30 March 2014

Cleo Hairmake re-opening

WOOHOO~!!! Cleo Hairmake has shifted to CENTRAL @ Clarke Quay as you all already know from my previous hairdo post ^.^
Sio did my hair ^.^ Super loving it!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Actually most part of the salon is still the same except it's at a different place. Much much bigger place!!! =DDD Also it's now more accessible cox it's right where Clarke Quay MRT is ^.^V
You see loh, the shampoo room where i always get sooooo comfy i fall asleep, is mostly still the same except now the lighting is more cozy =D And it's become much more spacious!
Kim and Miki san =) And lotsss and lotsss of champagne for the opening launch event omg.
Stacks of finger food that everyone can't finish. I eat sooooo full until can die!!! I loveeee kani a lot so i must have stuffed myself with like 6 kani sushi at least. Along with many many other food O.O
Everyone crowding around for boss to give opening speech haha.
Kasahara san must have said something like AHHHHHHHH. Very motivational for the staff! LOL.
With Genevieve ^.^ She had her hair done by Takuya that day!
One with Ben ^.^ His hair done by Ai san!
Sam jie jie photobombing people lolol.
One with Randy! His hair was done by Hitomi san!
And with Peishi's! Her hair done by Takuya!
One with Rachell! And her strawberry blonde hair done by Hitomi!
Youngsters nowadays ah..... Lolol!
Wtf probably two sushi in mouth. Lolol! One with Sam jiejie and Rach!
Stuffed face.
With a bunch of really nice Japanese =))) They are Kasahara san's friends!
And one more ^.^V That evening the salon had an overdose of Japanese.. So much so that i feel Japanese. AND I LOVE IT!!! Haha!
Last league of the event most guests left and L-R Takuya, Sio and Ryo started to do their Japanese boy band thing lolol. Quite charming hor!!! Sio say he can strum "Ai Ni" on guitar!!! Maybe next time i ask him to strum for me i sing hahahah #shameless
Hands of God Sio and me!!! I am going to visit him to blow dry my hair one day before we head up for Japan!!! =DDD So that the next 5 days my hair can be awesome for sakura photowhoring. Lolol.

GROUP SHOT!!!! With all the Cleo Hairmake bloggers and Cleo Hairmake staff!
Thank you, Ryo =____=" Lolol.
Much better. Lolol. See this Ben laugh until so happy hahaha.
Me and Cleo Hairmake team! They are bringing over one more Japanese stylist from Japan soon! To cater to the growing clientele. Sio especially has gone to a point it's hard for him to take in new customers or else it'd be hard for him to do hair for returning customers.
And i am proud of him!!! Cox he's really very talented lah. And i am proud of the whole Cleo Hairmake team cox they really put your hair on top priority! No hard-selling, no up-selling. Just whatever you want, they do it better for you =)))
Cleo Hairmake bloggers Peishi, Ben, Rachell, Lena Fujii, Genevieve and Randy! LOL. 我又来了.
ACT CUTESSS. I love Randy's expression hahaha.
One with boss!!! =D
Okay who want to buy insurance? Lololol. We pose like this machiam insurance division picture. Gen does look very director-ish here though. Ben gege look very 忠厚老实 here i'd buy from him. LOL.

In case you don't know.. EVERYONE of us call every girl 姐姐 and every guy 哥哥 at Cleo Hairmake hahahahahah. I don't know who started this erxin trend (probably me O.O lolol) but everyone stick with it. It's shiokanathan to call Peishi jiejie becox she is so young hahaha.

By the way the jiejie and gege must have 翘舌音 and must sound very cheena. Okay. Now you know.

Though i wanted everyone to call me QiuQiu chan ^.^V Lolol.

Okay lah that's all for the re-opening ^.^ Please call 63385250 to make an appointment.

Okay below is a shout out to small business owners / entrepreneurs!

Shop for rent right beside Cleo Hairmake!!!

Entrance of the shop. It had a nice elongated common area and two partitioned room with water point. So it's suitable for manicure salons, facial salons, consultancy agency, cozy cafes, ice cream parlor, etc.. Almost any business.. But not hair salon lah okay HAHA!

As you can see.. One common area, and two rooms. The common area is good to put your reception area / display fridge / seating etc.
Interior. One of the rooms.
From inside facing out.
Outside's right where the lift is! So your shop will be seen first when people go in and out of the lift.

If you're keen please email cleo.tokyo@gmail.com the rental is very very reasonable! =)

Good luck ah! =D Okay i gotta go continue pack for Japan dee.



Hanna Lei said...

I love the dress you're wearing! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Where's your dress from?

QiuQiu said...

Thank you Hannah! It's from rosebullet.

Unsophisticated Teendult said...

Looking prettier and prettier by every blog post X3!! I love this one in particular....cuz all ur hair stylists are so cute XD!