09 August 2013

Unimportant uninteresting unretouched

I can't sleep yet i can't sit. Cox when i am at the computer i feel the whole joint / muscle ache again. That really strengthen the motivation to take up sports. Ah boh 我想我时日不多了 lolol. Here pain there ache. Damn jialat. BUT!!! I believe it'd all be good soon =D

So i was saying what. I can't sleep, yes.

And seriously, Blogger app is quite user-friendly thou it'd be perfect if you can do alignment / choose colour of the fonts etc. But mai hiam buay pai.

So here i am mobile-blogging again! Lol. Hope you all are okay with it ah. Me blogging whenever i feel like it O.O As if i don't already blog a lot lol.

This post i'm just gonna spam some pictures you guys never seen before mainly cox it's too boring lol.

Anyway i really think visiting babies is my antidote to any disease. I everytime go see Baby Dash / Baby Yurou i will feel much much much better when i see them! Before i see them = very sick. Seeing them = no sick no pain only joy lol. After seeing them = sick again lol.

Ah okay, pictures.

All the $1 coins Josh and i collected in a few months lol. That makes up to about $1200 ^.^

Where i keep all my past invisaligners initially. Thanks to Orchard Scotts Dental, i am on my last set already! More on that soon!

Me totally tipsy with choya in Bangkok =_= With Xiao Wen and Michie lol.

And this is how i get beheaded lolol. I was looking for things in the luggage actually.

Me in the spectacle shop getting my degrees checked. In the end i gotta wear 50 on each side only but why is everything so blur @.@

Going through the few lines i have with the scriptwriter haha. For filming of "丘比特的幸福世界" a micro movie set at Resort World Sentosa!

Me after my haircut.

LOLOL. Kidding lah. That's what i show Sio. Lena Fujii. I tell him "Very simple okay, what i want is very very simple. Just make me look like Singapore Lena"

All he did was laugh. What does it mean?


That day i damn happy chicken rice stall gave me a lot of chilli lolol.

Very happy with the agar agar Josh got me yesterday lol.

Ending it with the insecure bitch Mich's picture cox she say she too long never appear on my blog already.

Stupid woman is in Japan now i don't know where other better place to be!!! I should be jealous =(

Okay bye bye! I hope you like random posts like these! Haha ^.^


Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu, what is your favorite chicken rice stall? or where I guess ^^'

Hanna Lei said...

Haha I like this post. Funny about your hair. Hanna Marie

janice said...

i love such random posts! more of it please! just nice; not too lengthy not too short hehe. and you will get well soon! practise the LOA! :D

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I like your random post!
More please, hehehe.

Sundaescribbles said...

Keeping it real. Love this post!

Anonymous said...

hihi! actually i dont like it when you mobile blog cos somehow, your photos cant load on safari, firefox and google chrome for me ):