02 August 2013

Maybe i don't want kids of my own anymore

I mean.. Have you seen kids these days?

8 year old on instagram calling out random girls "You're ugly. Lol"

11 year old on instagram commenting on pictures of girls "Disgusting eek"

13 year old on Twitter tweeting insults and mockery of people every now and then, and then screaming victim when she gets hurled out.

I ask you something very simple lah, logic, i am one person. How can i bully a big bunch of girls? 5 girls attacking me by leaving me nasty comments simultaneously on my instagram with their PUBLIC account. Given my past record of pointing out rude people, do you think i will let this rest?

And then later coming to taunt me on Twitter further. I am not saying i am a victim of cyberbullying, definitely not. Cox i refuse to be one. But how can the original cyberbullies have the cheeks to scream victims when i am merely telling them to stop? And if i tell them to stop and they don't stop, how is it wrong if i make them stop? Explain.

Don't tell me they are just 13, 11, 9, whatever, we've been through this too many times. THIS IS PRECISELY WHY!!! IF NOBODY IS TEACHING THEM, and if the shit gets to me, i handle it my way. Don't tell me to be a bigger person, for the umpteenth time, my goal in life is not to be a bigger person. My stand is to speak for the things i believe in.

If a taxi driver is rude to me and calls me "whore" i make sure he lose his job.

If a meepok stall auntie tells me i have bad fashion sense and she constantly talk shit about me, i will plant cockroaches at her stalls if i have the chance to.

If someone did all these shit to you, anyone, you do the same back. They call it fight fire with fire.. And they think it's stupid. But i guess in the end, it's about who has a better stand and who puts up a better fight with better reasoning. I sum it up for you with this quote:

"If you prick us, do we not bleed?

If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

If you poison us, do we not die?

And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction"

No point telling me Hollywood stars / superstars don't do shit like i do i.e hurling people out for insulting me. NEWSFLASH, i am freaking blogger! And there must be good reasons why.

I just don't understand. My gf who is an ex-teacher tell me that schools take cyberbullying very seriously. I am not sure if they have been creating awareness to prevent and protect their pupils from getting cyberbullied OR are they more worried about their kids cyberbullying others.

Becox i sure think that they need to prevent their kids from cyberbullying others, more. Honestly i don't feel bullied even though sometimes like today, a bunch of girls can attack me altogether. I feel more strongly about letting them know some tips to talk shit about people online.

讲好听一点 i call it Social media etiquette. How come the schools never teach their students this leh? If you wanna insult someone (especially one who is known for having no tolerance for rudeness), make sure you private your account so he/ she will never see it.

And also teach them that when you get confronted with the things you say, just lay low. Asking all your friends to speak up for you / throw expletives at that person / calling her bitch and spam comments on her social media platforms are all bad ideas cox now you're getting your friends into trouble too.

However you all can still private your accounts and continue talking shit about said person.

What's so difficult?!

I say many times already, it's okay to talk shit about people. Just make sure you have nothing to lose / nothing to be afraid of if you choose to do it publicly.

And if someone (like me) say they are going to go talk to your principal, they really might.

Becox this is how strongly i feel about matters like this. Generally just about how rude kids can get. I cannot tolerate. If you follow my tweets you already know, yesterday when i walk past my block, 3 young boys were at the void deck and the older one (about 13 yro max) said loudly to the younger boy "Eh why! See pretty girl you shy ah?!"

And then the younger boy (about 9 yro?) shout back..


I was like =OOOOOOOOOOO =_______="


So i start to think.. What happened to kids these days. Are they still listening to their teachers? Or their parents at least?

Or are the teachers more afraid of the students and the students' parents nowadays. Like cannot scold, cannot beat, cannot make to stay back for recess, cannot punish with standing, cannot do detention.

If not all will kena complained by the parents and the students.


You explain? What if he / she just don't listen?!

You explain some more?! What if he / she die also won't listen?

BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. Really. Just do it. They might hate you for a while, a long while even, but at least they won't do that something again. Or at least the thought of the consequences will help deter them from doing it again. Okay i don't really mean beat them till half dead, i mean show them the consequences!!! If you do something bad like this, you get this, it's just reasonable.

That is why i say i might not want kids of my own anymore!!! I mean i LOVE babies.. But i am not sure if i can handle it if i find out my 13 year old girl is talking like she owns the world on Twitter / Instagram. And thinking that she is the boss of everyone. And when confronted, acts like a timid victimised tiny mouse. What kind of character-building is this!

Everyone keep saying, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion" Well then who's the boss?

Of course though, everyone CAN have opinions. I have an opinion too and that is, if you want to have an opinion, stick with it and stand by it. Don't back down don't back out. Stand strong even if i bring my face in yours and question you about your opinion.




Okay. If you think these are good neccesary opinions that you die-die-have-to share with the world on a public platform, then stick with it. Don't delete your account, don't private it as i tell you to. Don't budge. Don't get intimidated by me. I mean what could i possibly do right? I can only throw bitch-fits haha. I am just one out of a million bloggers out there, no biggie, really.

What can i possibly do? If you think your opinion was so strong and correct and informative, keep it there for everyone to see! =D KEEP IT THERE UNTIL I SHOW IT TO YOUR PRINCIPAL AND TEACHERS *RAGE FACE* So i don't have to keep so many screenshots lolol.

When i asked nicely for one of the girls to stop tweeting all those stuff she tweeted "Ooooh i am sooo scared LOL" =_= Well you damn sure don't have to be, at least not yet ; )

Seriously. How can anyone be so fearless and audacious to tweet / instagram all the expletives and nasty abusive remarks and leave their profile and pictures public for all to see.

Pictures of them in their uniforms. Pretty good school image-building there! =_="

I don't know but i think some schools have to thank me for helping them discipline their students. I mean if the teachers can't do it for fear of kena-ing complaint, and the parents don't know what their kids are doing on social media these days, i'd do the job =DDD I'd gladly volunteer!

Better i tell the student off and he / she go inform everyone to beware of this mega bitch QiuQiu than someone seeing pictures of them in uniform tweeting all the vulgarities towards anyone (even their teachers), and then go to the press and then have the school's reputation dip. Right?

=D Yeah I am helpful like that!

I know some of you don't agree with me on my way of handling.. Shaming the shameless. It's a tough thing to do but i won't give up one! It doesn't matter how old they are.. If they want a piece of me, they make sure i don't get a piece of them in the process. Cox i will bite on till the end.

And it's okay if you think you lose respect for me, or if you think you realise i am not the sweet QiuQiu you know anymore cox

1) I too, don't repsect people who think i should suck it up to all the insults like it's a default
2) I am never just sweet QiuQiu i mean how long have you been reading my blog, you new here?

Okay i'd sign off with a few tips on social media etiquette especially for students:

- Private your account if you really need to rant sooooo much about people who might see your tweets. Not just me, a lot of bloggers search for their names too and they might or might not get back at your insults but trust me, don't take the risk! =D

- Don't get your friends into trouble just becox you can't get out of it yet. You can get out of it if you just wise up a little, let it go cox if you can start it, you can end it. If not people like me will end it for you and i'm not sure if that's what you'd want. And if you get your friends involved, sometimes they get even more worked up than you and by the time you want out, they are still in it for you.

- Don't taunt people like me. I don't take it very well. And don't bother telling me i need to take it if i want to be a public person. Really? Then tell the same thing to people who wanna insult me on a public platform =) Everyone decides and pay for their actions =)

- Best is if you don't plaster your uniforms everywhere on the social media. I mean it's not like you're constantly doing things your school will be proud of, are you? Hahaha.

Alright~ I hope we're all clear about my stand in this matter! If you're nice, i'd be nicer back! If you're nasty, i'd show you what nasty really is *rage face*


Anonymous said...

