15 March 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland Day 1 and Day 2 ^.^

To start this magical post i would like to place a artsy picture right at the top.

This picture should cut down a whole chunk of words like "I flew to Hong Kong end February on a plane, and during the plane ride i saw beautify clouds and the sky was so blue, it's captivating" Hahaha. A picture is worth a thousand words but i give you thousand and.. 27 words ^.^ Yes, i really counted -.-" So it's just the starting of this loooooong post and i already gave you 1027 words. Hahaha.

You ready?! Got maybe 180 pictures. That's 180 X 1000 words.

You have all the rights to ignore my random rambling and words but you are NOT allowed to not view the pictures becox they are very chio. Like 90% of them all very chio. Hahaha ^.^ I think i look Vivi-ish / Angelababy-ish in some. Like maybe 3% of all the pics. LOL.

My outfit in day one.. Love mini hearts ^.^

And we (bf and i) are gonna stay in Disneyland Hotel. Weepeeeeeee~ ^.^ He's been to Disneyland all around the world but have never stayed in any of the Disneyland hotels. Tuo wo de fu he now can! =D

I remember i was damn excited to walk in and see how it's like!!!

Ahem, my camera not bad right. The fish eye effect is meant for this purpose. Lolol. Not intended for any of those mousey faces you saw on my blog previously.

First thing i saw was a bronze Mickey Mouse and i so excited, i snapped four pictures with it but all fail. Either i cut his ears or lost focus i become blurry. Like this pic, i a bit blurry.

So one of the many helpful hotel staff help me out. Haha! Tourist pose number one!
 Touch whatever signifies you being overseas, and raise PEACE sign. Nice!

Minnie ears!!! I know you confirm think i go into the shop, snap pictures of myself with all the cute souvenirs and would never buy any right?! See, even this one also got price tag on the ear one, so i don't blame you if you think i very cheapo. Lol.

But hey, look who's stepping outside the store WITH Minnie headband! Haha! ME!!!
I paid for this okay!!! Come gimmie some applause. Lol.

On the way to my room i saw this area. Crazy nice!!! Like all sparkly and bright in real life. Like a princess could appear and walk down the stairs anytime.

How about NOWtime. Hahahah. Yes, me, the princess wannabe.

Very shameless, must have my face in all the pictures of chio stuff in Disneyland hotel.

We past by a random toilet in the hotel lobby level and i say "Eh, i wonder how their toilet looks like. I go see." So bf go to the gents, i go to the ladies (YES SELF-EXPLANATORY HAHAHA).

Mirror so nice must camwhore! While i do my business (snap pictures) in the ladies, bf do his big business also -.-""" WHY CAN'T HE DO IT IN OUR OWN HOTEL ROOM TOILET RIGHT?! Lolol. I don't understand, must be the draw of Disney toilet. Lol.

Random shot of Daisy. My hair very nice hor? I tong the bottom part inwards only. Never curl.

After check-in i was too excited to head out and explore the hotel and i didn't spend much time in the room but this was the view, it's beautiful!!!

And it's actually quite peaceful and weirdly relaxing to just stand by the window and look out at the blue sky, white clouds, greenery and the blue-green water. Lol. But i'm on a exciting holiday! I don't wanna relax! I wanna run around! So off i go!

Hello, you see me? Lolol.

You can't see from this angle but it's the Mickey Maze. Haha! Fun! And the sun is very comfortable with the temperature being 16 - 21ºc. Not the scorching kind, if it is i'd never be seen outdoor running in maze. Lol.

Me with the nice people from Hong Kong ^.^

Girls from Hong Kong and Hannah at the far right, from The Philippines!

Lunch was at Crystal Lotus, a chinese restaurant in the hotel.

And i think i'm in for a FEAST!

Hungry face waiting for food. Lol.

ROASTED SUCKLING PIG!!!!!!!! Me love max!!! Crispy and juicy!!! Mmmmmm!!!
What is that pinkish thing in the steamer basket!

Ahahaha! Piggy mask buns!

Poor piggy, look so cute but have to be eaten up =(( Gotta giap everything together, including the yummy sweetened sauce, cucumber and spring onions shreds..

And don't be merciful to the cute piggy. Lolol.

Mickey Seafood Glutinous pancake. Yummy much can?! So fragrant and flavorful! And so very crispy on the outside! Can go without the chili also! My bf loves the chili thou.

