20 December 2011

Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog awards presentation 2011

Went to Kuala Lumpur for two nights to attend the Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog awards presentation 2011. We were staying at Marriott Putrajaya. Awesome room we got!!! My roomie is Sophie i'm gonna steal the pictures she took of the room so i'd show you again in another post! All the shopping and stuff!!!

This post is gonna be the awards itself. Or maybe not lol. This post is mainly camwhoring before the awards lol. Everyone put in extra effort to look good so i think we deserve to camwhore extra than usual!!! =DD
Wendy and Cheesie in our room before the event!
While Wendy touch up her makeup, Cheesie and i camwhore.
And we camwhore.. Lolol. That day everyone really look great!!! Except my fringe. I know. Lol.
Mermaid in my room =D
This Cheesie that day also have a majorly huge furcoat. Lol. Super Shanghai Tan. She say Audrey say, to stand out in a ballroom filled with people dressed up top to toe, she needs to be BIG. Lolol.
ONE bigass picture of myself. This is the only self-shot i took for the whole night at the event. Lol.
I swear whole evening i a bit gan jeong also!!! For this two!!!

It's like mixed feelings!!! Most of the time i'm confident and i'm thinking "FUCK YEAH! Both of them gonna clinch awards tonight!!! I'd be so proud just standing next to them!!! SNAP MORE PICS NOW, it'd worth a lot" LOL.

Some moments i'd think "Omg. What if they don't win leh!!! I'd be so sad that they'd be sad!!! Snap more pics now! At least make the dressing-up worth it! But omg please let them win"

So here you have.. Snap snap snap.
Both of them look super super piao liang that night!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ If you're wondering where Sophie is.. SHE IS IN THE BATHROOM! =.= She freaking chill one!!! Still can nap and laze around when we only have 2-3 hours to dress up. We say she half angmoh so she haolian. LOL.
No need caption liao you just see pictures ba!! They're all so pretty i cannot not put them all!!!
Here is when i thought i've been smiling the same smile whole time. So i should smile differently.
It doesn't work. Lolol.
No i'm not gonna try the pout lips thing.
Okay maybe i will. Lol. This picture treatment was by mistake please. I wanted to go and adjust colour but i went to adjust the gradient by mistake and it turned out quite nice so yeah why not! Lol.
Sequined dress Wendy wore that day..
Pimped up chest of Cheesie. I feel like a wedding day photographer for a while lolol.

Yeah thanks to Brad for the below four of five pictures!!!

Pics from his DSLR really chioer! He keep asking me to use my DSLR. I'm like "Lazy" Lol.

All the pretty girls!!! Velda and Beatrice on the far right! =D

Plus Jessica! Please see how Wendy and her dress both freaking striking!!!
With Huiwen! Who never forget to tell me how ugly i am first thing in the morning when she sees me without makeup. Thanks!!! Lolol. People say we look alike. Got not?
One more with her cox she got cleavage that evening. LOL.
Brad, Sophie and me. And... Huiwen's finger.. Which somehow looks like i'm pointing a middle a finger at myself.
Sophie and me ^.^
With Jess!!!

I was asking Wendy if she purposely sticked her fake eyelash low and droopey and she say no but she realise it's a little bit too droopey. So she's like..
"Is this better?" LOLOL. Chou.
I thought in this picture Huiwen really looks like me O.O And Wendy looks really cute lol. And me.. I'm still smiling the same. Haha.
Huiwen and Wendy.
Ben and i!!! His hair major havoc that day!
One more group pic!!!
Huiwen and i. My dress nice ma?! It's $39.90 (H&M). I KNOW!!! But i thought this event is meaningful. Plus i went shopping with Wendy, Cheesie and Shuyin, confirm is peer-pressured. Lol.
Wendy and i. Thing about bloggers.. They always have a camera/ camera phone in their hand lol. If got UFO we will never miss it one lor. Confirm can capture on screen.
Wendy and Mike! Too bad both the pics turned out blur.
This is not even 1/4 of the attendance that night.

