02 March 2014

Nuffnang is 007!


Nuffnang is 7 years old this year!!! ^.^

Although i've only been with them for 3 birthday celebration (including the latest one!) i have always felt attached to them! Well i am, on papers. But i am more attached with the software at Nuffnang..

More known as Nuffies =)))

These days i constantly have overdue adverts =XXX But the Nuffies (you all know who you are!!! ❤︎) have been very patient with me and not only they never put a knife to my neck (cox i am making their job so much harder! SORRY!!!) they also try their best to help me out by organising my blog advert schedule and meeting with clients schedule and all that.

Thank you Sarah, Amanda, Gillian and all the sales people who worked so hard for us!!!

Especially wanna thank Xiao Wen and Jayne for they are the ones i jump to if i need help or if i have problems with my blog. And never once they fail me ='))) Thank you!!!

And whenever i am away on holiday or away for work, they will help plan my work schedule and all. And i am super thankful for that lah cox i have horrible time-management!!!

And on their birthday, i wish them all the winning successes.

Work with the best and you be the best =D

Anyway The theme for the birthday bash is 007. Hahah. I am thinking guys in tux or suits and girls in sexy or hot dresses. So i went to buy a dress from Love Bonito hahah.

Yutaki snapped this haha. We were just walking. I wished i posed for more pictures with this dress!  Cox i cannot foresee myself wearing something like this again in the near future haha. It is so adult. But hey hey, most people say it looks nice on me. So. Okay~ Haha!
Venue of the party was at Full House @ Clark Quay.
Hahaha caught Sophie giving her pasta a faint smile haha lolol. We were seated at Table 1. It always feels good O.O Hahaha. The view of the stage is good! Food served by Full House was pretty damn yummy!!! I love the pasta and the cream sauce fish!!!!
YO YO YO. CHECK OUT WHO SO DRESSED UP FOR THE EVENT!!! Hahaha. Wendy and Dash Dash looking super matchy as each others' plus one! Haha!
Little man here holds a grenade and inspects the surrounding. Hahaha.
There was this artist who is MAJOR AMAZING. He goes around and do cut-out of people's silhouette on the spot!!! He can do it in less than like 5 minutes what the heck!!! Quite a talent!!!

 Must give the Nuffies extra point for bringing in all these activities! There was also a magician going around doing magic for every table!!! And performances by The Freshmen.. Photowall and instant print out all. Actually quite a lot was happening but as you will guess with the following pictures..

We were all very engrossed with Dash Dash to go around and snap pictures hahaha.

Here's my cut out anyway!!! How does it look!!! QUITE LOOK ALIKE LAH I THINK! Haha.
How? Hahaha! The guy really left an impression! Will be so fun to have him at parties! He did this cut-out of me without me even realising!!!
But then later #theawkwardmoment happen when he pass me and Yutaki this hahahahahaha. Wtffff.

Anyway.. If you all remember Nuffnang's 5th and 6th birthday.. The progression was..

Nuffnang's 5th Birthday, Wendy was almost like a bag of bones. Haha we tease her saying she that year wear until bareback and cleavage all.

Nuffnang's 6th Birthday, Wendy was SUPER PREGNANT.

Nuffnang's 7th Birthday this year.. We have this little bag of joy with us =))))))

To many more years of friendship!!!

Shit. Sophie got cut off but Yutaki was taking the picture hahaha so not my fault!
Snatched the prime spot beside the young man who was very well-behaved the entire night ^.^
#dashzilla me and #getthiswomanawayfromme Dash.
Cake cutting time by boss Ming!!! He gave a really touching speech and everyone was like =))) And Dash Dash approves by saying "Ahrowrowrowrow" hahahaha.
"You mean the cake is not for me? Why did i dress up so nicely then!" Lolol. Dash Dash your party is happening this month end!!! =DDD You still have time to lose the potbelly before that!!! Hahaha ❤︎

Gotta thank Yutaki for snapping most of the pictures in this post!!! We all just steal and use =D No biggie! Hahaha. Plus Yutaki usually blogs like after we all do.. So.. It actually is quite sucky for him.

Cox we use his pictures + we use it first hahahah. Thank you ah Yutaki.

We all went off after the party just in time for Dash Dash's bedtime! While Wendy do all the hardwork like keeping the pram and all, we camho haha.

Got back to Wendy's place and decided we haven't camho enough for the day haha!
And so we did!!!
Trying very hard to show the point of my dress lol. A bit fail but still.
Got a picture of Yutaki just sitting around. Who the heck sit until so posey one! Only my friend here! Hahaha! I love it, always photo-ready!
Place le Sophie at the couch and snap one of her hahaha. BOOBAGE =XXXXX ❤︎_❤︎
The busy mama Wendy join us again after preparing Dash's milk and all and putting him to bed.

Okay lah, that's all the pictures i have!!!

After that we went to watch Lego movie and IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahah you'd have to watch it!!! My favourite characters in ranking are

1) The ghost lego *WOOooOooooOoooo* hahahaha
3) Batman *DARKNESS! NO PARENTS! SUPER RICH!* lolololol he sibeh tone-deaf somemore keep singing lololol.

Omg i can't believe how i can still laugh about it now when i already laugh about it so many times since the movie! Hahahaha.

I taught Yurou how to dance and sing to "Everything is awesome~~~~ Everything is cool when you're part of a team~! Everything is awesome~~~~~ When we're living our dream~"

The dance moves i made it up one lah. It's not very fantastic but i think if i am being auditioned for Hi-5 i can probably make it lolol. Next time got chance show you all lah okay.

Okay i leave you here!

Happy Birthday again, Nuffnang!!! =D Next year will be your 8th Birthday i suggest everyone to dress up as Hachiko lolololol.


Hanna Lei said...

That looks like so much fun, I wish they were in the USA -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Sophie looks super hot!!!

Unknown said...

You look so lovely! But this time my heart goes to the baby boy <3

Unsophisticated Teendult said...

you guys looks very pretty =^^=
Xiaxue's wallpaper srsly looks like a real scene from the beach! I was baffled a moment there "BEHIND FULLHOUSE GOT WATER ONE MEH? D:" troll