28 August 2013

My skincare regime

Alright~ I've been asked quite a lot of times how i improved my skin, what skincare products i use and how i deal with acne etc.. So answers are all in the video! =D

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You can start thinking about what skincare, makeup, bags, clothes and accessories i will include in the giveaway haha ^.^

Here's the video of the skincare products i am using for now ^.^

Now without makeup i look something like this.. Haha.

My skin is definitely not perfect, and i still have old acne scars but overall it's pretty good enough for me! And also the dark eye circles just won't go away one lah, given the time i sleep =(
As you can see, thou not very clearly cox i use iPhone camera haha, that i especially have scarring on my forehead and on my right cheeks.

You might not think much of this and think that my skin still suck or whatever but i haven't had good skin in most part of my life. It got very bad when i was in poly hahaha. You know, love relationship really stress the shit out of you. And to be fair, i haven't done skincare properly until just 2 months ago. Before that i start and stop, start and stop.

And when i start after i stop, i get sicked of the products i used or i just don't think they are good for me. BUT!!!!!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN..

The VISIONNAIRE range of products from Lancome is the FIRST EVER product range that i finished =OOOO I used it up in two months. This is their polishing cream moisturizer, i also finished up their pre-corrector (toner) and corrector (serum) =OOO I am so proud of myself.
There. First time ever i finish a routine skincare product. It's great, when i was using it my skin feels overall brighter and more evenly-toned =DDD Thank you Lancome for sending them to me!

Don't say mask lah, i am on my second tub for the Laneige sleeping pack mask, it's finishing up soon, going on my third haha. But cannot count that in cox that is used in big amount and only used once or twice a week =D

So the Visionnaire range of products are the first ever that i used up til the very last drop O.O Haha.

Now i started on Laneige waterbank gel cream as you can see in the video and some other products that i highly recommend! You can watch the video to find out ^.^

A filtered otherwise untouched picture of me on another day.

If you still think it's nothing impressive.. You probably didn't know i go through this phase in life where i feel very very depressed and unmotivated and feel so ugly that i don't go out.

And i think i cried once or twice looking into the mirror and i'm thinking "WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU GUYS LEAVE ME ALONE"

Long story cut short, bad skin will only make you feel more stress and with more stress you get more pimples and with more pimples you get more stress and with more stress?

You get my point.

So with bad pimple outbreak, you tend to hate makeup on your skin but there's a need on them.

I have one advice for you, don't totally go without makeup if you have very bad skin. I know you'd keep feeling like you should let your skin breathe and all but think about it!

The dust outdoor and fumes and all,if they get into direct contact with your skin, it's even worst lah i feel. Still put, but choose a light coverage one and don't get cheapass ones that might clog your pores.

And, get a good cleanser. I feel hor, cleansers are more or less the same, but it works differently for different skin types, so you just have to find a type that you feel most comfortable with.

In any case, if you're wondering how bad my skin was exactly.. Brace yourselves..

(my long time readers already know lah, so don't need to pretend shocked hahaha)

This is me in October 2010 ='(

Okay i tell you how i got better okay.

NUMBER 1 - Feel better.

Feeling depressed didn't help me cox i snack to feel better. And all those chips is no good. So i just have to believe it will and that it can get better lor. It's damn hard but you gotta try.

Number 2 - Go for a one time extraction

Be it a laser treatment to let them acne burst and dry up and drop off your face, or if you can take the pain, go to a reputable beauty salon and have professional extract those shit out for you.

Having said that, regular extractions also is not good lah, it tugs on the skin and stress out the skin quite a fair bit. And three days after extraction you really is look sore and red one.


After extraction, you might feel your skin get better on the third day BUT DON'T SLACK! You have to do your skincare regime EVERYDAY, TWICE A DAY.

If you do only during night time, and then leave it on the whole day, you gonna regret also, cox all the good products will get mixed up with the oil and sweat you secrete during the day. And then it'd all be a oily mess and then it'd clog your pores and then you're back to square one.

On what products you should use, i say go with your feeling.

If you feel the product works, and so long as it doesn't feel too tight / dry / oily for you, then i say go ahead. Even the most expensive products don't work for everyone. Cox we all have different skin types. So go out there and try. But one good tip is, always let your friends be guinea pigs hahahaha.

Only spend on what they say is good. Lolol. The beauty junkies that i listen to are Wendy and Michie. Michie listens to her other good friend, Cam. And Cam is a hardcore beauty and makeup junkie.

So whatever they say is good, i'd go try if i feel intrigued enough haha. In this case i don't spend too much trial and error-ing =X

All the products in the video above are of what i'm using now, some sponsored, mostly bought. Out of which, one of the pimple gel that i included in the video is the best shit ever.

You know what i hate about most pimples cream?!



I don't want that!!! Why you push this annoying bastard back into my skin!!! I don't feel good about this! I want them out! One time i used a pimple cream and it push my huge pimple back in within 4 days and i was like "NOOO i've been waiting for it to be ripe for four days!! Now it's gone back in!"

I want it to come out! The pimple cream i introduced in the video all dries up your pimple ultra fast and depending on the size of your pimple, you can expect to see a hard dried up pimple seed and it'd drop out with a light scratch at the end of 1 day or 2 days *thumbs up*

Alright! I hope if any of you guys are going through a rough patch (for real) with your skin, have faith and be diligent! I've had girls telling me they have bad skin and asking me for solution..

And when i ask them what skincare products they use, they say they don't.

Well bad news is you have to put in some fair share of effort, but good news is..


- You will save A LOT of time spent in concealing flaws on your skin during makeup =D

- You will feel sooooo much better about yourself when you look into the mirror during shower, without makeup =)))

Good luck and have fun trying out all the products that have affinity with you


Hanna Lei said...

Your skin looks amazing now. Thank you for all the tips. -Hanna Lei

Jenny said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

How much does the isotrexin cost?

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Exactly my sentiments, although I have yet to be more diligent with my skin care regime! Thank you for this post, which serves as a reminder to us girls to take care of our skin and be happy. :)

XiYing said...

I used to apply skin care products during day time. But thank you for the advices!! I'll start working hard now~!

XiYing said...

I used to apply skin care products during day time. But thank you for the advices!! I'll start working hard now~!

Anonymous said...

did you inject fillers to your lips? it looks weird :(

Clarie Cupcakes said...

So happy that your skin got better! :> Just like what you said, skincare is something we all should do diligently. It would be good enough even if we just do the basics of hydrating the skin~

Clarie C.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu, which concealer are you currently using / recommend for undereye? I have really bad panda eyes too :(

Loraein said...

looks like I have to give some serious thoughts about skincare since I only wash my face as and when I think its dirty. LOL!


this phrase is sooo true... HAHA!

sexybananas said...

Qiuqiu, must be cautious when using Isotrexin if you wanna conceive or get pregnant k. It's harmful for the developing foetus. :/

Thank you for sharing your skin care products though, I've tired Laneige White Plus and Water Bank series and I felt they worked for my skin too!

VALERIE. said...

Hi QiuQiu, can you share with me how did you manage to clear up those spots / marks you once had? I'm like having the worst reddish spots / marks of my life on my cheeks and I totally have no idea how to make them disappear. I went for facial extraction but it still stays the same. :(

thank you so much in advance!