10 March 2011

Don't force me!!! lololol.

Okay i'm stressed. It's not like i haven't been blogging really! I AM BLOGGING about my Hong Kong trip! But it's REALLY damn long! And if i don't complete that post i cannot move on to other post right not?

Cox my blog is almost equivalent to my life, my life happens like this, TAH, TAH, TAH, orderly. If i blog about my dinner with Bf and my sponging nails, my dinner date with Sophie and GeckGeck and anything else that happened AFTER Hong Kong trip, BEFORE i'm done with the Hong Kong trip, then my life is all messed up!

Lolol. Nobody is actually hurrying me, there are, but only a few =( Lol. But i feel stressed myself. Cox when i have nothing to blog about, i want to have babies.

You know, best reason for a woman to do nothing else but raise a kid and give full attention to the kid. And then at least i'd have cute baby pictures to show you guys also.

FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, i'd do anything! Lolol.

So the link here is, if i don't blog, i feel stressed cox i have nothing to do.

To cover up for that laziness of not blogging, i feel like having babies to keep you guys entertained.

So if you make me feel stressed for not blogging, i'd have babies.

Okay so don't push me! Lolol. Be nice and here's something for you! Yeah it's like that, when you have no content, you give things way. Lolol.

Dont' know if it's real of fake NARAYA cox it's a gift.

With rolling mini elephants, lots and lots of rolling mini elephants ^.^

Water proof and quilted. Perfect for putting makeup / skincare products!

A giveaway sidebar on my blog will constantly update the current giveaway on Budget Barbie Facebook page. So go see how you can own this HERE! ^.^


Anonymous said...

you should change the two pictures of you at the top of your blog... you loook soo much better now!

Coco Tai said...

bag looks real, when I was in Taiwan, these bags were extremely popular! I received a good amount of them as gifts, but I thought they were rather fugly. haha. However, the little pink one you're giving away is cute! I think they look much cuter as small bags, not big purses.