21 January 2014

Am i or am i not gonna die yet.


Before i say anything else i just wanna inform you that..

If you ever wonder how shampoo taste like, i can tell you mine taste quite sweet!!! Lolol. I am using Essential Rich Premier. Accidentally ate some cox i pumped too much hahaha.

The after taste is like a coat of waxy spongey layer on your tongue hahaha. Just scrap it off you'd be fine. I am not dying soon am i? Even if i am, the good news is i shampooed my hair ^.^V

In any case, i am probably dying. If i still don't do something about my back. This sharp pain is killing me, not gently. Sibeh rude sharp pains. At my lower back.

I know it's my sitting posture so since about two years ago i started on Backjoy, which helped a lot especially at my tailbone area i no longer experience pain after Backjoy.

But then now my lower back hurts like mad and it's not like once in a while, it's like this constant pain that very often becomes sharp pain. Can't squat, can't bend my back, can't carry heavy stuff..

And it's been like that for about 1 month =XXX I have been too busy to go do something about it.

Today it just got worst. Even sneezing hurts my lower back.

So now i don't know what to do lah! I thought of going to the chiropractor but i heard it will not help unless you keep going and going and going and it can only relieve pain momentarily.

But i really think i am beyond that T_T I can't even toss myself during bedtime without panting cox i need so much of my limbs muscle cox i can't really work my lower back muscle.

Actually this sharp pain thing happened before like maybe three times, where i get this sharp poking pain at my lower back and i can't move until it's gone. But it's usually gone within minutes and then later i'd just have to sleep with rolled towel on my lower back and it'd be fine the next day.

But this time this sharp pain sibeh persistent! So i'm thinking since i am not going to the chiro, and i actually need an X-Ray to find out what's wrong with my back..

Should i go to the polyclinic to get a referral or can i go straight to the hospital!!!

I damn scared of polyclinic referral one must wait like months to get an appointment at the hosiptal. but then if i wanna go to the hospital, where am i going to lah i can't go to the A&E right?

Or can i? O.O I just want to have an X-Ray done and then have some one professional to tell me if i am going to die or not yet. Lolol.

I damn scared lah, my fortune-teller tell me two years ago that i have to be careful of my lower back.

NINABEI that is the only time i hope she is not zhun lolol.

But damn zhun. Another reason i damn scared is becox since this sharp pain started, i get numb legs very easily =((( Is it related? I think so right.

Omg can you all tell me what to do!!!

OMGGGG I haven't do a resolution list for 2014!!!!!!! Hahaha! I just remembered cox i mentally read "What to do" after i typed the previous sentence.

OKAY I DO NOW! Hahah so happy i always love to make checklist and goals ^.^

My 2014 Resolution

- Fix my back and take good care of it thereafter

- Save up 0.05 pot of gold by year end =DDD

- Fix something on my face

- Expand GIRLYMake product line and make it available for orders from overseas

- Have Little Thoughts grow steadily as it is

- Restart and run rarebits

- Get angry lesser (I am third day into my 7 day anger-management, i'd update you guys when i'm all done!!! Meantime you can follow me @qiuqiu on Dayre where i update random short snippets ^.^)

- Pick up something new to keep learning (it's either Yoga or Japanese language. Whichever makes me sweat less hahaha)

- Bring Papa to a new country he's not been to yet ^.^ I have this hope to let my dad see more parts of the world cox he's turning 68 pretty soon this year. And i've seen how older people get sick or have weak legs or can't eat this and can't eat that and travelling is just not as enjoyable as it should be anymore. It's like they can't enjoy even if their kids wanna send them. So leh every year i either go with my parents to a new place or i send them on a guided tour ^.^ This year i plan to let him visit Halong Bay! I read that it's magnificent!!! Looks like somewhere Shen Diao Xia Lv would be filmed.

Lolol. And for my own travel list for 2014!

- Countries / Places to visit:

* Japan (I have to visit once a year!!! If not i feel like life is not complete.

* Korea (Wanna go back for either plastic surgery or just to sweep clean their skincare / makeup!)

* Bangkok (This is a must-go every year just cox i love Bangkok babeh)

* Malacca (Purely cox i fell in love with Malacca everytime i am there. Love how quaint and quiet and peaceful it is there ^.^ ACTUALLY MOSTLY i love the street stall sausages at Jonker street!!!

* China or another country i've never been ^.^ I also hope it's Australia!!! =D I heard seafood there is good!!! Omg hungry.

