22 March 2011

You're broke, not poor.. thing.

So sick of seeing and hearing people whine about how broke they are and how they can't afford this, can't pay for that, can't do this, can't get that.

Not going to remind you about people in Japan to psycho you to feel happier about your current state cox i think that that is not the best example of "poor" or "poor thing".

C'mon, some people on other places on earth have been poor and poor-thing since they ever lived. Even til the day they die, they are poor, hungry, poor thing? Yeah.

SERIOUSLY, HAVE THOSE GUYS BEEN REALLY BROKE? Those who whine about being broke, all day long. Each time you talk to them, they'd tell you the things they wanna do, and they'd curse/ complain that it sucks cox it'd make them very broke or they can't do it now, cox they are broke.

I wonder if these people have sincerely gone through being broke.

I came from a lower-income family. I remember all the great times, when we can all go for a movie, when my sister got bursary and we can go eat dim sum together with our grandparents once a year.

I remember when my dad's fish soup stall had good sales, my sister and i get to buy a happy meal each =)) I remember when we could all go to 7-11 late at night and buy an ice-cream each and share the microwaved sandwich.

I remember a lot of good things that happened during my childhood now that i'm thinking about it, but you have to go through bad times, to really cherish the good times.

Therefore I also remember the times and times when we had no electricity in the house cox we couldn't pay the bill. But we had fun showering with one candle lit up in the bathroom. We say it's romantic, haha.

I remember we were so hungry but penniless, we had no food for one whole day until my dad manage to borrow some money from my uncle. But we were happy to cook maggie mee together with that money and praise ourselves for being smart cox we add lots of water to the maggie mee. Drinking the flavoured soup helped.

I remember at 1.02am one night, my dad combed his hair neatly, changed into fresh clothes after a day of work at the fish soup stall, and head out frantically to borrow money cox we were running dry, on zero. And i cried myself to sleep, asking a lot of whys, at the age of 13. And then i wake up to see $2 for me to bring to school.

My dad is not smart with managing funds, but he is a great responsible man. And he tried ways and means to provide for us. Fish soup stall, zi char stall, BBQ bakwa, durian seller, dish collector even.. And he's never quitting, never failing us.

We were broke, but we're not poor-thing.

For all the things we went through as a family, i grow up to be VERY postitive, so.. Don't need to tell me i'm ugly, lolol, i won't believe one. LOL.

The first time i spoke heart-to-heart to my bf after we started pator-ing (lol), who then (5 years ago) buys branded stuff quite a lot and enjoys luxury items pretty much. We were just talking and i remember i cried suddenly, saying,

"I don't understand how a lot of people can just spend say.. a $50 like that. When a family could break if the sole bread winner can't earn that $50 to feed the family, and he feels too stressed for that, and decides to commit suicide. That same $50 i didn't have, to buy my textbooks and lecture notes, could have killed me too."

Okay lah i exaggerated then, there's always funds and subsidy and community in the schools and estates we live in to help us pull through. So DON'T think of anything silly okay.

Just remember, when you're at your lowest, and the next day you could be shamed for not having that textbook/ workbook/ material needed for class, anyway, YOU WILL NOT DIE. There's still plenty of tomorrows for you to work on.

And now that i think about it, my boyfriend confirm thought he got the most demure, virtuous and thirfty girlfriend ever. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. He kena cheated already! I spend on food a lot. Lolol. Possible to eat til he bankrupt!

Back to people who whine a lot about being broke. I get irritated by a GREAT DEAL when people yak about how many things they can't afford to buy, that they want. NOT NEED.


You are broke, it means..
From dictionary.com

So you have no money, penniless.. Let's take it as a matter of speech, you're just running low on cash. THINK ABOUT HOW TO SURVIVE with or GROW the money. Don't think of what you cannot do with the money, right or not?!

I get more pissed when the people who ALWAYS whine about being broke, are the ones ALWAYS enjoying life. Partying, dinner with friends at some mid-range restaurants, holidays, new clothes, new bags etc.

Hello you earn X, you spend X and you want to do things that's X + 5, you will be broke AND unhappy, it's expected. Don't tell us, we're not keen in why you're unhappy and unsuccessful.

And one more main purpose for this post is, i don't know how many people reading my blog could be going through a rough patch with financial issues. But if you are, just know that now there are many organisations and communities that are available for you to seek help from if it's for the right purpose. Like for school, for basic necessities.