So cute must take picture ^.^

Little pig barbecue pork bun AND Little Green man pork and vegetable bun. I think they're in love!
Kiss kiss..

Aaaaaaaa~ =D

Green: OH NOOOOoooo!!!! Human are bad bad thing! Why do they do this to you?
Piggy: Cox i'm cute?
HAHA ^.^

Double-boiled scallop and chicken soup in petite coconut. WOOOOOO~! Sounds like super tonic!

Look at the scallop!

Love the refreshing taste of coconut in the soup.

Wok-fried shrimp and Disney Root-Vegetables.

也太用心了吧?! SO MUCH EFFORT PUT IN!!! I am confident and affirmative that any kid would change their attitude towards vegetables if they get to eat this. Lol. How can anyone not love this much of dedication?! I can feel the chef's love by just looking at the dishes lor!

And i don't understand why on the menu it's stated Shrimp. Shrimp is damn small. But the 'shrimps' in this dish is crazy big. It should be call "PRAWNS". Not even just "prawns". I mean they must put PRAWNS in the menu. Lol. Bold and capitalise it. Lolol.

Gimmie Mickey hi-five! Wrong. Four! Gimmie Mickey hi-four! ^.^
Bf's idea to take this picture. Haha. Cute! I think the head is abalone but i'm not sure cox it's not stated in the menu. But i am 95% sure it is. Hahaha.

Have you met the triplets from Thailand?! CUTEST!!!!
Jack (their daddy) must be so proud of them cox all so cute and handsome.

So unfair! I somehow figure out that the world has an equal number of good-looking and not good-looking people, Jack's sons already took up 3 slots of the good-lookers in one shot. Unfair!!!

Red-braised pork loin stuffed in whole Chinese Pear.

I couldn't figure out how they stuffed it in and i thought about it for two minutes until i gave up and ask bf. He say they stuff the pork in from the bottom sitting of the pear. HE IS SO SMART! Hahahahah. Or i too stupid..? Lol.

Holly molly~!!! This is good stuff!!! I LOVE THE PEAR!!! A LOT A LOT!!!
Perfect combi of sweet and savory! I want one now =((((((
More pictures to make myself sad =(( Gimmie one now leh!!!

So cute! I hope this is free gift. Lolol.

Fried-rice with Tasmanian crabmeat stuffed in whole crab shell =OOOO I LOVE!!! How come never mention this curry-y glaze over the fried-rice!!! It makes it SUPER YUMS!!!

Crabmeat chunks and shreds in every mouthful.

I'm a typical Chinese. Rice down stomach = Satisfied. Lol. But there's still dessert!

Chicken Little steamed Lotus Seed paste bun.

Chicken Little "NOOO!! Put me down! I don't like to be handled!"

Me: MUAHahahaahahahahaahah!!!
Chicken Little do =OOOOOOOOO face. Lol.

So cute but so yummy i don't care, EAT!

If you think i pervy, take a look at Jack first. Lolol. Totally traumatising his Chicken Little bun.

Chilled Mickey Red Bean honey pudding and chilled Mickey Green Tea Jelly.
Not too sweet, can taste the full flavour of green tea and red bean!!!

Hot chicken little bun and Cold mickey puddings in one serving ^.^
Oooh.. You see the surprise??? There!!! At the dark corner!!

It's Duffy Red Bean paste bun!!! =DDD SO CUTE ONE!!!!! EVERYTHING SO CUTEEE!!!

Disney meal turns Jack into a kid too. Lol. They provide Disney cutlery and cups and all for kids. I want also leh =(( Lol.

HAHAHAH!!! CUTEEE!!! As the saying goes.. Like father like son. Lol.

After a VERY SUPER DUPER filling and yummy and cute lunch, haha, we took the shuttle bus from Disneyland hotel to Disneyland Resort park. Very convenient!

Here we are! Refuse to do typical tourist pose. So i didn't touch the stone. Lolol.

Get your entry tickets ready!

A un-typical tourist pose! Tell me which tourist got so brave one! I might fall down okay! Lol.
Anyway as the picture shouts, "WELCOME TO HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!" ^.^

As you get nearer to the gate, you start to hear dreamy music. Super mong huan one!!!

I SWEAR I REALLY FELT LIKE DANCING! Like you know, those elegant swivel turns, step step step, turn~ Step step step and tilt your head! Step step step~ Turn~ Lift up corner of my skirt and turn some more.. Lolol. Wo yi ding yun de. Lolol.

