02 November 2013



SUP~!!! Here's a quick one to inform you that i topped up GIRLY Make counter at Space Invasion already =X The shelf went empty a few times i am sorry!!! New stock will be in only Dec!

More importantly i wanna let you know of this charity flea i'm doing at Space Invasion (THE CATHAY, #03-15).

I am selling all my things from 1st Nov til end November!!! while stock last.

And i will not get a single cent out of it lah. 20% goes to admin and handling fee to Space Invasion. 80% of the money goes to Gentle Paw and friends. I've mentioned this many times but in case you're new here, Gentle Paw and friends is a non-profit dog shelter and they are running on volunteer's kind token and donation of pet supply. So any amount and any form of contribution to them is appreciated!

Below are SOME of the items you may find! There are a lot more but i don't have pictures of. The ones that i have pictures of are about 1.5 - 2 bags full of items. I brought four big bags of items down. So be sure to go see what you can find! And go early (like best is this Friday haha) to avoid disappointment cox if not the item you want ran out, don't cry! Lol.

I won't be there but doesn't change the fact that the cheap items are there and it's for a good cause!


Sorry i gotta raise the price to $10 cox the items simply run out too fast and yet i don't wanna limit you guys to how many pieces you can buy. It's for charity so don't curse me! Thank you ah!

But be sure $10 is also super duper worth it for many pieces!!! I have two super filled big bags more of items to bring down tomorrow (Saturday) at about 12 plus i'd be there to unload the items.

A lot of it i don't have pictures so please go see for yourself!

Highlights : rosebullet dress!!! Original price is i think $200 - $300 not very sure cox i was given this but you're getting it at a steal of $10 =D Green floral dress from Lowry's Farm original price at $99. And EMODA white shimmer long sleeve top original price i think was $89.
Highlight, White sweet dress with pompom bottom, bossini fuschia top (i super loveee the cutting for this!), baby pink jeans, mint green shorts!!! And a lot more lah~! I really is ransack my wardrobe one.

Some other items to expect that i don't have pictures of, tie dye lace top, H&M top and jeans, Cotton On tops, JRunway items, clutches and straw bag with flower and more!!! Got a few bags i am throwing inside are all brand new one!!! Also got a trench coat from Japanese brand DIPDROPS. Brand new!

Okay ah! You go flip for yourself. A lot of the items are originally priced at wayyy above $10 so please still do support even though the price point for this charity flea is no longer $5! At any point of time i am informed by the shop staff that the items are sold out i will tweet and let you guys know soonest i can!

SPECIAL *note* NOT FOR CHARITY but i'm helping my friend clear stock of her items!!!
3 BOXES (x10pcs) at $5!!!!!!!!
Also at Space Invasion. Brands are from SEXYLOOK and LOVEMORE and more. Original prices are $13 plus - $15 plus per box! You can find anything from soothing to whitening, to hydrating to moisturising, to deep cleansing and whatnot! Limited boxes of special macaroon mask!!! There are other dessert mask, please check them out yourself! =D

Today all her masks got sold out so this evening she went to top up a lot more!

3 BOXES AT $5!!! One box has 10 pcs i think. So you're basically getting 30 pcs of mask at $5 O.O She just really need to clear stock cox out of business =X This is for real the out-of-business sale lolol. There are also many other products ranging from skincare to haircare! Most of them are either from Taiwan or Japan! Have fun digging them out!

Alright! Hope you do come down and ransack through my stuff and remember, 80% of the proceeds goes to Gentle Paw and Friends for a good cause.

So please don't bargain with the Space Invasion staff okay. And don't push each other, and get yourself and your friends some super crazy cheap mask if you may!

1st Novemeber 2013 (this Friday) onwards, til end Nov or whenever the items for charity runs out! Go soonest you can ba~ Hope that the item(s) you want will still be available when you get there! If not still get something lah, help out the charity event O.O Okay!

I thank you first for the money to be donated to the shelter! =))) THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

what time does it start!

Unknown said...

May i know where is it?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Are there any caps for sale? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in Australia so I won't be able to get any of your goodies but I wanted to say that THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA and I think all bloggers should do this. I'm just a normal girl and even I have problems with wardrobe space and have tons of crap I don't use. I feel like beauty and fashion bloggers would have so much more because well, that's their job. The fact that you are selling this stuff for a charity is really wonderful of you to do.

I think you should start a trend and you bloggers can have such a positive impact on the world's charities :)

Unknown said...

Damn! I wish I was in Singapore now :-:

Lolipop said...

omgggg i wish i'm at sg now!:D

Hanna Lei said...

Your fleas make me wish I lived in Singapore! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu, there was a queue outside the shop before it opened and within seconds, everything was gone =( will u be replenishing? I would love to get all the pretty clothes and do charity at the same time!

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu. yesss. there was nth left):