* GET ON A CRUISE!!!! I've never been on a cruise, Josh also!!! So i hope this year we'd go! We wanted to go since like last-last year but keep pushing back cox of various reasons lol. This year i put it in my list then i confirm will go one =DDD Actually best is if i can buy for the whole family to go =DDD Perfect holiday cox water is my lucky element hahaha.

Of course these are the things i can control. Other things that i cannot control would be to tio beh bio or dio baby. Lolol. Baby girl to be exact, i want a baby girl ^.^ I almost want to threaten my future baby girl that if she don't come faster i will name her..

Tan Jing Gu
(wait very long) Lolol.

What the heck i had so much fun talking about the things i am going to achieve and do in 2014 that i forget that i should be worried about my back pain. I am not sure if this is good hahaha!

I am super easy to distract. You know last time in Primary and Secondary school.. I always feel a bit depressed that i have a lot of homework undone.

Like i really feel sad and frustrated and scared!!! But then EVERY SINGLE TIME, so long as there are friends to play with me, or sisters to do shit with me, or a good TV show that comes along..

I'd be like =DDDDDD

All the way until i remember i have pressing problem waiting for me to handle. I guess when they say people change, people don't. Lolol.

Okay too much words!!! Some pictures from my visits to Cleo ^.^

CLEO Hairmake DOES NOT INCREASE THEIR PRICES during Chinese New Year!

So good for you!!! ^.^ You may call to book your appointment quick~!!! Before their slots all gone. Especially after-work hours is hard to book i think!

❤ ❤ ❤ CLEO Hair and Make ❤ ❤ ❤
Located at Millenia Walk, P2-09 (Level 2) PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338 5250 Facebook Page

Had to do a photoshoot so gotta touch up my blue =( I actually don't want blue anymore lah i a bit sick of it already haha. NOT COX anyone don't like it okay! I loved it but i am just sick of it hahaha.
Sio doing his magic ^.^ Really very happy he stay so late to do my hair =((( He was crazy booked that whole week but i boh bian must do hair so he volunteer to stay back T.T Arigatou!!!
MEI BU MEI??? ^.^ Hen mei ba!!! Haha! That night i feel extra chio. But sayang we only go eat teochew porridge! Haha! But Sio damn happy cox he is eating teochew porridge for the first time!!!
Becox we do my hair do until Millenia Walk building also close dee.. Lol.. So end up having teochew porridge cox which i loveeee also!!! ^.^ Every single dish is yums to the max!!!
Sio and Samantha ^.^ Holy shit Sio's hand hahahaha.
Rich man paying for food haha. Very grateful this Josh also waited for hours for my hair to be done!
Quite blessed with good hearts around me =)))
Okay go book your appointment quick~~~ =DDD I would love to do rebonding but i can't =(( Maybe i'd psycho Sio to let me do perm. Lolol. He might!!! =DDD If he want me to go botak. Lolol.

Okay lah i go sleep dee! If you all got knowledge about my back please share okay?

Or if you know any good doctors in whichever hospital, please tell me! And let me know if it's possible to contact them direct or really must go A&E to register first O.O Cox that's the only way i know how to register in a hospital haha.


png said...
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png said...

Hi qiuqiu
Sounds like坐骨神经痛to me . I had this b4 , lower back pain den spread to leg . I had this pain for like 1 yr and I tot ibam gg to die cos I went to see a dr at Mount E And no improvement . He even suggest MRI scan ! In the end I went to a sinseh at chongpang and one time针灸和and its heal . Seriously one time nia . If u wan try let me know :)

Hanna Lei said...

I would love if your girly products were available overseas. -Hanna Lei

Yvette Lyne said...

Dear Qiu Qiu,
If the pain is unbearable, you could go into A&E for a jab. Ask them to take X-ray too. for my case, about 10 years ago, had slip discs according to X-ray, pain until cannot walk that type.

Anonymous said...


Pain at the tail bone affects fertility. Im not kidding. Pls go see a doctor soon. I hv been visiting a chiro on and off, but its not like u hv to keep going to maintain. Because of our poor habits, ur bones n muscles will go back to the poor positions that cause u pain even after chiro or seeing doctor. If u can maintain good posture n avoid things that the chiro advises u against, its probably jus 2-3 visits a year to check n make sure ur condition doesnt relapse. Fyi, my chiro advised me against heels but i just cant give them up. So i carry on wearing them and go to him every 3-4mths when i have pain. But now that im pregnant, im not wearing heels anymore, i dont feel the pain alr. If u r interested, u can call my chiro at 9777 7069. His clinic is at katong, charge less than $100 for first time.

