06 May 2011

We said it!

Not exactly! We DREW IT ON! But i guess it says it all! =DDD

 Xiaxue first..

Lol. Looks like she's pledging! Eh please see her blue got glitter one. Lol.

Sophie who decided to just be a kitty. ME-OW!

 RURRRAH! The victory and strength stripes! Lol.

I never PS lashes on all my pics becox i am just a random citizen today (not the self-centered camwhore LOL), with a passion to show love back for whichever party that has been taking care of me, well, in many subtle ways most people are taking for granted these days.

PAP!!! RURRAAH!!! Lolol.

Blur picture cox it's just too crazy there!

Someone in the crowd helping us take a shot =D

And one more!

My frail attempt at taking a artsy shot..

Please look at the badges Xiaxue collected -.-" I only got one =((


PM Lee showing support.. And dudes, look at George Yeo, humble good man please!!! WHY IS THERE EVEN ANY CHANCE FOR HIM TO BE VOTED OUT!!! =(((

In my opinion, George Yeo who's leading the PAP Aljunied, who has served Aljunied for 23 years, makes PAP Aljunied the only group worthy of any votes from the people in Aljunied!!!

At least he's not moving here and there just to conquer places while regarding the residents as ammunition and sacrifices for changes to be seen to, "teach PAP a lesson"

I'm not gonna go into argument.. For i'm not keen, not good, in that. I'm just pissed by how people can change their stand within matter of days. HALLO, weeks before election you were all happy leh.

Going to work in MRT, leaving your house without being mugged, going to school to study, coming home safe, going to work, buying whatever you need and that you can afford, dinner dates with girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, you were all doing okay leh!

Why, people diss something, you all also must join in is it?

I swear i didn't care about election the first few days. I was only looking out for funny things like how the people speak funny, how oily their face looks like, how they pronnouce "productivity" as pro-ucktivity. Hahahaha. Yeah, it's from one of the lousier opposition party.

Anyway.. I only got more and more interested when i see people tweeting, retweeting STUPID things.

Things that groundlessly attack PAP again and again and again. Disrespecting figures in PAP who deserves every bit of respect for all the things they done for Singapore, for us SINGAPOREANS.

Things that people took for granted and STILL wanted MORE for LESS. Election is not great Singapore Sales hor. You want something, you still have to pay for something. You physically unable to, then i'm sure people like George Yeo will be there to listen and help. See all the REAL LIFE ACCOUNTS HERE.

Good man, good people with their family.

It's a whole lot of positive energy at the PAP rally! They acknowledge the flaws, and now they only need one thing. OUR TRUST! I don't know about you all, but no other party will be able to get this precious thing from me except PAP.

Look around you.. Everything is a subtle reminder of all the work they'd planned and done for us through the yearsssssss!

Before you jump in and join the cool, think about it, it's easy to point out flaws. It's hard to ACKNOWLEDGE, and PAP has already done that. They promise to listen more, and i trust they will! Not like minister like George Yeo hasn't already been doing so! So please be fair leh! Lol. If not he's like a punching bag for generally angry people who just wanna vote the opposition becox they want to make "a difference" -.-"

Please make a good difference. A bad difference would be.. You come to regret and get even more angry at the next election. By then don't blame the PAP for not stopping you 5 years back in 2011, for voting to make that difference you hoped for. I'm saying this becox it's so easy to blame PAP for anything, everything.

Don't say already lah, it's 7.15am and i haven't sleep. A lot of anger building up inside me looking at all the accusing, offensive tweets and irresponsible, silly Facebook comments directed at PAP.

But i'm not gonna Yi Du Gong Du (fight poison with poison LOL). I'm gonna welcome you all over to the bright side with rainbow and carebears with people as decisive as a bolt of lightning =D

You wanted them to hear, they already heard. It's enough, don't be a spiteful kid anymore leh! Come over! Simmer down, don't sweat so much. LOL.

Hardcore general, warrior, smart kitty cat. Lol.


why i read your blog said...

because i want to see how much of a dog you are to xiaxue. she supports pap and u follow suits?
COME ON. get a life bitch. stop wagging your tongue and following xiaxue. this let me look down on you from the bottom of my heart. its okay to delete my comments because i know you will read it.