Hong Kong Disney have their own MTR (which is our MRT) station! How cool is that!
So both town and Disneyland are very accessible to get to an fro!

I think i might be more Daisy than Minnie becox Daisy poses are all so vain!!

Disney railway station within Disneyland. Okay this one also is typical tourist pose. Palm-show to the attraction. I need to fan xing fan xing. Hahaha.

THE FLIGHT OF FANTASY PARADE was gonna start and everyone was rushing there. I manage to capture a shot of the guy pushing his friends "there there there!!! Quick!" Lolol. So funny. And look, Disney air is working it's magic on Hannah's hair. Lol.

You'd see random performance on the streets of Disneyland and there's never a moment you'd feel like normal. Lol. It's always "Woah.. So magical. Woah! So cuteeee!!! Woah, i want!!!!" Lol. If you can see the water marks on the floor, it's targeted at random audience. The girl in red checks just kena.

We went for a quick round of Buzz Lightyear ride. I not bad.
I got a ranking of four. Out of i think 7 or 8 levels. HAHAHA.

Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating its 5th anniversary and has recently started the year-long “Celebration in the Air” And part of the highlight is the Flights of Fantasy parade!
Waiting for the parade to start! Everyone is excited and happy. I like that! I heard the brand new Flights of Fantasy parade is available only in Hong Kong Disneyland, and it's gonna be gravity-defying and really exciting! I'd like to see that for myself!!! Woohoo~~

My view! I hope i get to touch the mascots!!! ^.^

Before we start, i DEMAND that you click here to play the parade music in another window while you read on. Hahaha! PLEASE DO IT?! Please please please!!! This song is STILL stuck in my head!!! It's very lonely nobody feels the same magic as me cox they are not there! You guys NEED to hear this to feel it! Lol. CLICK!!!

La la la la la la la la~ FEI HEI FEI HEI FEI HEI! la la la la la~ la la la la la la la la~ FEI HEI FEI HEI FEI HEI! la la la la la~ Hahahahah! ^.^

I search high and low for the lyrics so that i can learn and hopefully be able to sing along the next time i visit Hong Kong Disneyland! But internet no have!!! =(((( Very sad. I saw the Toy Story ride in the making. I want to go back even before i left! Okay no more sad face! Ngor Dey Yew Fei Hei lah~~~ Hahaha!

HERE!!! Dumbo!!! ^.^

These musical instrument playing in real life REALLY kicks off the whole excitement. Like super grand or something!

Totally happy!!! They can just stop the show here becox i am SOLD already. They can do dance steps and co-ordinated movements while playing instrument!!! Now i realise i am very untalented. Lol.

Some of our favourite Disney characters!!! =DDDD And if this is not tall enough..

This should do the job! Magnificent is the word. Okay very very very cute too ^.^ Haha!

I wanna try the bumble bee elastic band! Looks so fun!!!

I checked! The performance stages used in Flights of Fantasy parade is up to 40 feet high. Featuring 24 beloved Disney characters and more than 100 performers! And this all-new, highly interactive parade will take flight every day on Main Street U.S.A of Hong Kong Disneyland only!

Kids joining in the parade! I want to join also but nobody hold my hand to invite me in =((( Maybe becox i too tall. Or maybe becox i'm too big a kid. Lolol.

What a pretty sight! Even random girls are looking so good in the parade. Anyway this is the kind of dance i wanna do when i was walking into Disneyland. Lolol. With the mong huan music remember?! I know it's a long post, but it's not that long. How can you forget! Lol.

The four princesses, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, Belle in Beauty n' the Beast
Cinderella and Snow White ^.^

And my favourite!!! TOY STORY!!!! =DDDD I damn sad, my camera battery about to die right after i took this shot =(((( So i couldn't take the rest of the exciting parts of the parade. There's this part i super love also! The green soldiers of toy story parachuting! ^.^

Then we go explore Tarzan tree house on a boat ride =DD

Everything look so real! I was seriously asking if the baby elephant was real cox it's spraying water through its trunk! But it's all fake. Hahaha. Only the fire and the smoke are real.

Queueing for Mickey's Magic 4D show =DDD All your senses involvement are needed!

The Golden Mickeys confirm kids love to bits!!!
So many characters to see! And so action-packed!