One with Brad and Sophie ^.^ My curls looks nice in this pic! But fringe still cmi.
I told Brad to snap a picture with this poster. And he NICELY, stood beside it, showing ALL the rest of the food bloggers. I'm like "No Brad!!! Cover the rest of them" LOLOL. He's like "Huh why like this! Will it be okay?" I'm like "YEAH!!! Cover cover!" Lololol. I think i make him feel guilty.
DENG DENG DENG!!! CHAIGYARU FROM AUSTRALIA!!!!!! =DDD I like her!!!!! She's so friendly on Twitter! Never bitchy and never irritating (like us O.O) Lolol.
And then i meet her in real life finally and she's so giggly and happy one!!! =DDD Janice please come to Singapore!!! Lol gather ALL the vain bloggers in Singapore. Lol.
Janice (Chaigyaru) + Me and Sophie!
Hannah from The Philippines who went Hong Kong Disneyland same trip as me =D
LOOK AT THIS. Freaking dope! And RED CARPET!!! The event is held at Marriott Putrajaya as well! While you're on the red carpet, you'd be featured on the big screen one!!! I didn't know until i reach our table! If not i'd never get off the red carpet. Lolol. I was still trying to be polite when walking to our table, i try not to step on the red carpet cox i scared it's some set up for the performers. So i carefully walk beside/ outside of the red carpet. MaDe. Early know i dance on it liao! Lol.

After a inspiring speech by Ming and Timothy (founders of Nuffnang).. The show begin! And look at Huiwen ahahaha. She then chou. Forever say i chou. Lol.
At our table. Sophie very slutty leh, wear some very very short and then outside is translucent lol.
Spot Audrey!!! She's so.. Tiny and cute! And friendly!!! I figured it's always safer to make friends with friends of people you like. Cox whoever they like, you will have a 75% chance of liking. Lol. That's why i like ALL these girls!!! All so nice and friendly one.

One more! Don't know where Audrey looking thou. Lol.

One more with Beatrice and Velda sitting beside us!!! =)) Velda's like forever looking poised. Jelly!

FIRST AWARD!!! BEST FOOD BLOG GOES TO LADYIRONCHEF!!! You see! He smile until so happy! And he's just a typical nice guy, not a lady nor a chef lolol. I urge everyone to hate on him cox his blog makes us foreverhungry and foreverfat and thus high chance of being foreveralone. Lol.

Omg so happy!!! Thank her for dressing up nicely almost everyday and then snap pics to share with her followers and inspire us to dress up nicely with her personal touch!!! No i'm not keen to know about the colour chart and not keen to know what's werking on the runway and in high-fashion magazines that i cannot wear out, and that's if i can afford it with half of my monthly income. Lol.
Best Fashion Blogger here!!! Congrats Cheesie!!! I'd call you Ringo but i prefer Cheesie.
Best entertainment of the night. Stand up comedian really got everyone LOL-ed.
Meantime we head for the toilet to.. YES, camwhore. Lol.
Spot the sparkly girl at the back!

We went to the toilet to touch up makeup and before that, Wendy just lost the Best Lifestyle blog award and she was saying she confirm won't get the most influential award cox if she cannot win enough votes for best lifestyle, how can she win enough votes for most influential.