Dog lover said...

even if QQ is a dog to XX, at least she is grateful dog that appreciates what we all have been taking for granted!

before anyone vote, please think carefully and assess your candidates you are voting for. are you voting for someone who can talk very well, empty promises and yet no plans of how to carry them out OR someone who knows exactly what to do?

everyone wants free handouts but these handouts are only at the expenses of tax payers!

to sidetrack, it's good that you are reading her blog, gives her $$, calling her names, this only increases her popularity! only a good blogger gets BOTH positive & negative comments! :)

Anonymous said...

i was non chalant as well, til i see what those people wrote about pap on the web. ungrateful bunch of people. I SUPPORT WHAT U SAY!
- vivien

Anonymous said...

thank you for supporting and speaking out for PAP. It means alot to us, the PAP supporters.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it seems that u r rather shallow and havent been in touch with politics for the past 5 yrs. Arent u puzzled as to y pple are unhappy with the pap? I tink u just cant be bothered . Not everyone can write a few blogpost n get salary n sponsorship. Tis post definitely reflect on ur intellectual capability . I feel so ashamed even to read ur shallow post .

Anonymous said...

seriously why cant QQ have a opinion to herself and support PAP? i realise anti-pap peeps tend to make the most noise, too much complaints and whatsnot.

Anonymous said...

Okay firstly, sorry for the long comment but I hope you'll read through it!

I agree that George Yeo is one of the members of PAP that deserves the most respect, and it is indeed sad that he has to go against another well respected politician Low Thia Kiang, but you don't seem to have a full understanding of the situation here. Why did WP decide to make a bold move and contest in Aljunied in the first place? Is it really due to a superficial reason as to just "teach PAP a lesson"?
You keep saying "you were all doing okay leh!" but do you actually realise that there are groups of people who are NOT doing so well (perhaps even worse then you and your family when you were young as said in one of your earlier blog posts)? There are people who have to survive with a very low pay yet still have to suffer from the high cost of medical services, high cost of housing etc., just to name a few. Why did these people face these problems in the first place? How have they been helped?
I agree that it is easy to point out the flaws of others and criticise them, but without the oppositions' pressure, do you think the PAP will ever acknowledge their flaws? OR will they continue to smoke their way through and avoid questions about the mistakes they may have made?
PAP is not just about George Yeo, if you want to support any party, don't just look at one person, look at the whole lot and what they have really done for all of us.
Democracy rests on the assumption that everyone will vote in the interest of the state, not the individual, so i beseech you to please learn more about the arguments put forth by all parties first before you make any decision. Please don't listen to one side of the story and base your opinions on that.

Anonymous said...

why didn't you replace pumpkin as xx's dog. I bet you will make a very good pet dog. wag your tail at her, lick her whenever you want, she support gy..you also support gy.You disgusting bootlicker!

jessica said...

Why can't it be that she support PAP from the bottom of her heart? seriously stop making a big fuss over here. This is her blog and obviously she can say whatever she want. If you're a pro-opp and you dislike what you read over here you can just cross this page.

Are you trying to say that things that xiaxue fancies, no one else can agree with her because we are "copying" her? So only xiaxue can like PAP? The rest of us are copycats? Seriously, get a life.

Anonymous said...

PAP FTW ! =D Yes, middle class people are sandwiched. I'm sure more than 60% of the middle income, including myself, Singaporeans feel that way. BUT what makes y'all think that the opposition will deliver what they say?

Omitting NS and lowering the cost of HDB to cost price(chee soon juan)? I agree that the cost of housing has been on the rise, but ridiculous policies like that will not solve the problem at all. It creates even more problems because it'll result in low and poor quality public housing! Which developer works at a breakeven price? Please think carefully and don't get dissuaded by their seemingly self righteous and wonderful policies.

They only sound nice cos they echo the sentiments of the common people, but to run a country well the government must sometimes do things that cannot satisfy everyone. We need policies that work in keeping the country running well. We are all safe and at least have something to eat everyday don't we? The social safety net is in place. I think the best thing the PAP can do is to send people to educate the elderly/less literate on the help available, as they are usually unaware of it. Total welfare depency = laziness like in Britain).

