29 March 2011

Samantha Vega!!!

Went for Samantha Vega launch party last Saturday NIGHT.

Cool not?? =DDD I have this idea that people who hang out late are all cool. Especially so on Friday nights and Saturday nights. They should think i'm cool too cox i don't have to work from Monday day to Friday day. Haha!

I went to Xiaxue's place before the event to pass her some goodies~ And i got one good deal in return, lol, she gave me a lip concealer which has since improve my life. Lol.

Us at a random coffeeshop opposite ZOUK.

*smug face*

Yeah, I GO ZOUK ON SATURDAY NIGHT. Why? *smug face again* Nothing much what, nothing worth mentioning.

Lololol. KIDDING!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS WORTH MENTIONING!!!! About ME, going to ZOUK, at night!!!!!!! Lolol.

I'd like to call this my virginal experience to hang out leisurely at a nightclub. Hahaha. It's not painful, there's no bleeding. But it's pretty fun! Lol =DD

WE WERE SO HUNGRY!!! Three of us were dressed up the nude theme. Lol. Not exactly planned for thou. A bit erxin like A.A but it's one of the things that only girls can do ^.^

Xiaxue's new nose is REALLY nice! I'd like to call it the Koreany nose.
Small and subtly pointy one! JEALOUS.

Sophie and i =D

Hokkien Mee! Quite yummy! We gave all our chili and sotong to Xiaxue please. Lolol. But i kept the deep-fried pork lard to myself cox i flirted with the uncle for extra serving of those. Haha. Totally not shameful about it becox it's VALUE-ADDED hokkien mee we talking about! *proud*

I actually feel quite proud owning these random pictures of Wendy. Lolol.

Yummiest porkchops with pumpkin buttercream sauce. Shit I hungry now =(

Zouk already! With Shuyin! =D I thought she looks like Kit Chan until Xiaxue says A-Mei.
Then yes, more A-Meish. Lol.

One more of Sophie and i =DD

My grossly-loyal camera only capture me sharp. Lol. Rest of them are blur.

Gillian opening the show =DD So..
Samantha Vega is NOW OPEN
@ Isetan Orchard Basement

Remember to go check it out! Some pictures of the show!
Weeeeeee!!!! Balloons!!! So cute and girly! Love Samantha Thavasa events!
Literately SWEET eye-candy feast for the whole night!

Love this! Polka dots is love, polka hearts is times 10 times the love! ^.^

Okay lah, my camera didn't make pictures any better becox i can't be bothered to figure out the manual mode. Lol.

One more blurry picture to irritate your eyes. Haha =DD But at least i took pictures! You get the idea, it's all happy, cheerful, vibrant, feminine and girly!!!

Okay one not so blur one.

Models don't move = Only time for me to capture something not blurry to redeem myself. Haha.

One more..

Then it's lucky draw time!!!!!!! Jq super lucky she won one of the three bags!!!
And it's the polka hearts one!!!

Over exposed picture taken by Bryan (Gillian's husband) and i secretly think it's becox he's tipsy. Or okay, i forgot, my camera sometimes suck. Lol.

I LOVE that group shot by the way! Becox the glowing armpit hair is in the shot! The 'hairy' stuff on top of us?! Yeah they glow!!! Haha! We're like sitting in a magical armpit cave of someone. I hope it's someone without B.O.

So this is what social-media influencers do. Lol. Phone, phone, phone phone phone. Pat Law (the one only showing healthy shiny hair), Jy and Kaykay. And Gillian looking sexy. Haha!

Bryan and wife Gillian =D BRYAN IS TOTALLY ENTERTAINING!!! Lol. I'm not gonna say what he did. It's just pretty much to take for a first-time-Zouker like me.

Jy, Kaykay, Shuyin and Wendy. I don't remember what Shuyin is smiling at but i assume she's very happy watching Bryan dance. Lol.

This is the last picture i took at Zouk. Look at Bryan, so inspiring! Lol! So i follow!
I had a little bit but wayyy too much to drink.

Uncool. Very uncool. Lol. I was so red and my ears were so hot and my body had rashes all over and i thought i was hot, sincerely. That really kinda means i'm tipsy. LOL.

I became normal the next day and find this polariod in my bag. LOVE the sausage i placed on Sophie's head, underneath the party hat. LOLOL. In case she hungry, i had it all prepared. Hahaha.

 Some pictures of Samantha Vega @ Isetan Orchard i ripped from Samantha Thavasa Facebook!
Remember to follow them on Facebook for latest updates ^.^

Samantha Vega is NOW OPEN
@ Isetan Orchard Basement


CHERIE! said...

Ohmygod I love those wallets! Super pretty!!! (: (:
&&& qiuqiu I love your hair colour!! Really! Is it more of ashy colour then really green? Super love it!! (: (:

CHERIE! said...

Ohmygod I love those wallets!! Super pretty!!! (: (:
&& qiuqiu I love your new hair colour! Is it more of th ashy than to those green green? Super love it really!! (: (:

Anonymous said...

You look really funny! The picture of you red and tipsy, I think it's the eyes, makes you looks like you're day dreming. hahaha. no offense though, still pretty :)

Anonymous said...

The red skin photo lol!! i think u looked pretty but usually at night some cameras won't help at all. I almost never take pictures at night 'cause my camera sucks and makes me look like crap.

Unknown said...

the 1st 2 photos got photobombed by sampat auntie! hahaha

Unknown said...

The 1st 2 photos got photobombed by curios 38 auntie. hahaha

Sher said...

The camera you're using is the S95? I thought it takes good pictures? :/

Anonymous said...

Hi! What is the name of the color of ur hair? Is it ash green? It's really nice!!

Anonymous said...