24 November 2013

Go go Sunday

"Eh, sup!" is the way i've been greeting people in real life.. WITHOUT REALISING.

Cox i always "Sup" you all online right. Lolol then i see people i know in real life and i sup them too.

Sup is soooo yesterday but i still sup sup sup think i damn cool hahaha. It's cool thou cox somehow when i sup people IRL they laugh and either ask me "Wah.. Sup ah?" like why i so cool is it? Lolol.

Or people like Mich will go like "Sup your head lah. Sup sup sup" I tell you already. My friends all very rude one. Lolol. But it's okay. I think i damn cool can already. So..


How you been!!! My week was pretty cray O.O I run to the print shop twice and god-knows i hate the whole building where the print shop (the print shop dude is awesome helpful) is cox wtfff it has super bad 3G connection. Most of the time i'm on GPRS........

Anything that can be more uncool and has-been than supping people now.. Has to be GPRS.

It crawls like a turtle and struggle to load something like a 100 year old grandpa trying to tiao disco.

Sibeh dreadful. Uh huh. I also really love this week cox i hang out a lot with my favourite people =)))))) It's the best thing this week except that being busy also means i don't get my free time to go visit babies =((( So i haven't seen Baby Yurou nor Baby Dash for about a week already.

And yesterday was flea day right. Thank you guys so much for coming down okay =D I still have so much stock left even after the flea i might consider selling grab bags online. Let me know if you guys are keen! They are not like ugly leftover or what lah, in case you think they are. It's just some i have 20 pcs of each design to start with, some i have 10. So after selling 9 maybe i still have 1. Lolol.

I have two huge suitcases of good mixture of leftover lah. That's why i think can do grab bag online.

And then after the flea i had a quick meeting with GIRLYMake and Little Thoughts website designer. she worked on rarebits site before and is really efficient and helpful so i work with her again on this two new sites ^.^ Hopefully they'd be up soon!!! ^.^ Girlymake is confirm going live 4th Dec =DDD

So you can buy them lashes online soon~!!!

And today is Sunday right. I have to head out for Budget Barbie filming. It's not that i don't like filming BB but filming on a Sunday T.T If not it's actually my day with Baby Yurou and family.

You know what i mean. And all the next weekends in Dec i have work planned for me. And Dec early i am flying off to Taiwan for an awesome product press conference so if i look at all these together..

I am not sure if i overestimated myself and the number of hands and legs and body i have or i underestimated how cute i am hahahahah that i charge too little for work O.O Hahah.

But either way~!!! I think someday the overestimation and the underestimation will meet somewhere in between. And i might have to fly off in mid Dec to handpick stocks for rarebits relaunch in Jan 2014.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Good year end leads to a great start for 2014.

I know i sound incoherent but it's okay i just have too much things going through my mind now. "What should i dabao for dinner later? Since i'd be in town there's sooooo many choices"

"Holy shit i need to go to H&M to check out if there are any cheap winter clothes for Taiwan trip"

"Omg this hamburger biscuits i'm eating is so yummy"

"I need to shave off my jaw bone holy god"

"Stupid in-grown hair"

*pluck pluck pluck*

I am so deep in thoughts.

I hope your Sunday is good.. Cox that will lead to a great Monday. And a good start is..

A good start. Bahaha.

Good luck!!! GO GO GO!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

It will be great if there is a grab bag online. Didn't have enough time to choose more at grab bag flea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

It will be great if there is a grab bag online. Didn't have enough time to choose more at grab bag flea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

It will be great if there is a grab bag online. Didn't have enough time to choose more at grab bag flea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiu Qiu, can you consider doing grab bags for accessories? I really like the necklaces that you posted but I couldn't make it for the flea :(

Geraldine🌻💖 said...

Hi Qiu Qiu! Im so excited there will be a grab bag online. I hope that it will be on soon! Love your flea and your blog



Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd want to get a grab bag online!

Hanna Lei said...

Online grab bag would be cool! -Hanna Lei

elderflowertea said...

Haha. You seem so busy!

Cookieedoo said...

I'd love to buy more clothes from u!Do sell the grabbags online!:D >.<

Anonymous said...

what do you do to your ingrown hair? Cause i have some too after shaving my legs... :<

Ashley said...

Don't know if you've been to Taiwan before but my advice is if possible, BRING AS LITTLE CLOTHES AS YOU CAN! Taiwan is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE for shopping. Sibeh cheap at all those tourist-y places too like Xi Men Ding, etc. (forgot already and lazy to google wtf sorry)

The exchange rate when I went was like 10 Taiwan dollar = 1 Malaysian ringgit. Bought awesome dresses for 100 Taiwan dollars haih my shopping life in my home country is ruined. Also +1 because you're going in Dec! They will be selling summer clothes (the types you can wear in SG) for super cheap because they're trying to get rid of the stock since it's winter there.


Anonymous said...

Please sell the grab bags online! :)

Anonymous said...

Can i be a blogshop model if my face is not completely free of acne, like if my only asset is my height? And if they ask for body and face shot, must it be taken professionally? HELP ME QIU QIU.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Hope you have fun in Taiwan! I stayed there for 6 months and I totally love the place.

And hope to get an online grab bag if you have too ^^ Was having exams and didnt have time to go for the flea :(

Take care and enjoy your holidays :D