I don't know leh!!!!!! In my heart, it's like "You're the best you're gonna win influential". In my head, it's like "But what she said makes sense". Out of my mouth was "You will win one! Don't worry okay! You didn't win best lifestyle cox the winner really blogs about everything about lifestyle - food, shopping, travel, fashion all. So i think that's why. But you'd win influential one!"
One more camho pic before going back. Wendy even thought of staying outside the ballroom cox she was thinking that she might not win anything and she'd be so embarrassed. But when we got back..
- - - - - -
Look at the banners at the back!!! The Nuffnang blog award community really went all out to make it chic. Congrats to Wendy!!!
See she also xiao dao zhe me kai xin. Hahaha.
On to thank Nuffnang and her readers.
Inserting a joke or two i think.. I so happy i can't really pay attention lol.
Her owning the stage for a moment.
And this woman came back to the table and she cry!!!!!!! Make me cry also!!!!! Look at Mike. Lolol.
And she still crying!!! I think it's like she believe it so much that she's not gonna win, and then she wins, tears of joy. Like.. Lost and found. Lol. I hate it lor, when she's crying, Cheesie and me cry again. But the fucked up part is i'm sitting beside cao Sophie and Sophie is all cool and manly and she looks at me like "Defug" Lolol.
Two winners on our table!!! And then.. Next moment only.. It's the announcement of Region's Best blog.. Before Wendy could compose herself..

Timothy presenting the award.
Look at it, the banners, the lights, the glory of winning.
Them both on the stage!
With all the finalists! Congrats to all the people here!!! Every finalist is an almost winner!!!
Food that evening was good but i only remember to snap pictures when we got to dessert and cookie/ tea. Cox that's when the performances and awards presenting is over. Before that it's all very exciting!!
Wendy and 她背后的男人 lol.
Double winner!!!!! =DDD
One with just Audrey and me ^.^
One with Valerie!
At the end then me and Sophie went to snap pics with this backdrop lol.
That's what i wore that evening =)) Necklace $3.50 Clutch free gift from buying perfume for bf. Boots $10 from ShenZhen but i didn't pay for it someone gave it to me. But my dress is $39.90!!!
Sophie looking like a superstar that says "I don't need extra stuff, i'm beautiful naturally" Lol.
Cheesie, Audrey and me!
 Present you.. Winners of Region's Best Blog, Most Influential Blog and Best Fashion Blog =))))

Big big thanks to Nuffnang for sending us over to witness this event. It's more than just a presentation.. It's regconition given to bloggers who slogged their days and nights away.. Blogging. And now we don't just blog, we have to do videos, we tweet, we make appearance at blogging events as "guest" to connect with readers, to keep up with all the happenings.. And then blogging about it to share it with you..

Constantly sourcing for interesting stuff to share with our followers and readers. Sometimes even baring our hearts out.. Sometimes, pouring our thoughts, only to get backlashed at. Okay not so much me, i don't have a lot of haters (which by logical term = i am not that popular LOL. No lah, i'm being humble here cox this blogpost is not so much about me lolol) but i guess especially for Wendy..

It's kinda weird if you realise that this woman ah.. With so many people throwing her rude remarks and ridiculous accusations, she's still very positive everyday. Most of the time she's looking at bunny videos.. Making soup for Mike and herself at home.. Hanging out with gfs who are all very nice people.. Shopping for pretty stuff.. Very very normal person with big achievements and colourful personality. And she risked so much stuff for everything she gained now through blogging. I don't understand why some people can't respect that.

Anyway! Thanks to Nuffnang again!!! For letting me finally meet all the awesome bloggers!!!!!! Janice from Australia, Hannah from the Philippines and Audrey from Malaysia!!!!!! ^.^ Thanks to Marriott Putrajaya for the space and accommodation too!!! It's been awesome =)

Really.. Look how much blogging has brought all of us =))

Thank you readers.. Thank you Wendy for being awesome since i started reading you yearssss ago! Thank you Nuffnang for bringing us all together and for building us =)

Oh, i didn't have to do a thank-you speech huh? LOLOLOL.

Sorry the red carpet got the better of me. Lolol 我以为是我拿奖. LOLOL.


louie said...

You guys are so pretty ! So exciting to see your fashion and makeup :)

HxH said...

Love your necklace! Where did you buy it for only $3.50?!

Ling said...

awesome blogpost, could totally feel the joy you all experienced!

Jovis said...

hahaha! you're always so funny! especially when u say "MaDe. Early know i dance on it liao!" about the red carpet and saying sophie looked at u with "Defug" look.. LOLOL! u should win best sense of humour blog(if there is such thing) haha!

Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。 said...

You guys make up so pretty...
I was in NAPBAS that day. I wanna take photo with you leh.. you so pretty.. :)))
can we take photo next time? :D

poppy said...

everyone's so pretty that night!!! aww so nice of you to speak up for xiaxue! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your necklace from?!

나니 said...

You all look absolutely stunning! I love how you put Wendy as a mermaid.. I just realized that THAT'S exactly what she looks like in that dress : D A tiny little Asian mermaid. Ahh, so cute! Cheesie looks gorgeous as well! AHH YOU ALL LOOK GORGEOUS! : D I wish there were blog award shows here in Denmark too, but blogging here isn't that big, I guess :C

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

You all look so beautiful *cries* So glad you had a great night. I can imagine it wont be long until you are the recipient of one of these awards yourself :) xo

Paulien said...

Hee girl,

That looks like a lovely night! You probably had a lot of fun ;). But you should really be more confident. You're a pretty woman and you're very sweet. Don't let the other get you down. Stand up with your chin high ;)

Paulien, secret follower ;)

Anonymous said...

Really really pretty! Love your post :)

Unknown said...

wow! this all was so exiting! so much joy radiantes from this post!
I loled about your other smile :) Pics are great! You all have got fabulous dresses! Wendy's the best one :)

Anonymous said...

did you photoshop these pics by any chance? just wondering thats all.

Hannah said...

So nice to see you again! yeah I agree Wendy deserved most influential coz she really is! see you next time love ^___^

Glo-w~* said...

Thank you for being so nice and taking pictures with me! I hope you managed to shop at Sungei Wang and come back to do a special Budget Barbie episode here ^^

Anonymous said...

Your dressing was really nice! And you'll be winning an award soon too! =D

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Aiyo, your final long paragraph make me feel so touched, sob sob. Blogging is easy IF you do not have readers (like mine, lols) but look at you and Xiaxue! You guys are awesome! <3 <3

dblchin (double chin) said...

omg u really made everyone so freaking chio! super photoshop skillls

Anonymous said...

They should hv an award for "best new blog" & it will go to you :D. Btw you all look great that night!

Ena said...

haha why picture of you and chaigyaru got pink heart on her head! you PS isit!

Anonymous said...

Mike is so damn hot!!!

QiuQiu said...

HxH, i got the necklace at Far East Plaza =)) Talisman or smth!

gina, next time okay! =))

Marina, I WISH ALSO! !Lolol.

Paulien, SECRET ADMIRER!!! Okay! Thanks! Lol. No longer foreveralone.

Anonymous, i photshop everybody not by chance.. O.O

Glow, SHOW ME!!!

Ena, cox i like her!!! So i give her heart ^.^ Plus she's like a new friend so i give her heart lor =D

blinkblink said...

i love yr blog, it is not a matter of winning or not, because what kept us the reader reading every day is because of the positivity and nice personality that are just irresistibly shown even via writing.

it is matter of time that u will be on the stage winning. i think i am still a loyal reader till that time, lol

Keep it up >.n

QiuQiu said...

Omg blinkblink you are being very sweet thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is Beatrice's dress from? I <3 it!

Anonymous said...

Jus discover ur blog. Like reading ur posts, think u r a down to earth n sincere. Ur chance will come :)

Anonymous said...

hi, sweet.. nice blog...:)may i noe where does cheesie got her blk white dress tat she wore to event.. tks much:)

Unknown said...

Really nice pictures.... Does exist a site like ''nuffnang'' for europeans???


Sha said...

Every single one of you ladies look v. v. gorgeous that night! And I agree with ♥JoViS♥. That line funny one. :>

Tram Tran said...

you girls are super nice. awesome blog=D come say hi sometimes

BagSG said...

Really envy the Glam!! Preeeettttyyyy pics :) Love em...