Then we head to Small Small World! ^.^ I've heard so much about it about how cute it is and how there's so many things to see in the ride you have to take it more than once to notice everything. Haha!

This is how it looks like in the day. Why this fella must stand in this shot!!! If not it'd be the best shot anyone has taken of the Small Small world becox i purpose ran far far back to snap this picture one!

And this is how it looks like in the night. SO BEEEEEUUUUUTEEEEFUL!!!!!

The inside.. On a boat.. Going through a lake or something.

My favorite deserves a picture collage of its own! Cute and sweet!

Too soon, it's dinner time! We head to Plaza Inn for dinner. It's very super ambience lighting in the restaurant, which means it's not brightly lit and my camera going dead on me so please bear with the not so fantastic pictures.

Barbecued meat platter that consist of Char Siew, ROAST SUCKLING PIG!!!! Roasted chicken and something like jelly fish. I didn't try that cox i don't like qq hot food. Lol. In my theory, qq food must be dessert/ gummy. Hahaha.

Diced seafood and fungus in condensed broth - Inside super lots of liao! I don't know what i'm eating but it's yummy! Haha! Every mouthful will have lots of things to chew on. Love the texture! ^.^

Pan-fried whole scallop with fresh prawns and broccoli.

Same thing, this one the prawns so BIG and fresh it should look like PRAWNS in the menu. Lol. And the broccoli ultra delicious PLEASE?!??!?!?! Not too crunchy (hard) not too soft! Just nice!!! I really love broccoli ^.^V I can eat it with salt and pepper alone.

Okay you saw the portion of meat for two of us, it's super a lot already right? We finished everything, plus the broth, plus the whole plate of broccoli dish. Already kinda full. Like maybe 65% filled. That's when i look at the menu. I was expecting max a rice/ noodle and then dessert and that's it. But no!!!

There's more! Seared cod fish with scallions.
Braised Veg with (A LOT of) Crabmeat
Fried rice with dried Seafood and Veg
Seared Beef fillet with tangy Onion Sauce and Real Onion rings

And cute dessert! ^.^ Sweeeet!

By now i think my day really very magical already. I don't know what can make it any better.

In one day, i flew in the sky, had the cutest lunch of my life, went around the world in a boat ride, BEST PART, i caught Flights of Fantasy and have some of the Disney Characters wave back at me becox i super hardcore wave at them. LOLOL.

How about a magical, dazzling and the-most-beautiful fireworks display to top it all up? =DDD

Pretty not?! Although my camera suck at taking firework pictures but it's very pretty in real!

I took more pictures than this but all also blurry blurry one. And plus i cannot keep taking pictures becox i need to enjoy the moment. Lol. Music in the air, fireworks in the sky, happy people all around. I'm in paradise of earth. Lol.

I went to town a bit to meet Yong Ming but i'd show you guys the commoner life another time. Lol. Now is the Disney Princessy life in Hong Kong. So we finally went back to the hotel and i saw this in the bathroom..

CUTE OR WHAT!!! They have EVERYTHING you need there already! Good thing Xiaxue told me they have so i didn't pack any toiletries at all! GREAT. I love it. Hahahha. Becox nobody deserves to go through the hassle of packing for a holiday. A holiday should be 100% hassle-free. Haha!

Look at my bathroom for 3D2N! Lol. I'm so proud of it! I told bf i want a hair dryer in the toilet also. I don't think he take me seriously. Haha. But i really want leh! So convenient!

Heavenly shower or Relaxing Jacuzzi? Take your pick!

Love the Victorian/ vintage style furniture!

And, THE BED. THE BED. Lol. So super comfy!!!!

Bf majorly love the pillows please! He say wanna ask if can buy. I'm like "Can buy one meh?" He's like "Can, i think. But luggage no space. How?" HOW WHAT?! Lolol! I think he was serious man! Go overseas, to a magical place, he wanna buy pillow?! Lolol! Impossible!

So we shower and hit Disney dreamland. You need to go pee pee before i start on Day two or not? Lolol. If not go make a cup noodle or something? Day two i dress up prettier but my hair not as chio as day one =(( But still quite pretty! ^.^

Buffet breakfast at Enchanted Garden.
Just looking from the outside i want to sing and dance along the walkway already. Lol.

