01 November 2010

What's your DREAM JOB?

 JobsDB.com is holding their first ever..

Dream Job Contest 

And they are asking job-seekers all over Singapore what their dream jobs are – and they want to hear from you! Ever wanted to be a “Party Planner”, “Zoologist” or an “Oil Rig Operator”? Or tell JobsDB.com, what's your dream job?

Honestly, i don't even care what my sister/ friends/ relatives dream job is, why would i care about you? Lol. BUT! JobsDB.com cares about you! In fact, they are rewarding you for telling them what your dream job is!

How to participate?

Simply visit HERE and tell JobsDB.com all about your dream job!

10 winners will be selected and as a winner, you get to win any prize of your dreams worth $388.

Here are some suggestions if you have no idea what prize to ask for. It can vary from perfect beach holiday, to a handsome watch for your daddy, to a new camera for you to snap more CHIO pictures of yourself! Or any dream prize you have, you can add that in too!!! WAH! WHY SO GOOD ONE!!! I need a new camera too loh!!! But it's not about me! It's about YOU. Quick quick, go share your dream job with JobsDB.com!

Come back later to read about my dream job!

You go tell JobsDB.com your dream job already?

Go first!!! Go and come back. Hahaha.

So here's my dream-job path. Haha!

Before i turned 18, i've always wanted to be a singer..
 Sammi, i love you!

And becox i got big sisters who LOVED Sammi Cheng, i started singing her songs when i was 8. Like the really sad and emo love songs. Lol. I mean, which kid sings Mary had a little lamb nowadays right? It's all..

"You know that i love you boy, hot like mexico rejoice. At this point i gotta choose, nothing to lose. Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro~ Don't wanna kiss, don't wanna dance, just smoke one ciggarette and run, don't call my name, don't call my name~ Fernando~ Alejandro~ Alejandro~"

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry i can't strop typing when it comes to Gaga's song!

Anyway i love Sammi so much, i can mimic her, but i can never be her. Lol. Damn sad. In fact i can impersonate singing of Stef Sun, Karen Mok and used to be able to, Fann Wong. Lol. I KNOW!!! I have no character one! Lol! Now my only audiences are my doggies =((( And they don't even really like it. This was a failed dream job. Haha.

So no concerts for me, no recording, no album, no autograph session, no crazy pretty outfits *WAILS*

Moving on..

I decided that the next best job was to fly! I stepped on my first plane ride when i was 19, with TG. And i was like, wooo, their job is easy! Like waitressing, in the air! Plus can go travel the world. Cooool! PLUS, TG serves like the best bread. Lol. I asked for four the last time i flew with them. So i went on to fly for a while.

 My uniform was something like that, but without the hat and with charcoal black stockings.

But there's just so much more than that.

Safety of passengers, sensitivity to the diversed cultures of people i have to interact with and.. In-flight sales. SHIT I REALLY HATE THAT. I can make people buy becox i'm so polite and smiley and cute and lovely, but i just hate to help them make purchase! The in-flight sales machine, the numbers, the currency conversion, i am just numeric-phobic!

So i quit. Plus it was too depressing to have to leave my doggies for flights. I guess i'm just lousy at this. But other than that, flying is a wonderful job. So many people are soaring high and happy.

But for me, dream job realisation, NOT THIS.

So after much consideration. I think my dream job is to be a Tai Tai =DDD

Woo hoo~

John Travolta in Hairspray
 I wanna keep a big hair like that and wear OUTRAGEOUS clothing!
Okay in short, like RICH INDONS. Okay!

And go shopping, hi-tea everyday! While my money grow in investment. HAHA.
But maybe i don't wanna look so tranny.

Okay set! I'm going for this look! I wanna be a runway-model-inspired Tai Tai!!!

Talking about big hair so i dig up my 16 year old picture. And i just want to stab myself now.
SHUT UP, just, shut up. Lol. I KNOW OKAY.
Okay maybe i'd put off the big hair look and just be a normal Singaporean Tai Tai.

Since now i don't really have a job (actually i do becox i get paid for whatever i typed and attend), and i just said my dream job is to be a Tai-Tai, i really don't think JobsDB.com can help me. LOLOL. BUT!!! Who knows! Maybe i might become a writer? A journalist? Hmm? *eyes sparkles* So yea! JobsDB.com can still help me on that, right? Huh? Please, JobsDB.com? Please! Lol.


By the way, JobsDB.com will be announcing the winner on 1 December so hurry!

You have only 30 days to ponder over your dream job and dream prize!

JobsDB.com is one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in Asia Pacific with over 14.6 million job seeker members and over 220,000 corporate clients so it's definitely a place you will want to check out if you are looking for a job!

A decent job, not like mine okay!
No day-dreaming jobs! Only dream jobs!


Anonymous said...

lol 1st dec my bday -.-

Anonymous said...

LOL "Just smoke my cigarette and hush"* Anyway, reader of you here. I like you :-)

Coco Tai said...

haha wow you hair was crazy! haha I laugh at the use of "Tai Tai", because if I get married, I'll be "Tai Tai Tai" hahahaha wtf.


QiuQiu said...

Tai Tai Tai, haha.. Sounds good to me!!!