Be strong and positive and cheerful =D It ALWAYS helps. And never whine about the things you cannot get. Unless you're joking and trying to be funny. Lol. Like i love to whine about how Jerry Yan can never be mine to hold.. And caress, and love.. And shower with.. LOLOLOL.

But when you're really whining, people can tell -.-" Stop it.

And i'm glad Budget Barbie the show, is somewhat spreading a message that i believe in. That somethings are real, that they can be cheap AND good =D And we should all spread the BUDGET LOVE. Haha!

Lastly, to tell you how ignorantly happy we were despite any problems we might be facing then.. We are a happy family made up of strong, happy people ^.^V Not rich, but rich.

That's us 6 years back, at kusu island. All pictures below not photoshopped cox i'm pretty now, that's all that matters *reminds self that positivity is not being proud and thick-skinned* LOL.

My second sis at the top, third sis, fourth sis, and me, and my younger sis =D

And to be a positive, less whiny and more likable person, you gotta live with a lot of shit, happily. Lol. I mean, you must have noticed how fucked-up my hair looks like in the above pictures. It's like a major..
 HUAT KUEH growing on my head.

One more picture of yummy huat kueh. Haha.

The huat kueh hair is all thanks and no thanks to a $800 hair job i took up to make my life easier. Right before it, my hair was..

Like this! Just rebonded some more! Yes, i was acting artsy. Then those horrible creative director at the salon turned me into..

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Hi, my name is Xuesha, i'm from China and i'm mad fugly. LOLOL.
Some where in between, they turned my hair into this to prepare for the hairshow.

 After the show, i manage to save up $12.90 to DIY dye my hair back to something more human.

So please, stop whining about how broke you are, it's not gonna help anything except make yourself feel sucky, AND make others belittle you.

You are only broke, you're not poor-thing. You don't deserve any sympathy. Empathy, yes, i understand, but so? People understand your plight, you also have to work it out yourself. So, do it!

Sincerely broke? McDonald's is always hiring. Cheers and 7-11 night shift pays pretty well. Oh you don't want to do all these? Then the easier way is to STOP spending on unnecessary stuff.

I want to see you eat maggie mee and bread, on ration, and drink water from tap.

Cox i been there. That was broke, you are just insensible.

Brace yourself up, tighten your budget, head dive into some proper work, and sooner than you realise, you're out of the broke zone. And you'd have earned back your self-worth, by a lot =) Jiayou.

Okay one more. Last time i got pig face but look quite cute. Bye.


Faith said...

Hey qiuting, your entry motivated me alot :) Been thru' similar like you but mom had cancer, things didn't get better at home and the cycle of financial cash flow problems is always back...But!! haha, you're right, I will not die anyway! Xie xie ni!

GenevieveWijaya said...

I admire the way you are strong, positive and encouraging :)

I'm not sure what reasons make me feel like telling you this, thank you for this post.

carrie bieber lautner said...

Wah eh so power! can go be spokesperson for community out reach!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you qq. there was once i criticised a friend. she's always portrayed herself to be very thrifty person, which i really admire. but she always complain she doesnt have money and all, yet she applies for school accomodation (which is not necessary) and its like $2k, she plans to travel europe/uk or hongkong before sch starts , on top of going japan for a short trip. shes also one of those that lusts for branded goods and alrd planned to buy one. i was so angry, i had to criticise her via blogging. and she found out about it, and got angry? i felt super pissed cos she doesnt knw whats being broke, and also some form of betrayal cos i alw thought of her as a thrifty person who at the very least, wont think of such things. idk how to say, but ARGH! so glad to see u blog sth so close to my heart!!

Anonymous said...

This is a motivating entry. Thank you, QiuQiu!

Anonymous said...

Very well written! =)

To be honest, I have been saving up for the past 2 months, because I've aimed to buy a $4K+ LV bag which I really love.

But I had gastric for like more than 4 times for the past 2 months, because I did not eat well. I've been asking myself, is it really worth it and have sleepless night a few times, thinking about it.

But after reading your blog post, I've really decided to let go! I'm happy and satisfy with my 4 years old, $39.90 Accessorize bag. =)

I felt so HAPPY and RELIVED now!!! I'm so going to have a proper and fulfilling lunch tomorrow! ;)

Thank you Qiuting! =)

Anonymous said...

why not..? i always thought it is an expression, like maybe your wallet left $1 (for the day) then your friend say 'eh ___wan go pizza hut later' 'cannot lah i broke liao :('
i know you've been through alot more than that person has but that person also dono you were poor before ma.or maybe your friend dw to act rich infrnt of you especially when they already knew what you have been through. if you have a friend that knows your poor but everyday wave her $50 infront of your face will you be happy? if i were you id slap her.

