06 November 2013


Heyo~! It's me in golden hair =OOO

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Went to bleach my hair becox the hair colour that i want next require me to have a lighter base. So after much bugging with Samantha to bug Sio, i finally was granted approval to do it hahaha.

Sio say no no no no no for the longest time already. Cox you see, normal people do maybe okay. But i have naturally frizzy, dry, curly and dry hair. Like when it grows out, it's already like that O.O

So i have been rebonding for about 13 years now O.O God help me.

Anyway i tell myself YOLO~ Hahaha. So i die also want to try out the hair colour i want =X And then i promised Sio that after this hair colour i will not bug him to do anything crazy and harmful to my hair anymore. So okay we made a deal. Hahaha. But Samantha don't think i will honor my word and it's a matter of time i ki siao again and wanna do a strange hair colour again hahah.

BUT NO. This time my hair really is on deathbed already. After this hair colour i'd just let it rest okay. Real one real one *gua ji cross my heart* Lolol.

Sio say given how i treat my hair when it's in my own hands, he is surprised that my hair haven't snap =XXX Hahaha. So hair, i am proud of you. You have withstand all the shit i put you through.

But then!!! I also put my hair under great treatment at Cleo Hairmake =X =D My sisters and friends who have tried Cleo Hairmake always go back to them, and one of the reason other than the service and hair colouring technique is.. The hair treatment. Always sooooo shiok until i fall asleep one =X

Anyway here's more pictures of me with my gimo (gold hair). Some people say i look like Hyuna from 4 minutes.. Wait a second, let me google. No i don't. She is much cuter lol.

Using here GIRLY Lash No.1 (sold out at all counters for now i think. SORRY. Will top it up by next week) Also i am not wearing contact lens. My eyes are really green but i usually wear black contact lens to cover my sea green eyes. Lolol. I photoshop one lah.
Actually i don't know this hair colour i should go with what lip colour better. I tried this nude one but i look kind sick. I try red one i look.. Trashy. I try darker one i look goth. I JUST WANNA LOOK CHIO~ Hahaha. So. Happy that tomorrow i can change it to the colour i want deeee~~~ =DDD

Okay lah~ Don't say dee~ I gotta go rush my adverts dee =X Omg year ends are always crazy.



Angel Vanity said...

you look so nice with blonde hair!! i hope you keep it this color for a while. i feel like it suits you the best~

Unknown said...

Wow, I love it!!

Hanna Lei said...

I love the blond hair! -Hanna Lei

Cat said...

It really suits you :D

Anonymous said...

You look good in any hair color

Jess said...

Barbie pink lipstick might work!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous with that hair color !! :) really suits you well xx

Unknown said...

Love the blond-ness! Hahaha you make me wanna dye my hair blond too... Kinda scared to but #yolo right! hehehehe


Unknown said...

OMG i really love your blonde hair <3 and your green eyes look really pretty too :)