Lookie who i have holding my arm!!! =DDDDD

What a pleasant way to start the day!!! Breakfast at a beautiful place, posing for a picture with Mickey Mouse! ^.^  That's not all!!! The variety of food at the buffet is crazy lots!!! I only took pictures of some cox some others constantly have people standing around and i don't wanna miss my picture moment with the Disney characters so i didn't wait for the people to clear! Haha.But at least you get to see some!

I SUPER HAPPY ONE! Food is number one, like ALWAYS! Lol!

My first serving of food out of 5. Lololol. What what what!

Crispy bacon makes me dooper happy!!! ^.^

Okay you see the sticker on my jacket? Lolol. A staff was giving out Disney stickers to the kids while everyone was queuing up to be seated. And when i saw him coming round i quickly stood up in hope that he'd give me. LOLOL. It works!!! I get one! And then i look at the rest of the stickers in his hands, and i get one more!!! In Disneyland, nobody gets disappointed. Not even childish adults. Lololol!!!

With naughty Pluto! He's super hyperactive!!! And manja! Most affectionate mascot i've ever met. Lol. He'd bring his tongue to you like a loving doggy. CUTE!!!

The inside of Enchanted Gardens.

LOLOLOL!!! Goofy so irritating!!! Lolol! He cover my face at the count of three before my bf snapped that picture. Lol! Funny!!!

And Daisy~ ^.^ I love her shoes. Lol. I should have told her that. And maybe she'd tell me she love my furry jacket. And then i'd tell her her bow is lovely. Then we can be bimbotic best girlfriends. Lolol.

Even flowers also very pretty in Disneyland hotel. Lol. After breakfast bf and i went to check out the view from the hotel.

So pretty i spoke to it! "Hi, you're the love of my life, i'd come back and marry you the next time i come back here"

It's like Disneyland park is the best girlfriend ever ever ever cox it's so much fun and so exciting but the scenic view and serenity of Disneyland Hotel is like the wife. Can marry for a lifetime. Plus got ultra good food being served in the hotel. Lol. How, my description can or not?

Nothing, i scared you missed this picture. Lolol.

Heading back to Disneyland park for more fun! So yesterday i got Minnie ears. Today i want something else. Yes, i'm an attention-seeker ^.^

HELLO~! Bright, fresh day in Disneyland park!!!

Hello Duffy! I ate your head yesterday! You got red bean paste inside one, yums. Lolol.

For 286 times faster entrance to rides, get the magical passes like us!

Kiss me!!! Lolol. While waiting for my turn to hop on Winnie the Pooh ride. Yes i super lack of love one. Go everywhere also must touch mascot, make them wave back, get stickers etc.. I very needy!

The castle used to be known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle which is the Park's icon, will become a dramatic centerpiece for Celebration in the Air for Hong Kong Disneyland 5th year Anniversary! ^.^
With Tinker Bell's pixie dust, LOTS AND LOTS of pixie dust, the castle will be transformed into Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dusted Castle. That's how it looks like in the day time but the in real it's a lot more glittery especially when it shimmers from the sun ray!

 Happy 5year Anniversary Hong Kong Disneyland!!! ^.^

See the Pixie dust!!! =DDD

The castle so nice i need to camwhore more. Lolol.

By night, it magically illuminates, adding a rousing spectacle every night for the rest of the year. Woah! Tinker Bell gotta work VERY hard!!! Lolol.

At a magical garden newly built in Fantasyland, i met..
Tinker Bell~~~ =DDD Tinker Bell is making her first appearance in Hong Kong Disneyland!!! So i'm one of the first few (hundreds or thousands) who'd meet n greet Tinker Bell there! Woohoo~!!!

I'm the one with the pixie dust!!! Hahaha! *blows* I wanna tell her she very strong cox she can glisten up Tinker Bell castle by day and illuminate it by night. GOOD JOB! Lolol.

Best thing about Disneyland is everything looks yummier and nicer. Lol. Eating ice-cream in Disneyland is like a must. If not not cute enough. Hahaha!

My Mickey Mouase ice cream! ^.^

I put this up only becox i think i look very pretty from the side. Hahaha!

Walking around, we see Disney princesses!!! The two most famous one, to me. Lol. So must take picture! I doing the princess hand sign, can see not? Lol.

Lunch time! At Starliner Diners!

Tender, juicy and crispy!!! YUMS!!

Found a random nice door and had to strike a pose. Lol.