Anonymous said...

Actually the last pic of you doesn't look bad at all, pretty cute. Might not be very lady like but still pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I also had been through the lower-income group when i was younger but not as bad situation as you were in cause i had textbooks and clothes from my older brother. we could also afford proper meals and electricity bills. but it was all through my dad's strength to make ends meet like that. now that i'm more of the above average income group i often dine in at restaurants and i am always worrying about money after overspending. (greed hmmm) i hope i can go back to what i used to be and be thankful for what i have (:

Anonymous said...

oh can i ask how did you lose your chubby cheeks? are they just baby fats?? bcoz i have chubby cheeks and i hope they'd go away ):

Coco Tai said...

Such a sweet post! I definitely have even more respect for you now! Like Genevieve, I would also like to thank you for this post. Not because I am poor, but I do have times when (most of the time) when I have little to no money. I am a college student, and college in the U.S. is too damn expensive! ]:


makino said...

You have my respect and admiration. I also admit I am one of those whiners that are always complaining that im broke i can't do this and that. I don't even care to even think about what the word broke really means. But now as i read your blog post I feel ashamed of myself and have reflected myself too. Although its everybody nature to lust after a thing they can't have or can have but want more of it, i can say im also one of them not satisfied at all. but after reading your post i am inspired and yah im gonna pick up my life and really get a move on. I will Stop whining about how broke i am and watever nonsense. and if my friends ever tell me or start whining about $$ i wil tell them to go read your post. thank you qiu qiu.

C said...

Hey qiuqiu!

Thanks for posting regarding the broke issue. And I've always used the word "broke" but i failed to realise it means running low on cash! (And its true because the money in my bank can't be withdrawn- my mom controls it) It's really inspiring and I appreciate that you were willing to share about your past :-) Not to mention, I'm adoring you once again, as a blogger!

I hope you get to post more of such meaningful stories again!

And qiuqiu, you're awesome.

QiuQiu said...

Hi guys! Thank you for all the sharing.

The dude with a $4k savings from not buying the LV bag, so great!!! You can use the money on a lot of things man!

And i'm not saying that casual remarks about being broke is a no-no, i'm talking about people who SINCERELY thinks their life suck majorly, when they are the one asking for it by wanting unnecessary stuff and not being able to afford it actually.

Anonymous said...

i can relate to this post alot. till now also quite poor but i dont complain. i dont even ask my parents for money because i dont want to stress them. and even though i like to shop, all the money i use is of my own savings, and i also buy $10 type of clothes! i also save and pay for my own phone and bills since 14 years old. im planning to work and pay for my own school fees now.

people dont seem to understand, and make themselves seem so pitiful if their parents didnt give them enough money to buy whatever branded goods.

they dont know that other people's parents dont even buy anything they like for themselves just so that they can give their children pocket money for school.


Sasuke-chan said...

that look like rainie yang.. i mean that last pic..

Anonymous said...

I'm positive that ugliness and flat-chest genes run in your family.

Anonymous said...

lol what is your problem with china..stop insulting can, damn lame. how old are you alrd? -.-

Anonymous said...

for this post , i really respect you . your entry is soooo true and i am guilty for what you have mentioned though. anyway, thankyou for this post. really. it motivated me . btw, i stay in punggol too . but i have never seen you around before. hmmm.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is my first time ever leaving comment on a stranger's blog but i gotta said that the post was very well said. i cant imagine how many people need that wake up call. at the same time you really earned my respect for being so forth coming. well done babe(:

Xiaoxin said...

First time I'm leaving a comment on your blog, because I really love this post of yours! :)
I totally understand what you went through, I went through the hard times too, when there wasn't enough food, no money to bring a sick 5-year old vomiting me to the doctor and my mum was crying, and all that was taken for granted by others were luxuries to us. But my parents worked so hard, scrimped and save just to give us the best that they could afford. I really love them so much.
It really struck a chord in me... Its a wonderful post... The whiners really deserves a scolding....

Can I post your blog link on my blog? :)

Thank you. said...

You never fail to keep me motivated. Reading your blog always kept me moving. Thanks qq (: I had gone through similar teenage years

Unknown said...

wahh~ you changed so much lerh! :D

ursie said...

I take back everything negative I said about you being cheapskate and having a terrible accent in Budget Barbie. This post explains a lot about you, & I really hope whoever reads this post will learn from you!

Beatrice Liew said...

thank you QiuQiu for the motivating post - it really got me thinking now.


