29 October 2010

How do they do it..

I have no idea how some girls can be so sweet and blog about their everyday life. Like when they say at the intro of their blog, things like "this is a space where i keep my daily rants", they really mean it.

From school, to work, to what they ordered at restaurants.. They can do this everyday! I think these people are much more dedicated bloggers lor. Haha. Me leh, i don't even know how to blog daily. I can copy one post today, and paste it for the next 7 days. Lol. Home, eat, shit, shower, sleep. EXCITING!!!

But i have this pet blog since i was 17. It's mainly words and every entry is like 2 to 5 tweets long. LOL. And i used to blog everyday and started to talk lesser to it when this blog started. And it was all along public until i joined the variety show on TV 2 years ago, i locked it up. You know why? Becox my thoughts are too smart for people to believe it's mine anyway. HAHAHA. Yeah, yeah, Qiuting, keep on believing you're smart.

I can't believe i used to blog everyday! I know, i almost am still blogging everyday but now it's just different. Anyway, i found these pictures on that blog! 100% no touch ups. Colour was lovely (to my taste) from my beloved Nokia 6230, who got lost and never found. It was my first camera / colour phone! Been a Nokia 3210 user for the longest time! Haha. Now i'm on sleek iphone and feel like going back to bulky Nokia cox it will make me feel younger. Haha, wtf.

以前我很 cute 勒!!! 18 di gu niang yi duo hua~ah Yi duo hua~ LOL!

I swear to God, i will still wanna be me, if i can choose all over again.
Okay, maybe if i can be JolinTsai or StefanieSun or SammiCheng or KarenMok or FannWong or BritneySpears or Donnie Yen's wife, i wouldn't mind.

Haha! Nah lah, i'm happy being me. And be better as we go.
We, you guys and me! ^.^

I wanna pick up pop-dance class. But so many to choose from! How to decide! I am into Jolin's kind of dance. Lol. Confirm can lose weight one, so sam-seng her dance moves! Don't know why people would wanna do yoga!!! Sorry i don't get it becox i cannot even imagine myself staying zen and quiet for 3 mins. My mind is always filled with bo liao thoughts. I will burst out laughing in the class, i swear. Hahaha!

Give me some suggestion on where to go for pop-dance class! Must be cheap and good!

FIRST DAMN DANCE SONG i'm gonna master, THIS.

He can, i can! LOL!!! 丘弟弟, you rocks!!! Lol!


Steff said...

omg wowww!! you look so pretty in that haircut ^^

HEY, said...

just wanna tell you that IMM's Cotton On shop got lots of cheap stuff. Maybe you can introduce to others for youur budget barbie(:

Anonymous said...

Your skin is good back then and you have nice features :)

Epi said...

yeah quite agree tt nowadays ppl still blog about their daily activities from work to school to even things thats not so worth to write..quite contradicting..btw what is e reason tt made u blog now?apart from earning $$ ofcoz..

Xtine said...

the last pic look like a lost puppy i wanna adopt.by the way, Bo Bo (zoe tay) in Pretty Faces in the 90s at big hair.and i always tot u looked like zoe tay!

QiuQiu said...

Steffanie, haha! really! I had a urge to cut short hair again but that's a REALLY big decision!

HEY, thank you!!! Will make a trip to jurong for BB soon ^.^

Anon, i know.. I was 16 or 17 i think =((

Epi, other than adverts, i blog to just put random pointers down.. =)) Or trips out with my gfs!

Xtine, u know how i'm tagged on Megamind pictures AS megamind??? NB.... LOL.