20 November 2013

Grab Bag flea

Sup. I'm doing a flea again!!!

Thanks for the booths For Flea Sake! They hold fun and exciting fleas all year round so if you wanna sell your items at a flea, you know who to go to. In any case if you'd like to join this flea, there's still booths available! Feel free to contact them! Hope you join in the fun =)

This time to be truthful.. I am not say very excited about it lah cox it's clearance of rarebits past collections and even collections that haven't been launched..

You know when people say good things never lasts.. I never used to believe it but now i kinda think it's true. In Chinese they say 好景不常在.. It doesn't matter what was.. It doesn't even matter what is..

Now i mostly look forward to what will be.

And that's kinda all that i live and strive for. Everyday i try to make more of what i can.. Enjoy the company of the people around me.. Be nice to the people i treasure and wish someday, with lotsa good faith, i can achieve what i want. Thank you if you left me comment on my previous post. Even a "Good luck" would be much appreciated =) Erm.. If you commented nice stuff about my blue hair, then i love you. Hahahaha. Cox.. You must love me very much to say that and to agree with me.

What the heck was i saying before i digress to my blue hair omg.

Yeah Grab Bag flea!!!

So yeah, i'm clearing rarebits stock before i relaunch it (hopefully soon. But i gotta get GIRLYmake site and Little Thoughts site up first @.@) when i am ready.

For the first time in all the times i've been to flea, i'm doing the grab bag style.

Usually grab bag you can't choose and you wouldn't know what you will get lah but of course at my flea you can pick what you want =D

Each grab bag is $25 and you may pick any 6 items so long as at least 1 of the item is an accessory.

That works out to about

$4.17 per item for a brand new bag / apparel / accessory.

Another thing about this grab bag flea that i am holding is..


Please bring your own bag! Thank you! Save the earth ma. Lol.

And here are SOME of the items.

There are some more but i can't take pictures of all of them. So come down and take a look:

This Saturday (23rd Nov)
 2pm - 6pm
Lucky Plaza level 6
(opposite Jolibee)

Please take note that

from rarebits

Loads and loads of clothes..

Some of the accessories that i manage to find pictures of. But there are plenty more accessories.
Bunny earphone dustplug, they come in boxes so you can maybe give it to a friend as a gift if she likes bunny hahah. And the some more accessories. Bunny beads headband available too!!!

And here's plenty more brand new clothes..
Quite love the floral romper!!!
Lotsa rompers and work dresses!!!
Casual chicks, don't miss out on these colourful and cheerful outfits!!! Did you see the daisy romper?!?! It's so cute??
Work style~ And one of my favourite romper. My girlfriend bought it and she's been wearing it for the longest time since. The material stays awesome even after many wash. Sigh..
More floral rompers and this very sexy and elegant low back peplum dress. Comes in many colours.
Other unique pieces that me and my partner picked out..
Some for the sassy and fun ones.. Mich loves this black floral romper so much she bought one herself hahaha.
Cute floral skirt and top. This smudged dye floral romper i also very love! It's not launched yet i think.
Some printed pices and lovely floral bottom.. And below are more items that has never been shot / seen =( I hope you guys like them and can figure out how they'd look on a model or yourself lah.
The pinafores are really very very cute one!!! It has a cute flare. And you can just wear a plain tee shirt inside or a printed cute tee shirt also can. And the black romper would be a sellout i bet.
More dresses and pinafore. It comes in red, navy and black!
And then the black and red checked tops are also very cute and sweet one!!! Pops out on the side like that and is super small at the waist area. And also got mustard romper of another style lah.
Brand new bags and clutches.. From deadbuyer of backorder or preorder and stocks left.
So i guess this is it? A moutainful of clothes..

Very quickly, some pointers to take note when you head down this Saturday..

- Please only start flipping through the stuff when the booth is open, thank you! =)

- Bring your own bag

- Bring water if you're queuing alone cox i don't know how long the queue gonna be but it's gonna be air-conditioned anyway so at least you won't be hot and grumpy =X Haha.

- Very likely there will be a queue and to be fair to everyone i'd do a 6 by 6 system so at any one point, there will only be 6 person flipping through the booth. Kinda like the charity flea i did at Scape terrace once. But that time there was a time limit to each group, this time don't have okay =D So you can slowly shop if you are okay with people glaring at you hahahahaha. Kidding lah. Be courteous!

- For most of the designs, there are at least 3 - 5 pcs each design. Some more, some less. So at any one point i'd keep replenishing and try my best to put up every design on the table okay =) So if you're flipping through you don't have to wait til i replenish new design, there will be no new designs, it's mostly all gonna be on the table. Erm.. I hope you know what i mean lol.

- Combined payment is allowed! =D Like if you can't find 6 items, you can share with your friend.

- To be fair to everyone in the line, each person is allowed to buy a maximum of 2 Grab Bags

Sorry there's so many things to take note of but i hope you guys will come and be comfy in the line, and most importantly, everyone gets something they like back home.

These are all items that i picked and love so i hope you'd love them too =')

So i see you?

This Saturday (23rd Nov)
 2pm - 6pm
Lucky Plaza level 6
(opposite Jolibee)

Each grab bag of any 6 items (must consist of at least 1 accessory) for $25.
Each items = $4.17 only!!!

Help. Lolol.


We will be sharing the queue line, so you can just move along, from one booth to the next.

But of course must "check out" and pay at the first booth lah okay.

This way you won't be torn "WHERE SHOULD I QUEUE???" hahaha.

Hopefully she'd post some items that she's selling lah okay. You can go pressurize her to do that lol.

She'd be selling things at her own booth lah but we'd be side by side.

Have a fun time shopping.

And no need to email me for reservation. Thank you!


Hanna Lei said...

I wish I could attend. Clothes so cheap. -Hanna Lei

R said...

How I wish I lived in Sg fmllllll >.<

hui x said...

will you be selling floral crowns as accesory? omg i want them so badly but they're so expensive elsewhere!!

Anonymous said...

Would it be weird if we take pics with you?:3

Anonymous said...

hello dear, now that you mentioned it - would you mind doing a blog post on what happened to rarebits? I apologise if you already did but I couldn't find it.
have a great day!

Wendy said...

Hi qiu qiu, I really like the black white and red white checkered peplum top but there's no way I can go to your flea this Saturday. Are you willing to sell it to me at the price you would have sold it for if you had put it up for sale at rarebits.. If you are, reply to this message, we try to link up via phone or email. If you're too busy then it's ok.. No worries.

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu, I've been following your blog since the first Ep of Budget Barbie, just sharing some love from Toronto, Canada :) And I love your blue hair, love your guts even more! Wish I could go to the sale! Reading your blog pastes a huge smile on my face :D

- Mango

QiuQiu said...

Hanna, if you're ever in Sg!!!

Nanda haha, where do you live!!

Hui, i do have a few that i wanted to sell but my neice borrowing it to do her wedding video so maybe next time~

Anon, no it's totally fine =D Come!

Anon.. nothing dramatic happened.. Thank you for asking thou!

Mango, thank you =))) Your comment put a smile to my face too..

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu,

can i check with you if the items are all sold out at the flea yesterday? i just got back from my holiday trip and missed it! saw a couple of nice items through the pics, was wondering if they are still available (trying my luck cause i know its most probably sold out hahah).

let me know, thank you :)

Jes (jesselyn.tan@live.com.sg)