09 December 2011

Ad: Essential to the rescue of my hair!

 Last 15cm of my hair =S IT'S VERY ERXIN.

On usual day, they are just dry, tangled and dull-looing , on bad hair days, they are practically CRISPY. Like deep-fried. Lol. I remember just weeks ago i was asking Wendy if i should snip them off cox i'm so irritated by them.

Sometimes they scare me. Like if it brushes against my arms, face, shoulder etc, it scares me cox it's so damn rough. Like someone holding a hard-brush bristle and brushing it on me =.=" Really.

BY THE WAY, when all these pictures are taken, i happen to have a good hair day already, i swear. To you it looks grossly untamed and dry and damaged, but to me, this is consider my good hair day. Usually, it's not like that. It's a lot worst.

But i understand why it's so bad.. With all the tonging, colouring, rebonding.. You know the list. Things we do to make our hair look better = Things that makes it look worst, if we don't take good care of it.
Interesting facts!!! But the part about spending two hours a week, is incorrect thou!!!

I spend WAY MORE time tonging my hair a week!!! Say in a week i have Budget Barbie filming (1hr+ to curl hair with hot tong), one picture taking for blog (another 1hr), that's at least 2 hours plus already!!! Not counting the times if i have events to go to etc.

And yes, i have to tong my hair becox if i don't, it looks like this..

It looks untamed and it looks dead yet it seems to have a life of its own. Cox some of the hair strands are so stiff, they can stand on their own or bend at a angle on their own O.O And that's why i tend to tie up my hair/ bun it up or wear a hat to distract people from looking at my hair lol.

OR, I SIMPLY TONG IT!!! To make it look more in-place! But the more i tong, the more damaged it becomes actually. SIGH. Talk about bad hair vicious cycle.
Up close with the last 15cm of hair. I'm sorry, i need you to understand my hair woes. LOL. Remember i said this these pictures are taken on good hair day?
This, is bad hair day. Freaking crispy like mad. I think i might be able to set fire easy to my hair sometimes. Like just rub them against each other. LOL. But things are gonna change for the better!!!

Feels like i can haz a new, better life!!! =DDD
❤ ❤ ❤ Here's what in the hair rescue kit ❤ ❤ ❤
Nuance Airy series gives your hair a light and bouncy feel! Also makes hair ends look lively!
The Rich Premier series which will help make hair feels smooth and manageable and keeps hair ends looking sleek! YAY! I guess this means no more damaged hair for me for a looong time!!!

I'm gonna try the Essential Rich Premier nourishing care lotion first!!! As it is a leave-on hair lotion. It's for usage on times like.. Before leaving the house, halfway through the day especially before a date or before meeting your girlies =DDD Also, after shampooing + conditioning, this lotion should be used as a final step to your haircare routine, and then you'd wake up with AWESOME hair!

Alright, i don't have awesome hair to start with, so please just emergency-fix me now. I don't expect much, just make my hair less pong (puffy lol) instantly and make it look less damaged, PLEASE. Especially the hair ends!!! =((
Pump 1-2 times on your palm (lol it rhymes so it's funny)..
 You can already feel the difference as you apply the lotion on to your hair. Runs through smooth!
Let's see it close-up, side by side.

And this is what the Essential Rich Premier nourishing care lotion does! Our hair would look rough and dull is becox cuticles on the hair surface peel off causing gaps between the cuticle layers. And when your hair cuticle is 'open' like this, it's very prone to moisture-loss, thus making hair dry and under-nourished.

And what the Rich Premier lotion does is to repair your hair by moisturising it, then coating it to lock the moisture in, and then it smoothens your hair from these actions. So you can say bye bye to dry, rough and crispy-fried hair!!!
Both sides all smoothen out =D This hair lotion is a quick fix for a chic and simple hairstyle, which you can't do if your hair is a hay cox it won't fall into any place you want it to! So try this if you wanna repair your hair on the go, as well as keep it tamed! This could really save my life lol.

We girls major love to change our hairstyles to 'werk' different looks. And it's not gonna work out in the long run if we don't have healthy hair. The last thing you want happening to you is having your hair snapping off just by brushing your fingers through it. And i've been there.

My hair was so dry and tangled and brittle, they finally gave up. And they snap off while my hair was being flat-ironed =((

So if you wanna be free to explore any kind of dress-up and style, you have to start by taking care of your hair first lor. I think i'm learning this the hard way. So let's all be diligent ba! ^.^ And take care of our hair together. Then only we can do all sorts of styling to our hair!
Soft wave ain't gonna look good if your hair is stiff and dry!!!
Erm excuse me, this is a good opportunity to insert my camho pictures lol.

For people who have more of a frizzy hair situation you might be interested in this!

The instant hair magic from the Nuance Airy series, the Anti-Frizz serum!!! It works the same way as the Rich Premier lotion except that this is especially great for frizzy hair, and it'd leave a healthy shine on the hair!
For that, i think we deserve a celebration. Lol. Here's one more of my picture.
Cheers to more hairstyle/ style we can carry off, thanks to good haircare support and backup!!!

So now you know the quick fix to damaged hair, don't be too complacent!!! Lolol. Your hair still needs proper care instead of patronising it with a few pumps of magic lotion/ serum alone.

I deduced that my hair is damaged beyond madness-level and it's already VERY puffy (so i don't need it to be anymore airy lol) therefore i'm going with the Rich Premier series to keep it tamed.
It says "Repairs damaged hair from the moment you shampoo.