RC said...

hey qiu, i don't think you need to get a referral or go to A&E...you just need to work out which dept you want to go to and give them a call to make an appt.. My boyfriend had serious headaches and he just made an appt to see neurologist, took him only a few days to see one. They will asked if you are referred, but it wouldn't make a diff if you were self referred.. So yeah, once you figure out who you need to see exactly, all you need to do is to call them

sysy said...

you can try going to SATA http://www.sata.com.sg/locations.asp
they have in house X-Ray service. not sure about the cost, but maybe slightly more than restructured hospitals and polyclincs but maybe don't have to wait that long bah.

can also go to GP and request for referral to restructured hospitals for the X-ray or other detailed examinations.

hope these help.

take care and have a prosperous new year! huat ah!!!! :)

Serene said...

Hi qui qiu,
I definitely would advise you to go get your back checked out simply because u have numbness in your legs. Numbness usually indicates that something is pressing on your nerves in your lower back. It might be a slipped disc that needs attention and most prob doc will ask u to go for a mri. I'm definitely praying that it's not a serious condition for you. Another possibility is spondylitisthesis.

I'm not a doc but why I'm so familiar is because I have both condition. A slipped disc in my cervical spine and a spondy in my lower back and just had a surgery for my lower back. So I suggest u go see a doc soon to get it treated asap and not aggravate it even more.

Think u can just walk into Ane. If not make am appt with a specialist. I have a recommendation. Dr Brian Lee from mount e. I have absolutely no relation to him, just a very satisfied patient.

DEB said...

Hi qiuqiu!

I have experienced all your symptoms in the past =O

I think you might have a slipped/bulging disc at your lower back, that is pressing against your nerves. And yes, it causes numbing of the legs! You should get an MRI done and they can probably arrange physiotherapy sessions for you to ease the pain and recorrect the bulging disc problem =)

Take care!

DEB said...

Hi qiuqiu!

I have experienced all your symptoms in the past =O

I think you might have a slipped/bulging disc at your lower back, that is pressing against your nerves. And yes, it causes numbing of the legs! You should get an MRI done and they can probably arrange physiotherapy sessions for you to ease the pain and recorrect the bulging disc problem =)

Take care!

Yuxing said...

Qiu Qiu,

I have similar back pains like this too. Doctors can't find what is wrong with my back and (damn!) I am allergic to pain killers too.

I tried Gua Sha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gua_Sha) and it SERIOUSLY ease the situation by a lot!

I still have mild pains here and there if I carry heavy things but a few other rounds of Gua Sha ease my back a lot to the point it begins the recovery.

I get lotas advises that people with back pains need to exercise and strengthen their back muscles, but of coz do it slowly and when our backs are good.

I hope you will find a cure soon!

And have a great year~ Love ya! <3

QiuQiu said...

Deb, did you have to go through surgery to fix it??? Thank you everyone i just called a few hospital but i'd have to get referral from polyclinic if not the bill is gonna be 4 times more expensive wtf!

mythoughtsmylife said...

Hi qiuqiu,
I used to have lower back ache too, and it's those damn jalat one I can't even walk, raise my leg or sit down - if I do all those I will end up clenching my fist or cursing cos the pain is so damn sharp.
I went to this doctor and he said its due to the nerves, prescribed me a few medicines and okay liao.
So sometimes it might not be due to the back bone but it's the nerves that's affecting it!

Anonymous said...

you can walk in at Outram polytechnic and request for a referral. they have a room specially for referrals.

maybe they will still insist on letting the doc see you and the doc will definitely ask you to go for X-ray first.. my opinion is... don't bother..

insist you want an MRI and referral. because x-ray cannot see anything if it's slipped discs.

no point destroying your cells twice and spending extra money on x-ray when it sees shit. lol..

also, MRI and the hospital specialist consultation would be subsidised if you get referral, so it's not so expensive.

your symptoms really sound like slipped discs... so MRI would be the best to see what's wrong.

after that, most prob the specialist will ask you to go for physiotherapy. if it's not so serious, after a while, the pain will stop.

The physio will help to strengthen your core muscles so it can hold up your back and the bulging tissues won't press onto your nerves at ur spine..

hope this helps... :)

DEB said...

No surgery was needed since the doc said mine was a minor bulging disc! Had backaches, numb & weakening legs prior to seeing the doc though =O

Doc arranged for several physio sessions (once a week) for me until it got better (and recovered i suppose)!

