25 August 2013

Sunday is for feeling better

Past week i met with a couple of obstacles while trying to get things started and i can't help but to think that i am just not good enough.

But i stopped myself right there and i think.. I am pretty good enough for many people!

But then i think again..

I am not good enough for myself.

And that's true.

Underperforming, underworked but over-motivated.

But it's okay! I have decided to just keep it going =D Holiday break is coming! =DDD

Sunday is for feeling better about yourself =DDD To new beginnings, to more exciting projects!

Gonna head out to go find Wendy and Baby Dash now. It's great they jio dinner in Punggol cox that means i get to see Dash Dash without feeling like i disturb on their family weekend haha.

Also, yesterday Baby Yurou tell me "我不要你了啦" and then say sorry sorry sorry when i pretend to cry hahaha. She is soooo talkative and grown up now. She had a bar of snickers yesterday and she was told by her dad to go offer to others and see if we want a bite, she did, go to everyone with her bar and she told everyone "这个你不要吃的 hor?" =_________=" What kind of sincere offer is this.

Hahaha. Babies and kids that you like are the best things.


Milly said...

LOL Baby Yurou sounds so cute and funny! XD I love hearing stories about her :P

Yuxing said...

OH MY!!!!! Baby Yurou is the best lah!!! "这个你不要吃的 hor?" xD 好可爱!

GenevieveWijaya said...

Haha "你不要吃的hor?" - must learn this.

Hanna Lei said...

That's such a cute story. -Hanna Lei

Jean said...

Hahaa she's sooo cute, this Baby Yurou! :)

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu keep yourself motivated which you always have!

From our viewer, reader,you're good and the best;)and will continue reading your blog and stay tune to budget barbie which keeps us laughing, entertain and save $! :D

ms.bulat said...

how did you reply her "你不要吃的hor?"

Anonymous said...

Yurou speaks so well for a 2 year old! My niece is 2.5 yrs but she doesn't seem to speak that much and she doesn't pronounce that well

QiuQiu said...

Gen, yeah, smart right. People cfm leave with no other choice.

ANon, thank you =)))

Ms bulat, i just laugh!!! Haha.

Anon, dont worry! Some kids learn physical stuff faster! Some think faster. Some speak faster! Yurou can't jump yet haha. But some nearly two years old kid already can jump!

Anonymous said...

what happened to jipaban ah??

Karen Ng said...

When my cousin was 4yo. she played/ checked through my contact list on my phone and she asked me how many friends do you have? Before I could answer she told me she has a thousand friends. lol. I don't even have a thousand friends on my fb.
Kid nowadays is smart!

Anonymous said...

is josh malay?