Yea I saw your Instagram I think you are doing exactly the right thing. These bunch of kids first pissing you off then another bunch of people pity them back when you hurl them out. I thought those kids need to learn consequences and kids nowadays are very much doing things like we so called "adult" so I'm sure what you are doing is absolutely correct cuz since the kids are so smart I'm sure they know they will got busted after doing all these taunting on you. Hey we all have feelings ok. Anyway I have report abuse on her Instagram account already, not sure Instagram will take down her account or not but I think soon la. And you are sleeping late again lol! Cannot leh !!

Erik Larson said...

You have it absolutely right, Qiu.. and this phenomenon of out of control children and parents and guardians that are clueless is happening all over the world. Imagine two police officers called out to a house in Texas where a FIVE YEAR OLD was out of control and a babysitter couldn't figure out what to do. Yes, it happened! When I was a kid my parents would have busted my ass if I had acted like this, and thankfully I grew up in a household where discipline and values were taught, as I suspect you were. You keep on sounding the alarm.

Hanna Lei said...

I think you did the right thing about calling these kids out. But not all kids are like this. I think most of it has to do with bad parenting. -Hanna Marie

ahlost said...

It's about bad parenting I must say. Many kids nowadays are monsters !! They don't respect people because they have parents who don't tell the kids that kids are actually doing it wrong.. and some parents are even very proud of their children for acting that way.

Scary aaahhh !!!

Milly said...

I totally agree with your stance on this QiuQiu! I live by a similar motto of "treat others how you want to be treated" and always, always "respect others". I try to imagine myself in someone else's shoes so I am able to treat them how they should be treated. I say, keep up the good work and stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Yea, and some are even parents themselves and yet they are doing what the 9, 13 years old kids doing -.- seriously no shame, don't breed better.

kimtram said...

So glad to see you give light to such an important yet overlooked issue. Kids can be so evil and it's mainly because they are immature. It just frustrates me how mean kids are. What happened to the innocent age of childhood?! Anyways, I congrats you for boxing your views and again... Emphasizing on an important topic. Keep your pretty head high! :)

Chikam said...

I don't know why people must to leave you nasty comment :( I mean you are beautiful from the inside out, have a bright personality and spread joyfulness to people around you! I don't know how exactly your feeling is coz I never been through what you've gone through now.. I also not sure how to handle this kinda accusation if I'm the one being taunted. So I must say you are really tough enough to confront those bad ass people(either they are kids or above) and shoot them back. I am just a random fans of yours that you don't know but hey Qiuqiu you got our back! Maybe you can post those nice comments and thanks them rather than those nasty one coz this will make you happier( I know I should not suggesting, just my opinion). I just want a happy Qiuqiu! Have a nice day yo (:

Anonymous said...

The kids nowadays are seriously rude and like to act big. QiuQiu you are doing the right thing. Since the school can't discipline them, we can do the job for them.

Anonymous said...

Er... Unfortunately, beating of kids in SG is illegal -.- Esp if they leave bruises (duh beating always does). Maybe thats why even parents are being bullied by kids nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Eh... I dunno, but I think that if they want to say something, then they ought to be held responsible for their words and the consequences entailed. So what if they're 9, or 10, or 11? If their defence is that they're "too young" to know better and therefore shouldn't have to face the consequences, then IMO they're too young to have a phone/internet access.

Anonymous said...

Eh... I dunno, but I think that if they want to say something, then they ought to be held responsible for their words and the consequences entailed. So what if they're 9, or 10, or 11? If their defence is that they're "too young" to know better and therefore shouldn't have to face the consequences, then IMO they're too young to have a phone/internet access.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone thinking that schools should be the only one to educate them but not the parents and society as a whole? Aren't we just teaching them "an eye for an eye" here? I know this isn't gonna sound pleasing to the ears but I'm just so utterly disappointed that the down to earth, optimistic, cheerful and lovely blogger I used to support is often so angsty now.

Wynne C. said...

