03 May 2011

Becox its cuteeeee! ^.^

I tweeted this afternoon that i bought a Hello Kitty facial wash and everybody loved it. Lol. Okay not exactly EVERYBODY but a lot of people say it's cute!!! Hahah =DDD

Which i can't agree more!!! See!!!


Lololol! I'm not a major Hello Kitty fan but please see the hello kitty at the corner closing eyes and washing her face. Lolol!!! Cute! Anyway if you're wondering, i'm not paid to do this at all okay. It's the punggol kampung spirit. LOL.

Cox i got this from the new bath and body shop (YAY!!!! NEW SHOP IN PUNGGOL IS ALWAYS WELCOMED) at the basement of Punggol Plaza. You can find products from Taiwan, Japan, Korea etc. I saw this bunch of facial mask, GOT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE AND MACAROON FLAVOURS, PLEASE??????

Cool!!! Next time you all make me sad, like if my readership drop, or another girl say i copy Xiaxue, or another anonymous say my head is big like alien and my body is scrawny and disgusting, i'd go buy some sweet-smelling mask and comfort myself. Lol.

 One more picture of MY Hello Kitty facial wash =DDDD

I tried it just now! This is before. I washed my face with clear water and then tapped dry.
Zero PS on the skin, no makeup at all. Only photoshopped my nose and eyes. I shall not admit that i also made my face size smaller. Lol.

The dullness/ yellowness on my forehead is really quite depressing. Lol. And the discolouration from my cheeks and to the area under my nose is also really ugly. I look like a man =((

Ahem.. $17.90 hor!!!!!!! *proud face* Lol. And it's from SANRIO!!!!!!!
Original okay *even more proud face*

How the gel looks like.. IT SMELLS ULTRA GOOD!!!
Not too overpowering, it's like a.. Light apple scent? =DDD Refreshing much!

It says at the back of the sticker (the one with cute hello kitty washing face ^.^) that this gel contains some fruit enzymes/ acid thing that will remove dead skin, clear impurities and soften the skin.

The store lady told me it will brighten up the skin colour and will also remove blackheads and whiteheads. Bu dong zhen de ma -.- (don't know real or not) Lolol.

I was just hoping for it to remove the dullness, and you know, just give me cleaner-looking layer of face. Lol.

 So it's like this!

The clear gel becomes very watery as you rub it on, i think this is where the moisture locks in, and then it will slowly become white particles, and these white particles, are the impurities and deadskin =OOO So does it mean if i keep rubbing, i'd weight lighter and be less thick-skinned? LOL.

I always think that everyone looks chio right after washing face, so to be fair, this is taken 15mins after washing with the Hello Kitty wash!!! =DDD

Not chio cox no makeup, no photoshop on the complexion, so dark eye rings still there, but i swear to god, it REALLY REALLY helps with the white and blackheads!!!!!!

All the thousands of tiny tiny little bumps on my nose (black and whiteheads) GONE!!!! Smoothen out please!!!!! *jumps jump jump for joy!!!* And i don't think it's stated as one of the benefits but my pores became smaller. I think lah!

So how, first wash only.. My face colour got any brighter? =DDD I think got! Lol. And plus the dried scarring from my itchy hands peeling my pimples lighten off also.

I've never paid more than.. $13.90 for any skincare products.. Last i remember was this $13.90 (most expensive then) cleansing milk *ANGRY STARE* No good one leh i think. Like wash already face oily oily one.

I prefer like this kind, wash already like nothing? No pulling feel, no oily feel, just clean, and smooth and nice to touch =D Lol. And this is $17.90. GIVE ME A ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE!!! I'm upgrading myself leh!!! Lololol.

Anyway i went back to the shop to get a email address from the boss in case you all don't wanna travel all the way to Punggol Plaza =D

If you all try the macaroon mask and chocolate truffle mask, tell me how is it! If it's good, i'd buy a few boxes for my gfs as birthday gift =)) And then maybe get one or two to try from them. LOLOL.


LITTY said...

super cute with the hello kitty washing face!! ahah it's like indulging itself into the cleanser and looking very syok. ;D

Anonymous said...

eh first time i come your blog the way u write damn cute leh. and i like that u not afraid to show no makeup skin unlike other bloggers who think they very chio but actually look like alien (ahem*dawnyang*)

thats very endearing to me ^_^

Anonymous said...

Is there any other outlet which sells this product?

QiuQiu said...

Hello if Punggol too far maybe can email them to ask for it to be mailed to u?

Anonymous said...

you live near punggol plaza?

Anonymous said...

like cure aqua gel but cheaper! lol

Anonymous said...

qiuting, you are too cuteee!!! ;D

Anonymous said...

Hey! Ok i feel like a stalker (I'm the anon that posted at 6:29 pm and first time visit your blog) but I just saw your Budget Barbie and I THINK U DAMNNN CUTE LEH!!!! You're like the most lovable blogger I know >_<

Your Ang Mo Kio episode damn funny! VERY CHIO!!!! Keep up the good job and thanks for making me smile (really mean it lah I not trying to butter up to you or whatever) :DDDD

lvry said...

Looks good! So hard to find cleansers I like.

Check out Muji's facial cleansing foam if you have the chance. Fantastic grapefruit smell, gentle exfoliation, clean feeling but not tight. Price about SGD 11?

Anonymous said...

woah!! I live near punggol plaza too! I thought basement only kfc and the sushi store?! ;P
Hah. Will check it out and buy the macaroon mask! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Wa, my house downstairs is already punggol plaza already and I didn't even know they got new store LOL. I thought basement only got kfc, suki sushi, pet shop+ vcd shop and market HAHAHA. Gonna go there tomorrow to see see xD

Belle said...

I love hello kitty!! OMG! I so want this facial cleanser! My friends here in UK are huge hello kitty fans too, if only they ship it over here :(

kimmy said...

hai there! i love your blog and budget barbie, they're AWESOME. esp budget barbie, you can pick out awesome clothings at such affordable prices. hahaha :D and hey can i ask, where did you get the bohemian head band from? and how much? hehe cos it's so nice! thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, i love your blog to the maxx! :) can i know where you got the boho head band? the one you wore on your head while wearing that "peacock dress" in the photo. hahaha! thanks much! :)))

QiuQiu said...

Yes! Punggol plaza please become more hip!!! ^.^

Kimmy, got it from cotton on discount years ago. $2 only.

Anonymous said...

QQ! I love your honest and down-to-earth nature, how you are not afraid to post your no makeup pics on blogger, and telling your readers what works for your skin and not. Most bloggers also act perfect skin one, damn annoying. Love you to the max! <3

Daph said...

I know you hear this very often, but I love that you look kinda sweet even without your make-up. :) You have made me respect you cos' you dare to show your readers your naked face. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the intro. I will sure go down there and check it out

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really like the way you speak. So cute :) First time reading your blog. I enjoyed reading it. Blog more ya =)

MinMin said...

When down to the shop today.

I told her you intro this shop when she asked me how i know about their shop! And alot of people went down or email them.

The hello kitty scrub sold out already =(

You should get the mask! It was intro in a taiwan varity show, 'nu ren wo zui da'. super popular brand.

Anonymous said...

i went, i cant find. ): which shop ?

Anonymous said...

it's near to the kfc at Basement.

Anonymous said...

I found this exact same bottle in WATSONS! tampines mall. for only $12.90! (: