03 November 2013

Up Up

SUP~!!! Here are some extra camho shots i snapped for SINGSALE advert haha ^.^ Didn't wanna be all self-centered and self-obsessed in the advertorial.. (really?) Lolol.

Anyway here i'm wearing GIRLY Lash in No.1 ^.^ I got say before lah, it's my favouritestest! Cox it's brown and black mix and looks really natural ^.^ For now you may get them at Haji Lane, Millenia Walk and THE CATHAY! Blogged about all three locations previously! =D Some of the numbers are sold out =X But i'd top them all up before the official launch with the online store in December!

Hi~! Using VDL three way cox lazy to think of what colour to wear so just wear all same colour on eyes lips and cheeks haha.

This is what i mean by my camera really has a lens problem O.O It's superb if you like your camho shots with HUMONGOUS forehead, HUGE eyes. But of course i also got photoshop my zygoma away lah. So it looks even more weird but whatever. Hate zygoma.
Okay that's all i have for my face hahah!
The charity flea went really well! There are still a lot of items cox i changed the pricing to $10. So if you would be so kind to go get some items and help out with the donation to Gentle Paw, i'd be very happy! =D The items from first day of the charity flea got sold out in less than 30 minutes O.O But i also feel very bad for those who make a trip down to find nothing =O Sorry!!! BUT!!!!

New items!!! I brought two more bags of items down. As mentioned in the post below below. Haha.
There are also a lot of new items for the makeup, masks and skincare / haircare section! They are not for charity but please still help my friend to clear! They are all going at crazy low prices!!! For sure much cheaper than what you can find outside!!! Either 1 for $10, or 3 for $10 or 3 for $5!!!
So if you're around THE CATHAY, remember to check out the stuff at Space Invasion L3!

I highly recommend the solone makeup products cox i use them a lot also! Their eyeliner is LOVE. Super easy to glide on, doesn't smudge and really vivid colours you'd get!

I did a blogpost about solone products, you can see how to use the eyeshadow stick and eyeliner and their lipgloss also super love!!! Go check them out for yourselves! One huge box of it there!

THANK YOU to those who went and got some stuff =D

Quite thankful that my blog can be used to do a lot of things though not everything. Haha. But good enough for little things =)) So this week i am extra thankful for being able to have a blog that can do more good than just for me.

But anyway, go check out the new batch of items okay! =D Keep it going!

You know i was talking about BreadnBarter? The barter trade thing i'm doing for fun on instagram. I kinda figure out what i want to do with it already.

I want to barter trade up finally, to get a full body massage chair for my dad =DDD

I search already ah, the more decent ones also need $3k plus, the ones i think i wanna get for him would be about $4k. SO!!! If you have a massage chair at home that you wanna trade, tell me what you want and i'd try to get it for you and see if we can trade!!!

He super love massage chair one, he'd always go to Fu Lu Shou complex and use the $2 for 5 minutes or something, the kind of vending massage chair haha. Jitao i get one for him at home! RURAH!!!

Yay i feel very motivated there's something for me to look forward to hahaha. But i'm not sure how many people have a massage chair at home that they don't mind trading for something else.

PLEASE let me know if you do know of any~!!! I'm keeping my hopes low but spirit high!!! Hahaha! I know $4000 seem a little bit far-fetch for my childplay BreadnBarter haha but hey!!!

So far i've got a CHANEL vintage bucket bag!!! I think it's quite rare one cox very limited info on the internet but only say it's a rare CHANEL vintage design. I'm not sure! Tell me if you know how much its worth is! Internet says 1100£ which is SGD2192 so i'm taking it as $2k?
I find this bag crazily beautiful O.O It's bought by the lady i trade with, on Reebonz and she's never used it, not even once O.O It's still in it's original bag and stuffing as it was delivered to her O.O
And $2k is half way to $4k!!! =DDD Jiayou jiayou!!! Hopefully a few more trade up and i can get a massage chair lolol! It's extra fun when you wanna barter trade to a specific item!

You can email qollection@gmail.com if you wanna barter this!!!

Okay i'm gonna end off the post with this picture..

Picture of what previously was my handphone casing. Lolol. Yutaki cut it. Sophie and Wendy encouraged him to make the cut. They also confiscated my fake anges B coin pouch. My sister got that for me and i pinned Moomoo's picture on it and it was all brown and dirty i know. It's either they having something against me, or i really need to work on my hygiene.

Or silicon phone cases gets dirtied too easily. Lolol.


Okay i go off dee. Good luck to me with the barter trading okay! =D MASSAGE CHAIR MASSAGE CHAIR!!! WOOSH!


Hanna Lei said...

That bag is so pretty, which makes up for seeing that dirty phone case! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

maybe you can consider doing a instagram acc that allow ppl to post thing up for barter trade? and charge like $5/$10 per post?

after seeing you doing barter trade, I wish to do too. but I don't have expensive item to barter trade with u :(