11 December 2011

QWeekly - Now is the time, to be REALLY HAPPY.

Thanks to CANMAKE for sending these pretty stuff over!!! The price of all the items in this bundle is originally $52.30! But they put it together to celebrate the joy of Xmas!!! And now..
You get ALL of these for $24.90 only!!! It'd be perfect as a gift right! The mascara won't clump up and is great to create natural-looking long lashes. $24.90 for worth of $52.30, worth it!
Face of CANMAKE is Lena Fujii! I'd look closer to how she looks if i use these products right? LOL.
Love the lipstick colours! My favourite is the frontest one, the peachy one. And apparently their Cream Cheek blusher is highly raved. For their long-lasting hue of sweet colours!
They were nice enough to send me lotsa other products! Look!!! My first 2pairs of good quality falsies! One for bottom, one for top =D HAPPY! Thank you CANMAKE! Can't wait to try them all!
- - - - - - -

Shopping for year-end events/ outfits for work/ hangout/ school? Find all the styles you'd love at Blogshopping @ Far East Plaza #01-34! They carry items from more than 10 good blogshops for you, at one location!

Remeber okay, Far East Plaza, #01-34, walk around, they are easily noticeable!
Have always wanted to feel the outfits before buying them from blogshops? Here's a great way!
Feminine dresses from Fly Me to Paris, MissMonday2007. As well as great quality dresses from Her Walkin Closet. These racks will be great for ladies who love to dress up elegant and classy!
I picked out something cute here!!! Adorable vintage flora high-waist shorts from Everyday Life Store and the cutest sweater pullover with little furballs from Buttered Gun.
There's also Wonderstellar bringing you exotic pieces for the ones who love the lookbook feel! Black, colours, bold combination.
The fine cutting and comfortable fit dresses and tops from Chersamme, never fails for a chic day out!
Found the sweetest knitted jacket from MissMonday2207 and this Vintage topdress from RoseArrk.
There are also shops getting all ready for the fun Xmas/ winter with Black, Red and FURRRR, similar to what Gone Like Magic is bringing in! If you noticed, many shops brings in bags too! The What Is Dope is one of them! You'd love their quirky designs!
Part of the accessories!
Rosearrk, where the blue vintage dress above is from =) And there's Last Bus Ride!
Look at what i lup on to try =DDD Tribal style colourful jacket/ cardi from Last Bus Ride and Feather bag from Gone like Magic.

Remember to visit BlogShopping when you're at Far East Plaza! You're sure to find something to your liking ^.^
GOOD NEWS!!!BlogShopping membership card is available now! $10 for one year and you get to enjoy 10% off the first time and 5% off through out the subsequent times you visit. Save ALL the money! Lol. Better get it now, will be useful for usual shopping + year end shopping + CNY shopping!!!
- - - - - - -
I'm really loving this season, it's like no matter where you go, you just feel like spending O.O I like to shop, but i don't like to pay a lot for shopping. Lolol. And with all the Xmas sale, and good feelings all around, i tend to spend by shopping a lot more.

Still cheap shopping but buying more. But in the end, it's still equivalent to spending more. But it's okay~ It makes me happy everyday, almost. That's if i get out of the house.

What do you like to send as Xmas gifts for for people? I like to send edible stuff. Plus maybe something that my gfs won't mind. Like accessories, bags, nice makeup etc.

I like to receive food. Fullstop. Lolol. You eat the token of care, love, and happiness from people who make an effort to send you, then the happiness stays in your body for a while, then you shit it to receive more happiness, beat that. Lolol.

Life is a cycle of happiness in and out in and out in and out, this season. Something like that. Then you have to buy bigger and bigger and bigger clothes sizes lololol. To hide the happiness that choose to stay in your body. FATS, Y U NO KENA SHIT OUT?!

The other day i just ate like over 30 prawns at a hotplate session at Mich's place. And 6 chicken wings. And before that i had 6 pcs of bonchon wings (mean a total of 2 chicken wings) and 2 custard buns. I AM HUNGRY AGAIN NOW just typing it.

Gotta go find more happiness. Afterall, now is the time to be REALLY, REALLY happy.


Anonymous said...

you mean you can buy all of these makeup for the price of $24.9 only?! at watsons right?!

Anonymous said...

i never tried canmake!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived where you lived!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Is the CANMAKE bundle available in stores? Like Watsons or Guardians perhaps?

Nikki said...

hi qiuqiu! how much are the accessories, like the price range? thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, I was wondering if you could do shops that ship worldwide? I live in Australia and I'm always jealous of all these online shops and sales.

Glo-w~* said...

wow so many nice dresses!!! I love can make, their upper lashes nice but lower lash the bone too thick =( feels awkward for me ....

Anonymous said...

Your bangs look really dry and frizzy! Probably you should put some hair serum on it :) But you are pretty as always!