05 August 2013

What O.o

Hello i am mobile blogging again! From the hospital. No pictures cox i realise the last post de pictures are all really tiny.

Anyway i am back in Singapore ^.^ The trip has been good but today (our last day) Josh had strange encounter in the hotel room when he was alone resting trying to sleep away his gastric flu. My conclusion is.. Baiyoke Suite Hotel is "dirty" in all aspects.

So anyway now he is quite sick and we are at the hospital. He's on a wheelchair and it was awkward when i had to push him to the waiting area.. I tell him "Eh, i try to place you in a less awkward spot okay. But it's hard cox a lot of old people you look very out of place" lolol.

So in the end i place him beside the newspaper and brochure stand haha.

I hope he get well soonest possible cox then we can go home to Tiffany and Drago. Just now when they saw us home  they were both soooo happy!!!

Then after a while we had to change out and head for the hospital Tiffany was whining. So sainai his daddy one =))

Can't believe i have to start work straight tomorrow. Back to back til next week @.@ But it's all good!!! Work = Money!

Money = Bring family on holiday again next year!

And this time i will make sure i read the reviews about the hotels instead of jist looking at their location and lobby picture and go "OKAY! Easy peasy!" 😔

I just put an emoticon from my mobile, not sure if it's appear =D

Anyway! I think next year we'd either go to Great Wall of China or Hong Kong! I think from this trip i understand that my dad likes to see.. Stuff we don't get to see in Singapore. And he likes Chinese food everywhere we go. Hahaha.

He is so cheena i can't even. He was gonna buy a huge gold dragon ring @.@ But in the end we feel somehow the gold is damn light in BKK. Maybe we've been looking from the wrong shops. So we'd get him one in Singapore instead. On our next cheque maybe ^.^

I was thinking on my flight back how lucky i am to have nice readers who are supportive and caring towards me. I might not always reply all the comments (thou i am more active in replying comments from imotiv app, so you can download that to start a convo with me haha) but i read all of it and when people are helpful in giving me suggestions / nice enough to encourage me, i feel very thankful! =) 我希望你们好人有好报!

Alright. Back to busy busy busy tomorrow onwards. And.. I AM CUTTING MY HAIR SOON!!!

Like.. On Wednesday. Shio would be very glad he can finally get rid of the hay i ask him to make better since day one he do my hair. Haha.

Okay signing off~ Hope your week will be good!


Anonymous said...

Can tell us more about the strange encounter?...

Hanna Lei said...

What? Nothing about the encounter? -Hanna Marie

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, gold is much cheaper in hkg! As in t jewelery and all. 24k gold ring/bracelet cost almost 50% more in sg den in hkg. I bought my parents' anni gift there. really worth it! Somemore rate is good now, change a big pile n when u go hkg pay like a boss with a stack of cash. :p

Anonymous said...

Please share about the strange encounter!!

Sundaescribbles said...

Please share about the strange encounter!

Anonymous said...

share about the strange encounter please! :D

Ida said...

Hope Josh is well soon!

Anonymous said...

God bless Josh.. You too look after yourself! Stay strong ^.^

Citronelle said...

ok.. downloading imotiv nao :p

QiuQiu said...

I can't say much about the strange encounters!!!

Thank you, Josh is feeling much better! =DDD

QiuQiu said...

Anon, okay thank you!!! When i go Hkg maybe i find something for my dad! Thank you!!!

Yanni said...

Lol omg. I saw my friend posted this on fb recently.


One of them is Baiyoke Sky and I suddenly remembered, eh! qiuqiu went to this hotel recently too! So I checked back your blog for new post and omg!! Josh really did encountered something. =O

Little Porcelain Princess said...

Ooh so curious! Want to know about the strange encounter! :D Hope Josh gets better soon though!

Cat said...

I want to know what this encounter was too! :o Poor Josh!

Also lucky you didn't get the ring, I bought so much jewellery in Thailand and it was all fake :(

If magnet sticks don't buy, not real :(

Yanni, you reminded me of something... My fiance and I were planning on staying at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei until some of his 'flyer talk' friends said it was haunted and people would wake up covered in scratches with their beds spun around O_O mad scary!

Then I go read reviews and got even more scared! Going to read the haunting for QiuQiu's hotel now! :D

Cat said...

I just realized what the strange encounter must be lol...

Thai prostitute must have knocked on wrong door and give Josh scare instead of ghost haha!

We all so innocent and think ghosts :p

Last I stay in Thailand I had cute Thai room service boy offer me 'extra' services.

Fiance was in bathroom listening all like >:|

Holidays are fun! Least Josh and you have interesting stories to tell friends :D

Anonymous said...

Baiyoke suite is haunted! There's this haunted room on 15tg floor if I didn't remember correctly. The building looks scary from the outside, I could see mould growing on the rooftop from amari watergate!