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. I grew up struggling and we had charities having to give us food and help with our day to day life but it really made me realise whats important in life. It also made me grow up hardworking and a very good saver. I cant stand people who moan when payday arrives because they've managed to get themselves in debt or spend money they dont have. Be proud of how your experiences have shaped you because when you've lived with very little it truely makes you appriciate that good times :o)

Anonymous said...

so true :)

Anonymous said...

like u so much more after this post qiuqiu :).

Anonymous said...

I love it.

Janessa said...

This is why I love you! You are so honest and down to earth. I know what it feels like to have no electricity and have no food on the table and it irks me when ppl say they're broke so they have to settle for macs for dinner.

Jasmine said...

The second last photo of the black short hair looks like joanne peh, and your post inspires me, you're awesome qiuting :) JIAYOU

Anonymous said...

I love this entry of yours. When I first started watching your videos on Clicknetwork, I must admit that I was one of those who didn't exactly like you very much.

But I came to know of your blog, and the more I read of it, the more I could feel that you are just a very nice, down-to-earth girl who expresses her feelings courageously.

Being rich is not judged by your spendings, but rather by your savings. A little thrifting (and planning) could go a long long way!

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys! Thanks for being so nice about me sharing the not-so-glorious past. Haha ^.^

Anonymous said...

Nice post... It made me think of the past where me too eat maggie mee when my father the only sole bread winner at that time earn very little money back.. Where my family of 5 tat time is quite hard to survive with tat little $$..
Thinking back those days really make me cry... *sob sob*

Anonymous said...

Hey Qiuting, I really love your post but really must inform those guys who say they are poor yet they bought many expensive stuffs.

SinYee said...

Qiu Qiu! great post u got here! i thought i was having a sad life for not having enough money to own my desired items.

but you made me realised that, ppl are more cham than me.

i cried at the part when u talked about what you've gone through.

you're so positive, so patient! really admire you!

thanks QiuQiu! :')

Watson said...

yo qiuting,your post was really very humbling and inspiring. I think you should be very proud of what you have gotten in life thus far. Keep up the thrifty spirit!:)) I really believe that budget stuff can be good too!! I love Budget Barbie!

Watson said...

yo qiuting,your post was really very humbling and inspiring. I think you should be very proud of what you have gotten in life thus far. Keep up the thrifty spirit!:)) I really believe that budget stuff can be good too!! I love Budget Barbie!

ying2 said...

thanks for sharing your story. really appreciated it. i cried and then i laughed. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuting, your second last picture look like joanne peh

Serizawa Layla said...

where's your eldest sister?

Jaslyn said...

I am really touched by your post, never been though hardship so didnt understand why you do not spend much on yourself, but today you make me reflect on myself.. because I am spending on myself like no tomorrow, you got me think hard and got to stop my spending habits.

Unknown said...

hey! I've read not only the original post from today but this link also! It's very nice! Smth close to what I asked about on the formspring - about your past and your family. Sory to guess you have some problems with your mom, hope it's not to bad.
People have such different levels of broke! I mean, one of my husbands friends told us they have no money to have a child but he has so much gadgets! and easy buying a new camera. Idk, I think I have no money means really we spend all for food to the bottom and can get worm shoes only from Goodwill.
Or other man says he has no money owning two cars :) We just loled, couse sure we'll also have no money if buy 2 cars!
You know I feel so concerned about this - some people I know refuse to have a child telling they can't afford it and they are just getting older, couse I couldn't get pregnant for several years and so many people have health issues now! we just don't have all the time to "plan" and wait until we "have money" :) like "all the money" or what :)

aika♡ said...

thank you for such an inspiring post qiu !

Rawsunday said...

this is the first time ever i'm leaving a comment on a blog post. thank you! before this i really thought you're just another model/blogger goofing around.. cute but that's all. this post really made me change my view of you. you're really a person full of positive vibes and that's really really admirable! i want to learn from you and be more grateful about my life!

although i don't really go around and whine about being broke, i always think it's not enough, because i have so many plans and 'projects' that i lined up for myself, and the wishlist just never actually clears and keep growing. of course i'll never be satisfied because i'm always eyeing for the next thing to spend on when i got what i wanted. i didnt appreciate what i have and i didnt see how fortunate i was.

thank you for making me realising that! love you <3

jason haris said...

I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

pension crisis

Unknown said...

I know this is like, super outdated post, but I just came across it (oops). Thanks a lot for sharing, I really appreciated your thoughts. :)