I agree with almost everything in this entry! :) Except these 2 sentences you wrote.

"If a taxi driver is rude to me and calls me "whore" i make sure he lose his job.

If a meepok stall auntie tells me i have bad fashion sense and she constantly talk shit about me, i will plant cockroaches at her stalls if i have the chance to."

I agree with your stand that children need to be disciplined and taught what is unacceptable social media etiquette so good on you for that. :) But I do think that taxi drivers and aunties know that they're being mean by doing or saying things like that. And they might just be having a bad day and letting it out. Granted what they said or do isn't right, sometimes it's easier to just let it be bcos it doesn't benefit anyone making them lose their job or their stall. They might have families to support and might be under a lot of stress. It just doesn't add up if they end up jobless and miserable because of something rude they said out of impulse.

As for children, I think what you did was good because schools and their parents will never know how disgraceful and rude their children are until they go crying to them about how this blogger is "bullying" them. Any parent with a sane mind will turn around and tell their kids to stop being rude.

I still love reading your blog and a lot is very relatable. :D thanks for being real and honest!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with your post. Better to bring it all the way to their parents, not just the school and their teachers. 不只是学校教师,家教对于灌输正确的价值观也构成很大的一部分。Don't accept a matter to rest so easily when you start one.

Anonymous said...

I don't think beating is a good solution. I mean if you see people from Korea or Japan, look how well mannered their kids are, it is not about parenting anymore this day. It is no more relevant. It is about the culture. No use one if parents scold them. They would still do it behind their parents one. And if you ask teacher tomscold them, it is even worse one. I mean, what is the point when the problem actually come from the peer pressure and the culture,

kiken said...

I love it when you make posts like this. Full support!

Edna said...

I like what Wynne C. said above. I had similar sentiments, especially when I read what you said about making the taxi driver lose his job, planting cockroaches in the meepok auntie shop. That just feels cruel. If you really would do something like that, ask someone you trust and look up to if that's right.

Cassandra said...

it's so ridiculous when kids so young say things like " she got no na na pok" apparently this children definition of beauty is having big boobs. i really hate how young kids now a days can just say vulgarities like they own it. i mean if i were to say anything like c**bye, i confirm get slap by my father. i'm glad that i am brought up in a family that has no tolerant in using vulgarities which i intend to continue such discipline to my kids in the future. it's scary what kind of language kids can use now a days whether to their parent, teacher or friends... disgusted... some time you just want to give them a tight slap to show your anger, i know. but sadly now a days parents can be a little over protective of their kids in a way that even when their kids did something wrong they still try to protect them instead of bringing home and discipline them. anyway, i do agree with you,i cant tolerate such thing too. i mean if i did something wrong then alright i am willing to accept criticism to a certain extend, but here i am not doing anything wrong, doing my own thing, i dont own you guys anything so i am not going to take shit that is thrown in my way so yes! stand for yourself and we are standing at your side

Anonymous said...

So first off, I'm a fan of your blog but I couldn't let this post slide.

Aside from two things you do bring up good points.

But you seem to misunderstand the concept of playing fire with fire.

If someone insults you and you "make sure they lose their job" then it becomes a whole different ballgame.

Basically, if someone insults you all you have to do is insult them back. But if you're going to epic proportions to shame and make people suffer in ways they never even thought was possible, then that's no longer fighting with fire.

You're fighting with kerosene, chemicals and bombs.

It's like when people get their wallet stolen and they say shit like "I HOPE THAT PERSON DIES! I HOPE THEIR PARENT DIES! OH MAH GAH! FUCK THEM!!"

Some stupid teenager calls you ugly? Call them ugly back.

That little kid who insulted you? Insult him back.

The punishment should fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with u, kids these days grow up faster than the 80s-90s generation. All the things we used to do or say during secondary school, they do it in primary school(Makeup/Relationship/INTERCOURSE/clubbing/Vulgarities(extreme type).

