01 December 2011

December!!! =DDD

It's December!!! =D

I feel good about this month. Cox there'd be lotsa things to look forward to ^.^

Let's see what's on the list so far. I have to credit all events listed here, to my iPhone calendar. If it's not on my calendar, it's never gonna happen.

Too many times i say yes to something, like a gathering or a meetup, but i forgot to put it down in my calendar, and then it'd never happen cox i'd forget about it.

1st - Shopping with Wendy and Cheesie for the Nuffnang award. I not finalist but i also wanna look chio that day!!! =DDD Lolol.

2nd - Yutaki is flying off =O Plus i'm gonna buy a DSLR (omg hate it). DSLRs are all so fat and bulky and mainly BLACK =(((((((((( Yeah lah my currently camera also black but that's only cox i'd only bling it when it's older. Cox it's still relatively new now and my blinging skill is damn lousy as you can see here lol. But i'd never want to bling a DSLR. I really, really dislike the idea of getting a DSLR but for too many boring reasons, i just have to get it lah.

6th - Dental appointment for cleaning and to fill two cavities. Yeah i say two for sure cox its two out of two-digits. I'm trying to face the fear of visiting the dentist slowly, step by step.

7th - Visiting an interesting shop to do a quick review

8th - I AM GOING FOR BOTOX OMGGGGGGG. With Zhen, but she's going for chemical peel only. I need to fix the droopey left eye. Actually i'm going for consultation to see if it can help the left side saggy eye muscle. If can help then do, cannot help i gotta consciously lift that part of the muscles whenever i wanna look balanced in pictures. Life is really tough.
There, my left eye (the right of this pic). My double eyelid totally covered now =(

It started to get saggy like couple of years back after i had a VERY bad migraine attack. Like the blind spot and headache lasted one whole day so i kept hitting my head and massaging (i meant to massage but i do it especially hard cox i'm angry) my left eye area. I also can't be 100% sure if that's the cause of the droopiness but i'm pretty sure it was cox i noticed it only in the mirror the next day.

10th - My 6th Year Anniversary with bf and he's gonna propose to me and i will get married in a baby peach pink bareback long gown.. And my girlfriends are all gonna wear white dresses i'd buy online ($10 each LOL) and there's gonna be double servings of mayonnaise prawns on the cold dish of my wedding dinner menu. Also, the dessert is either yam paste or almond longan jelly. What do you think? I made everything up. It's just our 6th year anniversary and we're thinking of going to the zoo.. Yah. Lolol.

12th - 14th Estimated arrival dates of my online shopping loots meant for the girls as Xmas gifts. Omg can't wait to see the stuff!!! I love shopping so much that i cannot keep all the stuff i'd buy in my house.

16th - 18th Nuffnang blog awards in KL here i comeeee~ I am really super excited about shopping at Sungei Wang!!! =DDD

Oh.. Actually nothing happening after that liao. Xmas eve and Xmas day i suppose if nothing changes, me and Darling confirm is like past years, watch TV at home. Lol. And then on Xmas eve, we'd both be looking at the time since 11pm, to watch out for 12am to wish each other on the dot. Lolol. Same thing we're gonna do for NYE.

Okay is your December gonna be happening?! How's it gonna be! I'm VERY excited about December ^.^ Cox it's the chilax month!

And say really, last year Xmas period, a miracle happened for us and for MooMoo. Gentlepaws decided to let us board MooMoo. Before that, in December alone, we were turned down by 2 potential adopters, 7 other shelters and boarding places (cox they all say they were fully packed, or cox we can't afford $600/month). So last year December, was REALLY bad..

Then it became a hopeful month cox it's like our prayers were heard and Gentlepaws open their door to Moomoo =') And they are still helping 40 over doggies to date, and this year alone, they rehomed several doggies.. =)) This is all thanks to nice people who are open to adoption when thinking of getting a pet =)

Okay! I hope this December more happy things like that will happen! Sometimes i think about the doggies at all the shelters, and at SPCA.. And it gets to me that.. Some dogs have been shelter dogs for yearsss. I remember seeing this article where a doggy who has been staying at SPCA for SIX YEARS, finally got adopted. Look at more happy endings of adoption from SPCA here! ^.^

And this is Gentlepaw's own adoption gallery, if you and your family is keen =)


Anonymous said...

There's a red body dslr . Canon 1100 . Its very unique compared to others . You can try looking at it . I've yet to buy it but i think its worth . and if you're a beginner for a dslr , 1100 is quite a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Where do you normally shop for your clothes? Is there any online stores you recommend? Thanks <:

Ghostx3 said...

Eh qiuqiu, where is the 3rd, 4th and 5th?

Jamilla Camel said...

Botox won't help a droopy eye, because you probably suffered some nerve damage from the migraine. Your eye is drooping because the nerve is partially paralysed - botox won't help that! Please see an eye specialist or plastic surgeon.

Anonymous said...

May I ask that time u were recommending an eyelash glue which is really good. May I know wad is the brand n where can I get it? Thank you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get pentax dslr(s)? It's a japanese brand. And they have dslr(s) of different colors, their colors are really pretty since you don't want plain boring black color!

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu, i love your hair so much! may i know what brand u are using? =D

Anonymous said...

Get a pentax! I use a pentax k-x, super value for money - you get the same specs as Canon/Nikon for a lower price! And the many many colours to choose from! I think Singapore has limited colours, but Japan has A LOT.

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about that migraine attack! hope it never happen again!
I think Jamilla Camel is right about that nerve partly paralyzed. Hope you'll fix it. That's good you finally are going to get some qualified help.
And wish you a great bright December!

Danny said...

You can consider Sony NEX-C3. DSLR quality but at a compact size and comes will different colours! Have a great December!

jv said...

Hey, go for plastic sugery!!

QiuQiu said...

Jamilla, all that you say seem to make a lot of sense =((( I've emailed a plastic surgeon already . Thank you!!!

Anon, i shop at bugis mainly!!!

Ghostx3, 3rd, 4th and 5th is what huh? The dates? I doing nothing!!! Lol.

Anon, hmm.. I think can get from FEP level 2!!! It's a shop with a eyelash as shop logo.

Anon, i want to bling it myself lolol. I actually enjoy doing it but i just don't do it well.

I'm very very used to using Canon!!! My first camera, second, third, all Canon!!!

jv, YES I WANT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi quiqiu thank you for ur reply.
May I know the brand of the eyelash glue.

Jamilla Camel said...

So glad you're seeing a competent professional! Good luck!! I have lopsided eyes myself - I know how that feels!

bear said...

Omg! Shopping in KL? Would definitely love to find you if you'd give the exact date/time ><