29 November 2010

Self-help - Help yourselves to it

In photoshop, i find comfort. Hahaha!

8 mins rough job still look better than the pictures i got from Create Talents 6 years ago.

 I over-did this a little bit. HAHA. Okay no, by A LOT.

But every time there's this voice in me when i do touchup in photoshop, it keeps going like this..

"Photoshop 變美是免費的! 不要客气! 自己來"

It means, to be beautified in Photoshop is free, don't be merciful, help yourself to it!"

And to beautify yourself, is almost an endless job. From in-real-life to on-pictures to inner beauty. HAHA! Yeah i said that. Inner-beauty could be boosted by self-help books in bookstores, by taking beauty and health supplement pills, by eating healthy or by wearing nice lingerie sets ^.^

Do you know i can fill a A cup bra now?

Sorry, had to highlight that. Becox that's the highlight of my life so far! Haha!

I had the boob job just two weeks ago. And today i finally dare to actually massage myself with the strength that i should. And it didn't hurt at all.

I think Dr Jonathan Lee is god. LOL. He predicts everything!

First day what to expect, first three days how it'd be, one week into it can do what, two weeks into it start doing what, EVERYTHING, is in schedule ^.^V

So thankful for having a doctor whom i can trust to take care of and monitor the whole procedure. And super dooper happy that good people at Q-MED sponsored the Macrolane!!! Can't wait to show you guys EVERYTHING once Clicknetwork airs it!

Just a random note, i really love Adonis. Haha! Not only my face condition is a lot better now, i think Daphne (the marketing lady from Adonis) is REALLY REALLY REALLY making me feel the sense of belonging ^.^ I'm like their first born if i might say. So doted on and well-taken care of! Can't wait to tell you guys about an event that might take place! Okay, confirm then i tell you all okay! Hahaha! HAPPY!

And and, do you guys already know that i'm signed on to Nuffnang?

I am.

Wait up! I know i started so slow but I'm trying to run very fast to catch up already ^.^

And with all these good things that happened, is happening and with all the great people pushing me and helping me along the way, this run is gonna be a casual stroll!

I feel like i have to thank Clicknetwork and Gillian and Jessica and Gladys and Jillian and Trey for it.



Anonymous said...

How much did you do for the boob job? Is it affordable?

FIQQ (1) said...

How come PS already looks weirder?
Like alien ley

Anonymous said...

hey there. i just cant stop reading your blog posts. i get very excited whenever you update your blog. oh btw, do you know where to get juicy couture inspired wallets/handbags? please reply. thanks a lot:)

Anonymous said...

err ur photoshopped picture actually looks worse than the original. just saying.

Anonymous said...

hi can i know what treatments did you do at adonis for dark eye circles? i have really bad dark eye circles, worse den yours LOL

QiuQiu said...

Hello anon, you can email me at qiutinger@gmail.com about the boob job for now. Thanks!

FIQQ (1) are you forgetitQQ? HAHAHA.

Anon, thanks! Inspired.. Hmm.. I have no idea, sometimes i see them, but it's random temporary stores in HDB area.. I guess if you shop online there are better chances. Like maybe try to search for spree sites in Sg.

Last anon, i did various treatment but for dark eye ring, it's this mask and follow by some ion, warm stick thing that helps circulate the blood flow. You better go to Adonis and ask =))

Anonymous said...

how about inspired long champ handbags?

Anonymous said...

I wish i had any photoshop skills >.<

JJ said...

how much isit for the eye treatment you were saying? roughly? any idea??

JJ said...

oh btw, can you do a post on your boob job PLEAAAASE?? detailed one? :x

QiuQiu said...

Inspired longhchamps pasarmalam got a lot! bugis St also have! $10!!! Don't pay anything more than $10. Cox i see some selling $20 -.- Most selling $10.

Boob job post will be up in details when Clicknetwork tv airs the video! ^.^

Anonymous said...

hi! pls share how you do those photoshops! im such a noob at that

Anonymous said...

thankyou qiuqiu! :) hope to see you @ st.james!

QiuQiu said...

ANon, here!


nadnut said...

Do you watch Taiwan Tornado? You look like Liting in the first pic!

QiuQiu said...

Nadnut, got picture not? Lol! I don't know who is that.

~Hui~ said...

Any idea when would clicknetwork air the episode? Very interested in the boob job, but yet, don't want to bombard you with many senseless questions.

Anonymous said...

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ….

Unknown said...

You kind of look like Zang Zi Yi in the before picture of your photoshop process. :) It's a compliment, because I personally think Zang Zi Yi is a really pretty actress.

Unknown said...

You look a lot like Zang Zi Yi in the before pic of your photoshop process. It's a compliment :) since I think she's extremely pretty.