendees of this event will be selected for a Cleo editorial!

So join me at GUESS Paragon store on 17th August to find your perfect fit! Remember to #GUESSjeans if you wanna enjoy a $30 discount ah!!! =D

After training that day I also go pick out a few pairs of jeans to try haha.

Their denim specialist really is not 乱混 one. They are damn friendly and helpful and professional! This lady gave me advice on the cutting that will suit me and for every pair that i picked, she will bring out two sizes for me to try and see which fits better =D

So i picked out a few to go camho O.O Haha. I mean you're expecting me to, right.

With the Venice slim straight from GUESS denim selection.
Ignore my attention-seeking doggie hahaha. SHE DAMN ANNOYING hahaha. Keep jumping up and pose. And then jump off. And then jump back up to pose =__=" Laugh die me when Josh was helping me snap these pictures haha. Damn AA this Tiffany.
Love the details on this pair of jeans!!! The leopard prints folds at the bottom is ❤ And the rugged tears adds a lot of characteristics to this pair of jeans! If you pair if with heels, it'd look sexy instantly. So there are many ways to wear your denims, have fun and experiment with it! Come down to the stores on the 17th of August, we'd try!!! =DDD
Here comes action-pack dog again. This is SO not her usual facial expression!!! Hahaha she is soooo posing for the camera. Her usual face is like =DDD Here she try to look modelly and fierce.
❤ ❤ ❤
If you wanna show a little leg.. GUESS also have a very pretty selection of denim shorts with unique details. But i picked the brightest one to try on haha.

Love how denim shorts can easily be matched with tanks and tees and they'd look fun and cheerful and spontaneous ^.^

And it's REALLY comfy too ^.^
❤ ❤ ❤
Also wanna show you this pair of Venice slim straight in a different wash from GUESS!

Love the fake crumpled details all over the jeans! It makes it look like the jeans is too loose on you even though it's just nicely-fitted! Like you're too skinny for skinny jeans. That sure feels good. Lol.

And the lacey details at the fold up!!! ❤
Same thing lah, pair this with pumps and it looks casual and girly. Pair it with heels, it'd look feminine and chic!!!
Check out the little bubblegum pink details!!! On the logo and the buttons and the stitching!!!
 ❤ ❤ ❤
If you like simple dark denims (i like these basic simple ones myself cox they can never go wrong and cox they really show off and compliment your figure haha).

But do you know for ceratin body shapes, you definitely don't wanna wear pointy shoes and for others, you don't wanna go near round-headed shoes?!

Wrong choice of shoes / heels can make your body shape look more unbalanced / even stumpier.

So.. Come to the event, the denim specialists at GUESS and the bloggers doubling up as denim specialists will give you some tips ^.^

This pair of Kate Skinny from GUESS has a secret weapon to make you look like you have perky S..
It's actually the pockets! They are not just there for pretty purpose..

They are placed in a position where it will look like you have perkier S. SO DAMN SMART.
Put on your favourite blouse.. Bring out a simple clutch..
Stand on those heels and off you go~! Simple yet outstanding.
❤ ❤ ❤
If you're a little more adventurous and experimental.. You might wanna try out the wide selection of printed / patterned denims at GUESS!
Love this pair of Brittney Legging from GUESS! Makes my legs feel skinnier haha.

The vertical stripes creates a really nice flow for your body shape!

Somehow make my bottom look less heavy also!!! I have very wide hips =( But it's okay! Now i know how to dress up to counter / balance / hide it hahah.
I notice the little tricks on the prints. You see how the strips are all straight but at the back, near to where it's supposed to be perky, there are curved lines that goes inwards. YEAH LAH, AT MY BUTT CRACK that side!!! It looks like i have perky and tight butts hahaha *thumbs up*

Thank you GUESS for the crash course to learn about denims!!! I definitely will learn how to appreciate the wash and cutting of denims from now on!!!

All the efforts the designers put into the research and development of the wash and fading and cutting etc! And the comfort level and quality of every pair of denims at GUESS is undeniably awesome.

Also i learnt how to mix and match denims with, for different occasion! Casual, smart casual, event, work, fun.. Everyone just need to find the perfect fit! =D

Now that i've learnt how, i can help you find your perfect fit =DDD

Date : 17 August (Saturday)
Time : 12 - 3pm
Paragon : Qiu Qiu, Sherlyn, Jayne
Taka : Velda, Fay, Melody

So i see you at Paragon this Saturday ah?!?! =DDD
Come! Can get $30 discount and also 6 of the attendees (will be chosen that day) get to appear on CLEO magazine for editorial!!! ^.^ Excited to meet you guys!

We gonna have 3 hours of fun just trying on clothes and mix and matching jeans with the bags, shoes and accessories at GUESS!!! =DDD Come!!! I will doll you guys up haha ^.^

See you this Saturday!!!
12pm - 3pm @ GUESS store at Paragon!!!


Yuxing said...

xD QiuQiu!! You where got bottom heavy?!??? xD

Haha, I can't help but laughed out when I see Tiffany in your pictures. She seems to know what is going on and wants a place in your pictures. xDD Cute!!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Whee Wheeee! Getting better and better in being a fashionista! Hehe, very pretty in those jeans! You do look like an hourglass especially in those tight jeans hahah.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I cant stop laughing when i saw tiffany was posing for the picture. Damn cute

Anonymous said...

Tiffany's expression made me laugh so hard!

Anonymous said...

More Tiffany in future photoshoots! Super cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

Your dog is a damn good model. So cute and natural!

Anonymous said...

Your dog is a damn good model. So cute and natural!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You look SO much better smiling!! ^^ And ur dog is very cute <3

Anonymous said...

I love your heels...mind to share where you got them?

Citronelle said...

Just to see you no intention of buying pair of jeans tho :'(

Too bad I'm coming to sg next tuesday on 20.. 17 of august is my national independence day so ticket prices are krezeh T_T

what should I do T_T

Kailin said...

You should seriously consider signing Tiffany up with an ad agency. She knows how to werkkk it. :D

Unknown said...

You look absolutely stunning !!! <3

Anonymous said...

Your manager Jayne is such a CUTIE! <3

QiuQiu said...

Yuxing, hahaha yeah right, she damn posuer!! Haha.

Alice, hahaha hourglass, really?! Lolol.

Anon, thank you thank you! I go ask her if she's keen to be a model okay! Lol. I feel she wants to be a human but not sure if she mean to be a model.

Kailin haha, i be sure to sign her up if got dog modelling agency.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the shoes you wore in these photos. Can you do a blog post of all your shoes and where you got them? Thankss :)