AND EVERY PART OF IT, I CAN VOUCH FOR. Not kidding, you shampoo with the Rich Premier shampoo, your fingers can run through your hair like.. Water. It runs through your hair, so finely, it's like you have water-hair. No tangles, every strand feels jellyish - soft and silky and no surface texture at all. Just plain smooth.

This is becox their shampoo is formulated with Deep Moisture booster, that delivers moisture straight to the core of the hair to prevent breakage and split ends. LOVE!
After shampooing, you'd want to use the daily hair conditioner. It has Cuticle Repair essence which will repair any damaged cuticles and seals in the moisture for the hair. So your hair stays smooth, wet or dry!!! =D
 So the shampoo and the conditioner is a given. Now we move on to how to make your hair perfect.

There is the hair treatment which needs to be used 1 - 2 times a week. Use it straight after shampooing (you can skip the conditioner when using the treatment) and it'd act as a booster to deeply treat and repair your hair.

BUT THEN, THERE IS THE HAIR MASK. Which is a even more intensive treatment option for severely damaged hair.


I don't want to lose one okay, i very competitive one. Lolol. So i shall try the hair mask!!!
One tubful of pure awesomeness.

The Rich Premier hair mask contains plenty of Shea Butter and high purity honey which is a natural ingredient that has rich moisturising and strong penetrating effect. Penetrates deeply, even to the last 15cm of hair, to repair damage caused by chemical treatments and daily styling.
Now make me awesome like you, Shea buttery hair mask. Lol.
After 5 minutes.. You may rinse it off.

But say real one.. *guilty face* I left it on for 15 minutes O.O WHAT WHAT WHAT, here is my theory behind it. Great Japanese hair product is great. Right. But great Japanese hair product + my Singaporean attitude = AWESOME RESULTS. Lol.

No tonging, no giaping, no blow-drying, nothing except using the Rich Premier series.
Shampoo - Hair Mask - Leave-on lotion
My hair is so pretty now, i'd check me out. Lolol. No really! Look at the smoothness of it!!! NO NEED TO GIAP LEH, HALLO?! I also don't believe. But it's just what awesome hair products do i guess.
You stand by me, awesome hair products, i stand by you!!! =DDD


For more information visit SassyKawaii Essential website!

You may find Essential hair products in all good and smart stores who brings in good products. Lol. They are quite easily found! You have to find it anyway! This is your only way out of the bad hair vicious cycle. I confirm.


meiping said...

*tempted* :|

Ps, where do you get the accessory from this picture? (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Ghh60IMy_4E/TtEVznpsc_I/AAAAAAAALoU/9VQgn5vhfsU/s1600/IMG_9909.jpg) make you look like goddess with your hair :D

ar.girl♥ said...

i love to read your blogs and look at your photos c:

it's great to know that essentials helped so much in improving your hair. but we, as a student @ a teenager aren't afford to get the goods. do you have any recommendation for hair care, skin care @ any beauty with the normal materials we can get? c:

*stay pretty!!

QiuQiu said...

shortsandshirts GO BUY And try! It's freaking good really. I got the hair accessories from bugis =))

Ar Girl, this essential is very affordable ah! Mostly less than $10 only!

LITTY said...

Thanks QiuQiu! I always dislike when people have perfect hair and making reviews of the products so i don't know if it works or not, but from your post I'm really tempted to try the products!! Thanks for such an honest review!

Joyce said...

I saw them on offer today at Watson and was debating if I should get them =/
Was just thinking that using my normal conditioner would be enough.

Evvie said...

too bad malaysia can't find this brand.. but some forumer went to singapore and sell it at RM35 (mask) and RM45 (lotion). Quite pricey i think.

Bombchell said...

nice ad, love the pictures, if i didnt wear extensions id be tempted to try and get someone to buy and ship it.

Unknown said...

I love your hair! It's perfect and beautiful! Tell as person who suffered some hairloss unlucky me! It's so great to have so much of such awesome thick long hair! :) Treat it properly and be proud! :)

Ellie said...

OMG LOVE ESSENTIAL!! see qiuqiu we are so meant to be! hahahahaha


pigtail said...

hi qiuqiu!
is this product available in malaysia watson or guardian store?? hope it is available in here.

my hair is owes puffy and it doesnt always stay in place.
thinking of to straighten it but i think it wouldnt look good on me cuz the back of my head is flat.

im always envy of ppl who can comb their hair using their fingers and the hair just go smoothly through the fingers! and also those hair who still look damn chio after the wind blown them.

if is me, i think i would become one of the siao zhabor on the street alrdy.

Unknown said...

walaoA! the pic of you with the flower head band and pouty lips super pretty lah! :D LIKE TOTAL GYARU.

나니 said...

I don't believe that damaged and split ends can be 'rescued'. They're dead and the dead don't come back to life :) I know that that's what shampoo companies etc. want you to believe, but really.. most shampoos just add oil to their shampoos to make it look like your splits ends are glued back together.

You look amazing though! You look so pretty when you smile : D

Anonymous said...

@ 나니
i kinda disagree with u ...
the product actually works for my hair.. :)
i used to hair frizzy hair but now its much more better .. and its quite cheap ..
i bought the same bottle of shampoo and conditioner at $4.50 at ntuc finest :D

Anonymous said...

Is Essential available in Australia? I can't find any information about where it is stocked. |_|

Anonymous said...

hi qiu, where did u get the flower headband? what bout the blog banner one as well?

Unknown said...

hey,mine are worse ! my hair really need help ! :( so where can i buy this ? is there essential products on watsons ?