08 December 2011

Flea + Adoption Drive

Just a quick shout out to you guys! Gentlepaws will be holding a flea + adoption drive this Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th). From 10am - 5pm. At 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2.

It's year end and a new year is coming ahead. The shelter will need to raise fund for lotsa stuff, from vaccination to anti-tick solution supply to daily running cost. And also sadly.. Medical fees for a few of the doggies that fell sick =(

Remember all the brand new items from the last flea generously donated by various blogshops? Those will be selling off there too! There are still plenty accessories and clothes for you to choose from ^.^

BUT THIS TIME, even better! Cox the items will be clearing out at VERY, VERY, VERY low prices! Come find out for yourselves! Come with a few friends, shop at the flea, have fun with the doggies if you'd like.

There will be other booths there as well, you'd have fun and at the same time, help the shelter raise fund!

Of course if your family is looking to adopt a cute furball, all the more you should come looksee, play, get sloppy wet kisses on your cheeks! All the doggies at the shelter can't wait to shower you guys with some love! ^.^

So i see you there??? =DDD COME HOR!!!

It'd be fun really! Come by yourself and you'd meet lotsa new friends, come with your friends, and all of you will have MORE friends!!!! All the volunteers and doggies awaits you!!! With smiley faces and wet tongues! Lol. COME! =D

Read about Gentlepaws HERE!

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