19 December 2011

Ad: Jipaban - SHOP ALL THE STUFF!!!

Yes Jipaban really go all out on Xmas!!! To make sure you shop shop shop non-stop!!! But fret not! It's not gonna be too bad for your pocket becox there's always good affordable deals PLUS great discounts on Jipaban!!! =DDD

It’s 5 days till Christmas and this is your last chance to grab the items off Jipaban’s gift guide at 10% off!

19th - 20th December, 24 HOURS ONLY OKAY!!! So mark down the time, 10pm - 9.59pm!!!

Below are some of the items i picked out from the gift guide for us ladies!!!

You know you'd need another notebook/ memopad that looks pretty O.O And this one really does look pretty! And BEST PART, only $3.50!!!
- - - - -
Look at this cute zipper document bag!!!!!! I WANT BOTH HOW?!?! I don't put document can? =D I put makeup. Lol. But you can use it for documents, your classmates cfm jelly one lol. Buy one for your bff also please. Lol.
- - - - -
AHEM, WHO IS THIS PRETTY GIRL?! Lolol. Me lah. Omggg this bag is only $16.90?!?!? TAKE. It can be single handle for you to sling on your shouder, or be unzip to become backpack. Nise.

I'd get this mouse pad as novelty gift for my guy friends! Guys think these are cool O.O Lol.
- - - - -
Or this cute LEGO iPlayer mp3!!! I OWNSELF ALSO WANT LEH?!?! Although this is for boys. I really don't mind the white one, i'd add pink blings to it lol.
- - - - -
This notepad also cute =DDD SCORE. Lol. Writing will never be dull again!!!

- - - - -
Even if you missed 24 hours 10% discount, don't be too sad, you can still enjoy the bundle deal!

If you purchase from ANY 2 of the 6 categories, you enjoy 5% discount!
If you purchase from ANY 3 of the 6 categories, you enjoy 10% discount!

Hurry get your Christmas shopping delivered to you the next day with Jipaban’s express delivery!!! Yes, next day only!!! So you'd definitely make it in time for Xmas gift-exchange or to send something to your loved ones ^.^

So Jipaban is major love you all one! Lol. Go shop on Jipaban now!

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