Kim Kine said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, I am a 4th year chiropractic student and your symptoms definitely sound like you have a herniated disc and is causing neurological symptoms. Chiropractic treatment will help you immensely, but patients have to understand that we provide holistic health care. That is, adjusting your lumbar spine will give temporary relief, but you will need to do core exercises (your chiro will teach you how to do them) and adjust some lifestyle habits to treat your pain at it's cause. It will take time, but it will be better than injections or surgery which will just treat the symptoms, not the root of your pain. I wish you the best in becoming pain free, I hate to see people in pain :(. Kine.

Unknown said...

hey qiuqiu, im an intern doctor now and i just did an orthopedic posting where we saw quite a fair bit of back pain. to ur qn, yes back pain can cause leg numbness. you can get a polyclinic referral to see a specialist but im not sure how long that will take. alternatively you can go to the A&E where they will do an XR, exclude anything life threatening and give you an outpatient appt. I am not sure if you can call for an appointment at a hospital directly but you can try. If you have more questions you can email me at samantha.taypx@gmail.com and i can try to help! hope this helps!

QiuQiu said...

Kim and Samantha, i decided to go get referral (Appt date is 12th March) cox i went for a check at the polyclinic the doc did some leg lifting and press on my back and all it all didn't hurt so he say it should be a muscle-caused pain instead of a bone. And if it's a slipped disc it's not a major one cox if it's major i would have felt pain in the test he did. But to be sure he say to do a MRI scan at the hospital. So now i just have to practice back care @.@ And he offered like painkiller i said no cox now the pain is the only thing that tells me what not to do and how not to sit, i don't wanna kill the only alert my body gives me.

Thank you guys so much for the advice!!! I hope when March 12th comes my back pain would be gone already and the scan will show nice healthy result = l

Yasmin said...

Hello QiuQiu :3
I think your description about the pain you are experiencing in your back could be herniated nucleus pulposus (probably ranging from mild-moderate). It's fancy for slipped disc. Since spinal cord is located inside the vertebrae, some of the spinal nerves probably from the sacral region, innervating your legs are sorta compressed, thus causing the numbness in your legs. Please visit a nearby neurologist, before the problem worsen because once nerve is damaged, it is no longer reversible. Get well soon!
:D I am a huge fan :3

Hopefully this little piece of info helps, I study medicine :D

Lee said...

The referral from polyclinics really lessens the $$. After that, all the bills at gov hospital all subsidized.

check out this link for the few polyclinic that have xray services..


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, you might want to try to do a kind of yoga technique known as Prostration. It is easy and not too expensive to learn. This technique has helped many with back issues. You can visit putisingapore.com to find out the Prostration classes available. Wish you a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Been suffering from back pain, neck pain for the pass 3 months. What i did was i visited a chiropractic. X-rays are needed to be taken to see if the fault lies in the muscles or the bone alignment. If it is the muscles, exercises that helps to strengthen the back muscles would help. (yoga poses, Superman ect). If it is a problem with the alignment of the spine, chiropractic adjustments would help. Do take a look at this website http://foundationtraining.com/ I have recently read the book, and the exercises recommended is really useful to help strengthen the back muscles which helps to keep our posture up. He explains why do we suffer from back pains ect. Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting

I'm a patient for split disc.
It's the patient choice to go through surgery. However it will come back even after surgery, which is why I didn't opt for that. I experience the same symptom as you. Went to polyclinic got referral to CGH and went for psychotherapy session. My back got better and the doctor told me they will get better by itself after 2 years.

Take care
Cheers :)

PLAY POT said...

Hi Qiuqiu, im one of your readers. Please fix your back problem soon. You can go to any GP, and they will refer you to a hospital like SGH or a specislist. They are many good orthopeadics surgeons in Singapore. First with an Xray, they'll do a diagnosis for you and determine the next best course of action. Get well soon!

PLAY POT said...

Hi Q Q , not sure if my comment got submitted. I would like to advise you to see any GP, and they will refer you to a spine specialist or Hospital like SGH. There are many good Orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore. First, they'll get you to do an Xray or MRI to determine what's wrong with your spine, any slipped disc, any bulging vertebral disc that is compressing on your nerves causing you the pain, numbness etc. When there's a compression, it will not go away on its own and early treatment is the best. After diagnosis, the surgeon will give you a proper advice and determine the next best course of action. All the best and get well soon! - Jasmine

Anonymous said...

I also had bad back pain problems. You can try TCM. I did ba guan & it really ease the problem for sometime but it slowly returns when the effect is fading.

I did try western medication but all they give me was painkillers.