Lastly, please chill. QQ is entitled to her opinion. To each his own! At least she isn't flaming anyone in her promotion of PAP! *cough cough Jiang Lai*

Anonymous said...

she should just marry ang moh also. since she wanna kopy xiaxue . hahah .

나니 said...

You guys are so CUTE!

Wtf's with the haters? I don't get what they're doing on your blog, if they hate you that much. Just because you're hanging out with Xiaxue, doesn't mean you're her lap dog. That's just ridiculous. Jealous people will be jealous, I guess.

I think you look gorgeous and I really love how you guys drew on your faces XD hehe

Anonymous said...

dont lose. you only follow the pap craze because of xx. i used to love you both like mad, but damn it, you just proven to all tht you're a dog. D-O-G. stop getting easily influenced when you know nothing much about politics lol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Instead of insulting others with regards to pronounciation, how about questioning your own pronounciation first?

Anonymous said...

It's not Tat ppl are doing fine before elections just that they are oppress previously. Election period is where the floodgates of emotions are release to express what general ppl on the ground are feeling which perhaps there is no channel for them to express in the last 5 years. Have u ever wonder if it wasn't election or under influence of strong opposition will the ruling party humble down and be willing to listen to what citizens has to say?
If your answer to the above is yes than why hasn't there any 1 from the ruling party admit there flaws before election?
No doubt they have been gd rulers of the country for the past many decades but eventually Singapore belongs to the citizens not any party so Singaporeans shld author our own future.

QiuQiu said...

Talk later! We'd know after tonight =D

Suggest you all don't type long comments about how good opposition is, i'm not gonna post it. If you insult me, it's fine.

But i'm not gonna put up anything that insults Wendy or PAP.

And seriously, this is MY SPACE, i can try to influence whoever i want, and whoever is willing to let me work my humble influence on.

If like most of you said (and more nasty comment that i deleted, cox insulting PAP and Wendy), it's obvious i am stupid, shallow and ignorant about these political things, then it only means everyone should be smart enough NOT to listen or be influenced by me =D But it doesn't mean i should shut up/ not blog becox nobody wants to listen to me/ see my opinion.

And look at all the comments, are you all proud of yourselves?

Anonymous said...

it's cool. to see how a bunch of pretty bloggers showing their support from who who has supported us =)

Anonymous said...

It's not Tat ppl are doing fine before elections just that they are oppress previously. Election period is where the floodgates of emotions are release to express what general ppl on the ground are feeling which perhaps there is no channel for them to express in the last 5 years. Have u ever wonder if it wasn't election or under influence of strong opposition will the ruling party humble down and be willing to listen to what citizens has to say?
If your answer to the above is yes than why hasn't there any 1 from the ruling party admit there flaws before election?
No doubt they have been gd rulers of the country for the past many decades but eventually Singapore belongs to the citizens not any party so Singaporeans shld author our own future.

Anonymous said...

people should always look beyond. like instead of harping on high cost, high inflation, high minister salaries, you should look at what singapore has transformed till now. im not talking about 10 or 20 years b4. jus this 5 years. our growth and much more.

yes the standard of living has increased, food prices has increased. but isnt this what everybody in the world is experiencing? look around you, which country are not experiencing these too? hongkongers and shanghainese are dealing with expensive flats too. food prices in taiwan is rocketing high too. can the oppposition do anything ? i seriously doubt so.

Cookie said...

Hi QiuQiu. I'm pro-opp but on a personal level I wanna tell you that you're pretty gracious to publish nasty comments about you (not those who explain their standpoint regarding GE). :) Well we are getting increasingly well-informed and discerning, so I suppose that a blogger's thoughts/opinions will serve as a reference, just like any other online materials. Ultimately it's up to the person! Eggcited about the results!! :D

Anonymous said...

I respect your views on pap. But please refrain from plainly rephrasing xiaxue's posts (95%). It's plain annoying.

Jaslyn said...

Let ppl support opposition. In this 5 years, I'll see how much chaos the opposition can create in this already first world and stable country.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh I v happy y'all say what I wanna say. Afterall..