It's not about being influenced, by it's just that their action are getting out of hands, beyond the control of their parents.

*About the guys saying no nehneh or wadever, -.- im really speechless. Have them grow their bird bigger before saying criticism about females, because right now, they have no qualification to do so.

#Lastly, do not let them ruin your mood, because people like these just isn't worth it. They just ought to use their brain more, or even better, grow some brains...

Anonymous said...

I want to comment about Wynne C said.

I disagree and I think QQ is right. I think your comments are perfectly fine.

So I think these(taxi driver/meepok aunty) people who comment mean things deserve it because they don't think about what they say.

I'm honest and opinionated but I won't go up to someone and say "BITCH YOU FUGLYYY!You look like a whore" or something mean like that because it's just spiteful. Even when I'm having a bad day, I'm not gonna randomly ATTACK someone.

So if you can go out of the way to say such things then you have to expect people to react differently & reap the consequences. Some people might let it go but some might call you ugly back or make you lose your job etc.

Also, Wynne C said it's not worth them losing their job. Well, EXCUSE YOU, if you were working for a company, and you tell your customers, "You look like a whore/damn ugly" and your customer complains, you're definitely going to lose your job 100%.

So this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE in a corporate environment, why should it be any different for these people who provides service to customers?

People need to think about what they say before saying it. Too many loose lips these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu! i agree that you did the right thing by disciplining those kids. Although i just have a suggestion, why dont u blur out the pictures and names so its recognizable only to the person involved? I mean i think its ok to scold them on your blog cause they need to be taught a lesson, but in the end you are still a blogger, with more influence and power then them, so the consequences could be quite severe for them. I understand that you intend for them to suffer the consequences so they learn from their mistakes, but because you have more power and influence, you have more responsibility, so i feel that it is better for you to blur their names and pictures. Im sorry if i dont make sense, i find it hard to my feelings in words. But i do think that these kids should learn that there are always consequences to whatever they do, especially when they try to bully someone.

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to agree with what you say. You wish to live in a rosy world created with praises and affirmations, but yet, you have chosen to publicize your life. In exchange for it, you receive sponsorships and paid advertisements. The way I see it, those criticisms are job hazards, similar to that of artists and published authors.

No one likes insults or nastily said criticisms, feel free to slam the critiques back, but why abuse the power you have by dragging it beyond where it started.

You feel that the kids should not publicize their criticisms of you, if not they should be prepared for the backlash, and this similarly applies to you. When you publicize something, you do have to be prepared for criticisms which might come in the form of insults. No one said that it would be easy to be a public figure. Furthermore, with the amount of influence you have, a single remark from you can cause your followers to stand up for you. Once again, this is similar to what their friends are doing, standing up for them. Except yours probably outnumber them.

That said, criticisms and insults do have a limit. However, I would think that childish insults should not be taken to heart. Yes, they should be responsible for what they said, so educate them from what they have hurt you. Show them with your writing abilities and write so well that you leave them speechless and unable to argue back. But frankly, in this case, I would find it pointless to argue with kids who have no taste.

The whole thing aside, I utterly oppose the idea of using one's power to destroy another's living hood. Yes, the taxi uncle may give you shit. But why dirty your hands by taking it and throwing it back? He might just had a bad day. Though I do disagree with bad customer service attitude, I still find it against a certain moral code that I have, to fight it back in such a way that the person loses his or her job. But then again, there are exceptions to every scenario, just that I do not agree with the 'say I'm whore and I'll make sure you lose your job' attitude.

Ending here, I understand that your blog's attitude has so far been the 'say whatever I will', and you definitely don't operate by the goody-two-shoes notion of ' be the bigger person' rule. However, just as it is important for people to learn social media etiquette, it is important for bloggers to know that the things they wrote and the actions they take have a great impact as well. After all, your action are part of what educates the youngsters online as well. This is why it is called social media, it allows interactions and work both ways.

Anonymous said...

