06 March 2011

QWeekly - I'm back but i'm really not here

One picture in case anybody feels like seeing. Lol.

I'm back from Hong Kong trip for.. One week already. And so far, let me see if i did anything productive. Hmm. Okay, none. Lol.

Oh oh oh! Other than household chore, i bought a total of five different colour lipstick this week. Lol. One orangey red, one red, one pink, one baby pink, one nudey sandy colour. Becox it's so cheap like $1.20. Lol. From Aries.

And becox i think Xiaxue will secretly despise me if i don't use lipstick.

And did i mention that i got amazing jelly pens from Hong Kong? I'd show you guys VERY VERY soon! Like i think i'd start work tomorrow. Lol.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Just today i realise i tio 4D =DDDDDD

I inhaled so loud when i found out, while checking the results on my phone, on the bed. And it totally shocked my bf. Lol. I ask him how much, in a half-asleep, full-rudely-awaken state, he tell me maybe one or two hundreds.

I was so happy please! Until people on Twitter tell me it's $1000. Lolol.

The winning is for Saturday. Today i ALMOST win consolation and starter! You go figure out! Lol. Tiao Ji!

Okay in compensation for the contentless postings this whole week, i'd blog nice stuff next week like my nails, like my lipsticks, like my how my new blog skin and layout is gonna be =DDD

Before Stefanie Sun went for her long hiatus, she say a long rest is for a longer route ahead. 休息是為了走更遙遠的路. I take one week break, i think i'd come back chioer and more interesting. Lol. OR, more nua than ever. You never know, life is very unpredictable.




Chesna said...

i dun put on lipstick or lip gloss either
i think i look odd to have colored lip
dunno y it looks so odd on me
i can only use lip shiner...

Anonymous said...

yay for the return of qq with make up! i love your bare face too but i think with the makeup, you look less tired :)

dblchin (double chin) said...

u look awesome Quiting!! Love the full lashes on you!!!

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi- very nice picture! taken by ur new canon? which setting did you use?

Anonymous said...

How come you're blogging less frequently now? :(

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaa hope you will blog about your HK trip soon! Will be going there in 2 days and i wanna know where i can get budget barbie stuffs! <3

Anonymous said...

just wondering.. why dont u fix ur teeth?

with makeup you look 100 times better
with straight teeth you look 10000 times better

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys! Actually i already am blogging about HK trip! It's really looooooong! So i'm taking awhile to post it =D