17 November 2013

Just werk it

Hey sup! =D

How's your week been leh~~~ I'm blogging from my laptop cox this cao Josh haven't help me get someone to fix the computer yet haha. But it's okay~ My laptop feels new and refreshing to type on.

I've been logbooking on Dayre (you can download the app and follow me, i'm @qiuqiu there ^.^) a lot and it's been fun lah! Except i hope more of my friends would join hahah. But it took me a long time to psycho my friends to get on Instagram and that's after other people took a long time to psycho me to join Instagram..... I don't foresee my friends will be so enthusiastic to know about my life on a day-to-day basis. Hahaha.

But no way am i going to leave you guys alone hahah~ I'd bug you all til the end of the world.

Anyway as i mentioned on briefly on Dayre before, me and Josh were walking through some landed houses and i tell Josh that it's my direction and goal in life that i want to own one before i die.

And then Josh say "随便你咯" (up to you lor) which sounds very enthusiatic!!! =_=" Hahaha.

So i told him cannot be up to me lah, it has to be our common direction. Like there was this DREAM HOUSE of mine that i saw, it's newly-built and still vacant, aircon also haven't install yet.

I tell him i want something like that house cox it's white, with lotsa balconies and sunlight into the house through the glass panels, and then it's three level with a roof top terrace + indoor space on the same area where you can either convert it into a bar or a gym or indoor spa or a very nice shooting space for my selfies and ootds hahahah. Then outdoor rooftop jacuzzi and BBQ.

And then the house will be big enough to bring MooMoo back, and then have Tiffany and Drago run around with him if they don't want to kill each other.

And then my family and friends can all come over and enjoy the house with me =DDD *play Stefanie Sun's 完美的一天 *

And then he reply me "Okay lor. 随便你" =___=" Thanks Josh!!! I feel really motivated to move towards this direction in life, you and me hand in hand!!! Hahahah.

So then i ask him what's his direction in life and he say "My direction in life is to make you happy"

Okay, "nawwww" and cover my blushing face finish already. Lolol. Erxin.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if anyone believe it or not.. I want it. And i think i can =D

So i ask you.. What's your direction in life? I mean i don't just want a big house cox i want a big house lah. I wanna bring a big doggy back, i wanna make my dad proud, i wanna fly him around to see the world. And i think if i'm able to own a big house, it's the mark that i'm able to achieve all the other things. Haha.

Also, i need to move out of Punggol. Better sooner than later.

This Punggol is like fucking crazy now. More and more people staying here, but we still have the same amenities. 4 years ago when we first shifted here, thou it's quiet and even lesser recreational activities here, i'd tell people, "It's okay, it's great if you like quiet and peace and a spacious relaxing HDB estate"

And then also i super look forward to having the mall at Punggol MRT up since 4 years ago. Until now one fart also don't have. And then nevermind, the main reason why i want to get out of here is..


Like.. When would you need a cab?

Let's say 9am - 10am, when you need to go to work right?

Okay i guarantee you, 9 - 10am, if you can get a cab in Punggol, you are very very very very lucky.

I suggest you call an ambulance if you really need to get out of Punggol urgently in the morning.

I know there's LRT to MRT, or there's always the bus. But seriously.. Have you seen the morning crowd and the squeezing all. I don't even like morning.. Let alone morning with people shoving me.

And then if you need a cab in the afternoon, you have to teleport yourself to maybe town / CBD area lor cox that's where all the cabs are. There's no way you can get a cab in the afternoon in Punggol also. Thou 30% less hard than in the morning. Which is impossible kind of hard.

And then if you need a cab late afternoon, it's also hard. But it's not as hard as morning and afternoon.

And then if you need a cab during the after-work rush hour, it's also quite impossible cox the demand is now all in town, for people wanting to head back home.

So After about 8 plus 9pm, then only you'd get a lot of cabs in Punggol. Cox all the cabs bring people home liao ma. So now empty waiting for happening people to head out. BUT.. I honestly don't think Punggolians are that active =XXX I can't speak for all but personally, i stay so freaking far from everywhere, if it's night time i would rather stay home and chill lah.

So yeah.. This whole lack of taxi issue in Punggol made me a very cranky and angry person toooooo many uncountable times in the past two years.. Cox first two years was alright cox really not soooo crowded yet. Today i was so angry again, i almost curse myself that if i don't shift out of Punggol within two years, i will die a horrible death. That is how much i am motivated by this issue.

You all see lah. If in two years time i still stay in Punggol, you flip newspaper everyday if i don't update my blog then okay.

And i cannot drive lah. If i drive now, you everyday have to flip newspaper.