Anonymous said...

i realise something about pro-oppositions, they are so filled with hatred that anybody who tries to support pap they will get damn defensive. why get so uptight? if oppositions are good,they will win. and everyone is entitled to their own views,so can we conclude that those who vote for oppositions are dogs as well,for following the flow? but anw quoting slyvia lim you guys are wp's weapons. lol.

QiuQiu said...

"Heh heh I v happy y'all say what I wanna say. Afterall..



You really think this is funny?

Anonymous said...

After seeing such idiotic comments from Singaporean females, I can no longer defend my kind and prove that we, SG gals, are not bimbos.

Ignorance is the biggest sin.

Disappointment is an understatement.

Maybe the fumes from all that nail polish has melted your brains.

I won't be patronizing this blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ppl has decide Ur promotion for mr Yeo din work

wtf said...

you say you are just pissed by how people can change their stand within matter of days. you did the same thing too. you didnt support PAP initially also what. HELLO???

Anonymous said...

I dont like u. U keep mimicking xx. Just becos she is famous doesnt mean u hve to act like a lowly poodle in front of her. She is famous becos of her guts to speak n wad abt u? Following her around like a dog. At first i like u i tink u are innocent n nice at heart bt now i tink u are shallow ignorant . A disgrace to youth

Anonymous said...

u changed after you grew some fame and mix with xx. 0levels grad.

QiuQiu said...

Wtf, which part of your birth process went wrong? I didn't express that I support PAP initially Becox I didn't want to get involved Becox I know there will be freatards like you who will try to put up useless argument to pin point me about so like said in my blog post, I was pissed from all the offensive remarks towards PAP I see on Twitter n fb, that's why I decided to show some love to PAP.

And if it makes the rest of you feel better, Wendy and I have been talking about how angry we are about the people being disrespectful after all the govt has done for them. So I don't know what's all the calling me copycat, dog etc.

You all can hate PAP all the same, everyone else can love PAP all the same, only I cannot have a stand? If I am pro-opp, you are all gonna say I copy Mr Brown.

You are all ridiculous. And don't need to tell me this is the last time you are patrinizing my blog, lol, as if it means anything to me. You are one in a few thousands. If you are screwed in the head, I rather you don't come also.

Anonymous said...

all those opposition supporters are being ridiculous. They flame everyone that supports PAP. CRAZY. Only they have a choice to choose, we don't. GET A LIFE LA. why cant qiu qiu supports PAP? grow up people. you people are also dogs that follow blindly with other people.

Anonymous said...

i had so-called "friends" whom known i voted PAP & literally delete me off from fb and even posted nasty things like "PAP Voters shouldn't be a friend of him/her". But whatever it is. As long as my heart is conscious im contented, even if i had to lose this long term good buddy.
Qiuqiu, just ignore those childish buggers. They're just a bunch of childish monkeys without brains. Jia you.

Anonymous said...

Where to get those thing you guys used to draw on your face!!

LITTY said...

Qiu qiu, don't get angry over those annonymous without identity. :) It's your blog, you don't deserve to be bashed by others. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm mildly disgusted by how people say that supporting the views of the opposition equates to being ungrateful and being complainers:

Maybe you don't understand, but a general election is in place so that the best people who deserve to be in parlianment and those who represent what WE as Singaporeans want NOW would have the chance to represent us. If not, then what is the point of having 5yrly elections?? Why not make it redundant?

We need elections to have the best representation in parliament, and not keeping the same people in because "oooh they have done so much for us in the future! we shld keep them in becox we are grateful to them!"
If not, how do we improve ourselves as a nation? Being stagnant is not a choice now, not when Singapore's resources are being so taxed by the influx of foreigners until we can no longer squeeze onto an mrt. Surely you've experienced that.


wtf said...

you are pissed from all the offensive remarks towards PAP and that's why you decided to show some love to PAP?
alot of pple are making offensive remarks of bangalas too. go show some love to them la idiotic bitch.

this just show some bimbotic you are. oh wait. you do not fit in. because not only you do not have brains, you dont even have the look. not to mention boobs.

QiuQiu said...