There are a whole lot more rides that are all crazily fun but i can't possibly show you everything! You gotta go see for yourself ^.^

Goodbye Disneyland resort = lll i'd miss you a lot a lot a lot!

What the heck, i'm actually a bit sad that i just typed Goodbye Disneyland =(( I think i'd type SEE YOU AGAIN! That should cheer me up. Hahah! ^.^ Okay! SEE YOU AGAIN DISNEYLAND HONG KONG!!! MUUUUuuuuuuah! KISS ME!!!!!! Lololol.

After some shopping and street food we head back to the hotel for REALLY YUMMY FOOD. Hahaha. Nothing beats Wife-cooked food. Right not! Lol.

By that i mean we ordered room-service. Bf had braised efu noodle with PRAWNS and i have the Mickey Mouse club sandwich ^.^ MY ONE VERY SUPER YUMS!!! Got lots of liao!! We go every hotel also must try their room service one. Lol. Did you see my Mickey Mouse Tiramisu also?!

I very happy! Like 95% of the time i'm happy during my stay in the Disneyland hotel and while having fun in the Disneyland resort park. The 5% that i'm super sad about is when leaving =((

Everything is perfect here. And cuter, prettier. People are happier here! Lol. I guess what really makes the difference in this Hong Kong trip was that i'm staying in the Disneyland hotel. I've been to Hong Kong quite a lot of times before but none was as memorable as this.

And staying in Disneyland hotel is equivalent to never actually leaving the magic. The lobby is magical, the lift has magical voices greeting you each time you enter and exit, the walkway is magical cox it's so beautifully lit up, if i may say, EVEN THE TOILETS are magical. Lolol.

And the rooms so cosy please?! Bed so comfy. Toiletries and necessities all well-taken care of. Even more than the basics, the people at Disneyland Hong Kong really go extra mile to make visitors trip enjoyable and.. Magical =)))

Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland *sparkly eyes* I wanna go back again!!! I promise i wont' be so needy next time. Lolol. KISS ME!!!!!!!


GenevieveWijaya said...

QiuQiu you look fabulous!

SinYee said...

Qiu Qiu u look so cute with the minnie mouse hairband :3 and HK Disneyland looks soo fun!! glad that you had a very great time there! :)

Neena said...

You look so gorgeous! How did you get photos with the characters? Apparently they are not meant to take photos with you if you're not a little kid!?

QiuQiu said...

Gen, oh yeah.. LOLOL!!!

Sinyee yeah it's CUTEE!!! They have it in different variation, there's the one with minnie ears and veil, like getting married!!! OMG!!!! When i celebrating my anniversary (if i ever get married off) i wanna wear that and celebrate in Disneyland!!!!!!!

Neena, no leh!!! I stay in the hotel and that's during picture-taking time. They LOVE ME!!! lolol. They will go to every table to snap pictures =D

Anonymous said...

i went there during 2011 jan , not as fun as yours ):
Just nice we go that day don't have parade @ disneyland ! suay much .

P/s : awesome photos :D

Valerie said...

hello qiuqiu~ how tall are you exactly? and i really click the music! :)

Anonymous said...

what cameras do you use?

Anonymous said...

adjust your camera settings for fireworks!!

Mel said...

you kept talking about your BF, but don't you take pictures with/of him at all?

Anonymous said...

wow how much did you spent? :)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! Stay awesome!

Rebecca H said...

ah my god qiu qiu you SRSLY looked amazing here!
you looked SUPER chio in the coconutty soup picture


QiuQiu said...

Valerie, i'm 172.5cm. Lolol. .5 matters. LOVE the music right!

Anon, firewor pics taken by bf's handphone cam cox my camera can't flash cox no batt =((

Using S95

Mel, he doesn't like to be 'public'. Haha.

I spent $900 for this trip!

Reader said...

why you always never show photos of you and your boyfriend?

Reish said...

Gawsh.. you are like the cutest I saw in the whole blogosphere! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi qiu ting, you r so pretty in all the photos! can i know where you buy your S95? Sim lim?

JIEYING. said...

Qiuqiu you look so fabulous in every pic! -envy- LOL

Anyway, Disneyland looks so funnnnn! I'm going there this June hols! So eggcited! :D

And I was expecting to see like at least one pic of your bf. But don't have! Boohoo D:

Chermaine said...

Heyy ! You look cute in all pic yeah ! Where did u get th mimi heart skirt ? Super cute ehs ! <:

Mel said...