If not i die, is innocent people die. Lolol. I cannot drive.

Ah omg so sorry for ranting so much about the taxi issue in Punggol.. I'm pretty sure ulu places like Punggol =X have the same problem too??? Or is it really just Punggol?!

Anyway i went to let Shio shampoo my hair the other day~ And i had makeup on that day so i snapped some pictures lah haha~ Tadang~

Also, i took Wendy's advice and put on red lips and stopped drawing blue brows to match the blue hair hahahah. Now i think i fit into the blue hair better. You see, CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS.

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Yeah hey~
Me before shampooing haha. Hair messy like mad.
After i fell asleep during shampoo time.. And wake up to blowdry my hair haha. Nah, here's Shio for you. Haha. He is STILL single =((( Erm.. Anyone? Lol.
If you ever go to Cleo hairmake and happen to wear shorts, remember to snap pictures with their mirrors hahaha. Really look like got super slim and long legs one!
Top from Korea ($4), Shorts from JRunway, Shoes from BKK ($4)

Wearing GIRLY Lash No.2 ^.^ Online shop to be launched soon! Be patient~ =D
Me with Hand of God~!!! Haha ^.^

And then i went home and i bring out some of the hair accessories i havethat i think might suit my blue hair cox really is a bit hard to match lah. It kinda is already very loud on its own haha.
Neon pink clips from F21.

Fuchsia flower from F21.
Red bow from Daiso..
Pink scarf from Daiso! I think this looks best! So i use it as my new dp everywhere lol.
Green hair band~ So which do you all think looks better! =D

Just gotta try to werk it lah. I really quite love the blue hair and i intend to keep it for as long as i can before i get bored of it haha.

And.. I intend to go learn Japanese again O.O I KNOW I GAVE UP THE LAST TIME. But now i'm having meeting with a Japanese lady (Miki san) for GIRLY Make new product line quite often and i don't wanna always have to trouble Samantha to help me translate all the time cox I feel bad she have to rush around to help me! So i guess i'd just go learn it! With Josh. So if he give up halfway also..

That means it's his fault cox his direction would be to help me pull through by going through it with me hahaha. So.. がんばって to both of us!!! Haha.

Okay okay! Hope you are ready for Monday!!!

JIAYOU!!! ^.^


Hanna Lei said...

The house sounds very nice. I like the green best! -Hanna Lei

Popiah said...

qiuting looks very anime-ish now :D

Tammy said...

I love your blue hair! I wish I could pull it off~

Anonymous said...

move to seng kang :DD HAHAH

Anonymous said...

move to seng kang :DD HAHAH

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your new haircolor *_* So pretty!! Wow.. Woooooow

Thuy Mi said...

I really like your haircolour. Maybe you could buy a car to solve your cab problem? Hope you will get your dreamhouse :)

Unknown said...

you look good in anything .. OMG

Anonymous said...

blue hair is pretty!!!! i LOVE THE RED BOW and green hairband PLS WEAR THOSE 2!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can do some post about your dogs one day? Never really see many pics of them or their stories, etc.

Anonymous said...

Definitely green headband looks the best ! Matches your hair :) and it looks like mint chocolate chip!

Anonymous said...

UGLY sio! Inside out ugly leh you. Bimbotic also

Anonymous said...

blue isn't quite your color or maybe it's the shade. I think a shade of pink ombre'd with a nice darker hot pink starting at the roots would be cool then a light pink. Extensions that are long and wavy maybe =D

Anonymous said...

U look very sweet in white & pastel colours =)

Davinia said...

Love your vids on various shopping malls & your loots found there on Clicknetwork TV, so that I can see what's nice to shop there n actually get familiar even without having to comb the place myself. Continue doing what u're doing, forget about the haters, you're awwwesome & U ROCK Girlll! =D

rai said...

Lol, why is Sio still single? Very fussy issit? どうしてですか?

missxxx said...

Magic mirror at cleo? Haha. Anyway, if you move house must invite me to your housewarming arh!! ^

Yuxing said...


Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

xiaxue looks so chio with her new pink hair! or rainbow or blonde.
you only look pretty blonde.

FS.Rain said...

Fuschia and green!!
btw, I really really like the Blue hair!!!

FS.Rain said...

Oh Oh btw... In SengKang... Its the same in Punggol.. VERY Pissed with the cab issue too.

I used to stay in Boon Lay (Jurong) for the first 22 years of my life and I dun have Taxi problem.. only Bangalah prob..

QiuQiu said...

YAY!!!! Everyone so supportive =DDD Thank you!!!! <333

dani said...

Soooo cute u are♥♥♥

dani said...

Soooo cute u are♥♥♥