Wtf, you're going out of point. It has to be that i am on PAP's side to start with that's why i want to speak up for them when people are bashing them over the board, right?

And you're bringing this to a personal attack on my looks, why? Feeling like you have nothing against me on this election topic anymore?

Then you don't have to comment again =)

wtf said...

this goes back to the point that you are on pap side because you are xx dog. she support then you support. its not an attack. its a fact.

Anonymous said...

its already over. say so much for fuck?

Anonymous said...

WELL SAID. Tis post definitely reflect on ur intellectual capability . I feel so ashamed even to read ur shallow post

SIAO. Do you even know why people vote for opposition?! get your facts right first k.

Anonymous said...

seriously you shouldn't have started this post. pig brain.

Anonymous said...

Shut up bitches! Not everyone is like you either come from well-off family or having damn rich bf/husband! Unlike you had said that people start to complain only during election, I have been complaining about unable to get flat when I start searching and balloting last year!

Look around and do more social work before you make any comments of Singaporeans in general!

I see that you have a moderation before comments are approve.. And you know why people like you need that? Cause you guys are the one who bitch about things! So do look and reflect at yourself before you start saying others who are bitching instead!

Btw, if you do look into another side of "YOUR WORLD", people these days aren't like you who happily buying things whenever they want to! Around me are people who are cash tight nowadays, cause everything are getting expensive and income remains the same! We think carefully before they make any purchase things or even go for expensive food!

You are living in your one-sided world. OPEN your eyes widely to look at the other side! What a shame to women in Singapore!

Anonymous said...


I don't hate you, I can actually say that I like you. Been reading your blog BEFORE the first episode of Budget Barbie.


(1) I notice A LITTLE change in you ever since you start hanging out with xx. Well, last time you hadly even take a photo with her.

(2) Please understand a bit about why people support the OPP.

- You said you never see them before. They weren't at your GRC first, they were at other locations. And they have a good heart, they listen to the people.

- Nobody wants PAP out of singapore. We just want MORE opp in the parliament so they can keep the PAP in check. If it's all PAP, its gonna be one-sided and our voices will NEVER be heard.

- Singaporeans are not ingrateful. But NOT everyone is like you or xx. All you do is blog at home, you don't even have to head out to work. I am 17 this year, and I am working so many jobs just to help out the family + pay debts. I'm not saying you or whatsoever, its just that you need to understand, life is NOT easy anymore, and my parents are suffering. I know, compared to other countries its considered GOOD already but hey, who doesn't want an easier life if thats what the OPP can do for us.
Even if it's A LITTLE bit of help, trust me. everyone that supports OPP appreciates it.

- All of us agree george is a good minister. We all want him, but we have no choice. Tin Pei Lin should be out and he should be in anyways. He deserves 15k a month WAY more than her.

PS: I still love you. You are funny, you are entertaining. But please do not scold people that supports OPP. We have our reasons.

Besides, bloggers like you and xx are great influences. IN THE FIRST PLACE, you shouldn't have blogged about this UNTIL after the elections.

QiuQiu said...

Yeah i'd get my facts right only when you people accusing me of being STUPID / BRAINLESS/ A DOG etc, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

Which part of your accusation towards me, can you prove to be true? Cannot right?

So nope, i'm not gonna get my facts right. I refuse to =D

And thanks for telling me about it anyway. But i'm not gonna say "Oh.. Now i understand. Sorry opp, i love you"


Anonymous said...

Clearly all the people who support you just want to get laid. Guys, you can find better looking women at Changi Village

:( said...

i thought u were rather cute in the hotseat... i actually watch the whole one hour because of u. why u so attitude nw?

Anonymous said...

give her a chance can she can only blog if not with her o level cert she can only work as admin or go sell make up at metro

Anonymous said...

why your english seems good in your blog, but not in videos?

I used to read your blog but now I dont anymore said...

Do you know why XX and QQ and get along tgt well? Because they are both plastic! Your do not even deserve to be a bimbo beacause your do not even have the beauty factor, not to say about education.

Anonymous said...

You know nada about politics and your knowledge is as deep as a pool table. i am astounded by the ignorance and point of view that makes zero sense,however everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that does not make you a bad person nor a dog but seriously, read a book.