Okay QiuQiu, we heard you (from your twitter) that your boyfriend is public-shy thus there are no photos of him.

ANYWAY, I wanted to ask, where did you get your black round hat and how much you got it for? (the one you are wearing in the epi of Budget Barbie of Northeast)

Thank you for your, prompt but rather indirect reply. :)

QiuQiu said...

Hello! Bought S95 at Mustafa, $30 cheaper than courts, best denki etc =D But only comes with 8Gb card n one camera pouch. No other freebies.

Mini heart skirt from The Blog Shop =D They have outlet in Haji Lane, far east and City plaza =D

Mel, i spreed that online =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu. Where did you get the white outerwear you wore on the second day?

QiuQiu said...

White outerwear from Argley centre at Mongkok =D Third floor. HKD50 i.e SGD.. 8.35?

Anonymous said...

i left HK already and the black outerwear you wore on the first day is sold out :(

Anonymous said...

Can you please be super kind and a tweet a photo of you in the wig from your spree? So curious about how you look in the wig. Thanks :) Actually, will be so fun to see you do a shoot with your spree items!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love you blog~
You're so Cute and Charming!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i love your blog,sososo Awesome
and you're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog posts alot! you are so cute (:

Celine said...

Hi QQ (:
you mentioned that you spent $900
may i know is it inclusive of everything ( meals, hotel accomodationa and transport, rides in disneyland)?

Nicole said...

Qiuting you are so cute! Nice pic and Great post of HKDL =]

Anonymous said...

Your outfits during this trip is seriously damn nice. Its so suitable for the place and you look damn good! The way you describe HK disneyland makes ppl want who havent been there wants to go badly.. haha.

QiuQiu said...

Celine, i had to pay for food and local transport over there. And A LOT of shopping! =D

HANA ♥ said...

hi, first time comment here.
great post u had did!!!
i like it

Anonymous said...

hi! where did you get your black outerwear that you wore on the first day? DAMN PRETTY!

Mel said...

wow! Which spree did you get it from? I kept looking around but couldn't find it.
Care to share the link please?
What is the price of the hat anyway?

QiuQiu said...

Hello! Outerwear sold out from the online store that gave me.

Hat i'm not spreeing anymore so maybe you can find it at Bugis. $14 - $16 =D

Anonymous said...

I have just read your both latest blog on HK!

LUL said...

Right on! You look crazy beautiful, Sg's Angela baby even! Beating all the 'models/bloggers' hands down, xx kk, I am impressed!!!!! TOO PRETTY!!!!!

QiuQiu said...

LUL, xx kk and i totally cannot compare leh! They are THERE, i am here. Lolol. And i look up to xx, cannot place together to talk. Lol.

Anon, MUST go to fa yuen gai. And main street mongkok =D AND DISNEYLAND MUST GO! Stay in the hotel better ^.^

Anonymous said...

hi qiuting, ur hair look thick and nice, did u do a wash and blow or something for the 1st day

Anonymous said...

QiuQiu! did you go with a travel package? or did you book the hotel and flight, etc. separately?

Anonymous said...

waa so envy!!
Which mrt is fa yuen gai near to?
OMG, thanks so much!!

Lynn said...

Could you please do a post on your make up, it's so nice and sweet! Also, please include the exact make up items that you have used.

Xuan said...

So you went to hkg for 3days :O

Anonymous said...

hi can bring make up? cos i read up hk web 100 ml is their maxi..

Anonymous said...

How much you pay for the minnie headband? It is so cute.

Anonymous said...

I very interesting.>_<

Anonymous said...

I think you look prettiest in your last photo.

Travels said...

very colorful and enjoy... It remind and refresh my memory for my last trip to hong kong disneyland

mippi said...

hi qiuqiu, u got ur black outwear from which online store? vry nice!

Mole Salah said...

So nice! Great photos! Makes me wanna go too! www.misskaypo.blogspot.com

Jumpo London said...

I saw all image that is show that you like outgoing....and i like your dress for outgoing..this is give more freedom to enjoy!!

Unknown said...

I just the way how you shown us Hong Kong, and i must say you are very beautiful girl with lots of charms, elegance, grace. I guess i in love with you and your post. i constantly looking your blog just because of you. Really amazing Surely gonna follow your every single Travel blog
See You Soon Friend