28 December 2011

New episodes for Budget Barbie

Hello!!! How? Is it tough going back to work for a few days more, before the New Year party begins? =DDD Lol. Shouldn't be that tough right, although the weather has been very cooling this few weeks and it's so hard to get out of bed. But i see updates on Twitter and Facebook, my friends keep receiving gifts for Xmas and for new year etc, from their colleagues. So nice one!

So far my bf got me a box of 12 pcs macaroons and we both share it (lol so to be exact he got me 6 macaroons) and i got him a Esprit Cardigan, a knitted pullover + 2 boxers shorts from UNIQLO.

And Mich promise to buy me Poppycock original popcorn =DDD And i got her one bag (she chose it herself and it's ugly) and one clutch (i chose it for her and it's nice lol).

I also got Zhen one leopard preens clutch and one handbag for work. And Zhen say she got me ROYCE champagne chocolate and one big tube of lychee Fruitips =DDD
Zhen say in case i suspect she haven't buy yet, she sent me this picture. Lolol.

And i got Geraldine a knitted sweater and a punk-ish-looking bag full of skull studs O.O She chose it herself. Hardcore.

Anyway~ How was YOUR Xmas?! =D I only like Xmas cox i can shop a lot. And not have to keep the stuff at my own house. Cox that's what i do on usual days, shop, keep in my room. Shop, shop, shop, keep keep keep.. But if it's Xmas, i can buy, and give it to people as gift! =D

and i've been using the Essential hair care lotion and treatment and hair mask religiously, so that i can bleach my hair to be ash brown before CNY. I know many of you told me it's harmful and i shouldn't do any more stuff to my hair now and just let it rest.. BUT WO ZHEN DE HEN XIANG YAO MAAAaaAAaaa~~~ *jiggles body to sa jiao* Lol.

Anyway~ Here are new episodes of Budget Barbie on Clicknetwork i hope you enjoy them!

This ep i can haz female guest!!! =D And she's not used to shopping for cheap stuff at all! Haha.
Daiso ep where i bought 50 items =O Most of it are really worth it!!!
This is a New Year video made by Clicknetwork, featuring ALL the Clicknetwork hosts! Everyone super emo one! Must watch!!! Don Richmond really can laughdieme.


Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! are they selling POPPYCOCK in singapore??? i absolutely love it! its super yums!

나니 said...

Haha oh lord xD

Ishah said...

Lol everyone got you some type of food for Xmas!!

Anonymous said...

I blogged about you in my latest blog entry! :) www.fiona-wang.blogspot.com

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i've seen it in NTUC (sometimes), cold storage, and mustafa!!! =DDD

나니 -- Happy New Year to you!!! ^.^

Isha, they know me well.

Fiona, thank you!! =))

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the lychee fruitips in sg?

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the lychee fruitips in sg?

M said...

You talk like Barbarella from noose.

nimiuhhos said...

hello qiuqiu! I love all your budget barbie episodes <3 But mind looking at my blog? I sell affordable stuffs too :D