Yes Qiu! I agree with you. I really don't understand kids these days. My cousin's daughter is 11yrs old and her attitude sucks. I was nice to buy something for her. She didn't even say thank you. The first thing she said was "wah lau! Why u give me this!" As if I owe her. This kid is totally not grateful! Then I told her off that she has no manners. And after I scolded her she immediately stopped talking to me and unfriend me and block me on facebook. Can you imagine? 11year old kid can be so "guai lan". Until today she is still ignoring me. I can't be bothered with her. Obviously she did not even self reflect and doesn't think she has done anything wrong. Kids these days - they can't even take abit of scolding or harsh words. Next time HOW can they survive in the society?! So YES agree with you. Someone's gotta show them what's the real world made of. You go Qiuqiu!

Unknown said...

I agree with you 100% There's a new generation of kids who are brought up by lazy parents which usually results in them being obnoxious and quite nasty because they are used to getting away with it. Plus, so many younger kids are joining Facebook & Twitter etc – too young to realise their stupid impulse comments could actually get them into trouble. But it's just the internet – behind the computer screen... it's not real life so they are safe, right?.. uh-uh that's where you come in!
Oh and You'll have to write a bad hotel review on Trip Advisor!

Anonymous said...

There is no need to blur out their names or pictures.

Anonymous said...

Better to let them have a taste of their own med. Instead of attacking someone behind a computer. These are children under 13 n they behave like this? Gosh. Better nip the bud before it grows into a flaming bush.

Veron said...

Dear Qiu Qiu,

I've seen these in my secondary school. That was like 8 years ago where the young girls (13 years old) already behaving like bullies.They would think that by speaking loudly with profanities make them more superior and others would be afraid of them. These no brainers think having bad discipline is a trend to follow and is cool to be rude. They would all go like, "c*bai see what see slap you only you know ah!" to other students who appear good and quiet kind one.

Anonymous said...

Since you can't exactly scold back them online, Why not just screen shot everything and email their principal instead? State that if there is no reply, you'll post this online. I'm sure the principal would be more than likely to take actions because she doesn't want the reputation of the school to go down.

NaNa said...

You will be surprise how these kids are treated like the king and queens in school nowadays. I've a friend who is a pre-school teacher and they are not allow to shout, or to even raise their voice a wee bit louder even though those rascals did something wrong. Cannot exceed how many minutes to 罚站 at a corner. I don't see why we should let these kids off when they think they can go around humiliate people when people didn't even step on their tail in the first place. Being a public figure is one thing, but what makes them think that they have all the right to do it?

Print screen everything and send it to their school.

Citronelle said...

I totally get it. I do believe that we should fight fire with fire. I just don't get some of my friends, they told me to just let it go. Karma will deal with it blahblahblah

I'm the karma, bitch! If I don't bite back then who will??

Well, this is why it's so hard for me to get a girlfriend cox they all like to tell me that I should 'cool off' pfft.. hell no!

If a restaurant gave me a bad service, I make sure the manager hears it.

Hope someday I can get a girlfriend like you... damn hard these days people just like to pretend that everything's fine, that you shouldn't do anything about it.

I wanna have a girlfriend like Blair Waldorf and Serena VanderWoodsen! ><

Like you n XX..

yingxia said...

Sometimes I think the same way also.. I'm afraid to have children next time because children nowadays all turn out so unruly and horrible! But ya, I've read a few comments.. it's all about parenting. Even with the influence of social media, if their parents are strict and proper, the kids will learn. And also about consequences! So.. you're right not to let them go scoot-free! Jiayou!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like what xiaxue would say too! policewomen in the cyberspace! *UPS* love xiaxue & dash!

Janet L said...

I feel that kids nowadays are growing up too fast from the technology that is provided but very immature mentally.. Parents should totally ban younger kids from getting on internet & smartphones.. because there is no need for a kid to have facebook. They should watch cartoon like the good old days...

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu! What are those children thinking??? You are gorgeous! I want to be just like you! LOVE your blog.