16 May 2011

Victoria Jomo - ONE price, ONE Bag, UNLIMTED items!!!


You pay one price, you get a carrier, you squeeze ANYTHING you can in it, and then you bring everything home, for one price - $35.

We're looking at..

Clothes - PLENTY of clothes to choose from, from vintage to basic casuals tank tops with quirky prints, to comfy chiffon tops, to outfits for work, to a WIDE range of maxi dresses for a beautiful day out. Find some jackets and bottom in the collection to complete your look!

Bags and Clutches - Pictures of some of it will be shown later! Now read on!

LOVE the bunny (or kitty? Or it's up to me to decide?) facial print on my tank top!
I got it from Victoria Jomo!!! =DDD

Ready to see the preview for the Victoria?! =DDD Let's roll!

First up!! My favourite!!! Haha. Cox i love simple basics most!!! =D

One more! This tank top is loose-cut one! Love how comfy it is!!! And the owl is cute too~ It's wearing a necklace with a "A" charm. Lol. Maybe its name is Awl. Hahahahahah!!!

Random shots of the cozy little corners at Victoria Jomo.
Love the homely, warm and vintage touch to the whole place!!!

 For those who love girl-shirts!!! This one is suavely-sexy =D

Other than this nude one there are other colours like black, yellow and brown etc..

Comfy chiffon tops that matches with most things! Denim, work skirt, cutesy shorts etc!
Comfy and easy-matching, AND!!!

Can wear both ways!!! This green top is one same top as the above watermelon red top!
Just flip it inside-out, outside-in! ^.^

More colours for the two-tone tops! There'd be more colours cox the ladyboss will be bringing in lots more stocks to cater for the event!

 Check out my off-shoulders shu-nu flora dress!!! =D Love the thousands of pleats details!!!

Something more feminine? Also have lah! =D

Love camwhoring at Victoria Jomo cox can just pick up anything in the shop to use as props.
Like this bag. Hahah. It's for sale thou.

A dress with simple cutting and *ahem* showing a bit of cleavage. Lolol.

This would be suitable for work, right? =D

Clutch with heart-shape design and padlock will be included in the buffet as well!

Comes in different colours!

LOVE THIS POLKA DOT DRESS!!!!! Got flora patterns in the same design as well!

Love how it shapes my body!!!

If i'm born in 1970's, i should be a major popstar. Cox i so hiao. Lol. This looks like a picture i'd be proud to show my friends to, "THIS ONE IS MY MUM WHEN YOUNG" and they'd all go like "Tsssssssssss~ She's hot!" Hahaha!!!

Who love long skirts!!! Got ten thousand colours and style at Victoria Jomo!

Vibrant flow to all your movement. Hahaha LOVE the attention i'd get. Lol.

For those who can carry of the elegant, feminine and beautiful look. This is perhaps just 5% of the different kinds of maxi you can find at the event.

More clutches / small bags you may find at the event!

This one can fold/ roll one *hint* Lolol. SO SQUEEZE MORE into the bags!!!

Must get these if you love animal preens!

Can put your cards, cash, coins, keys, and the not so bulky makeup inside!

And not to miss these little pieces of accessories!

In my opinion, best to go with girl-shirt blouse and plain maxi dresses!

So you've seen a small part of all that will be up for your grab on the day of the event! Now let's see the what, when, where!!! =D MUST READ HOR!

In even simpler form,

- $35 for one standard carrier
- One admission per carrier
- Do not bring your own carrier Lol.

- $5 refund if you complete your spree in 5 mins! Of course you can stay longer than that!
- Register before the event (NOW better! Lol) to get ice cream and Victoria Jomo vouchers (details will be provided upon registration via email

You can just turn up on the day itself without registering but then you'd have no vouchers! Lol So better register now right! Display the Singaporean spirit! Lol.

Most important of all, you gotta remember this:

9 Haji Lane, Victoria Jomo
4th of June (Saturday)
1pm - 9pm

Random prints i took of the clothing in the shop! Gotta love vintage right!!!

Check out Victoria Jomo facebook page for updates, details and more preview of items you'd find at the event! It's a crazy huge variety!!!

Register for event HERE! =))


나니 said...

Woahhh so many photos! You're so damn gorgeous : ( *is jealous*

whimsical.laura said...

Beautiful clothes, beautiful pics :-) really love you and your taste and of course your blog! <3

one stupid question: what means "lah"? sorry but im from europe and ive never heard that before. just hear or read you and xiaxue say "lah" sometimes :P thx <3


QiuQiu said...

Laura, it's just a.. Slang i guess? Like example..

I love this "man"!

What's up "yo"?

This is yummy "huh"!

In Singapore, it's Leh, Lor, Lah. LOLOL.

Very hot leh.

I don't want lah.

You can have it lor.

Hahaha! ^.^

Anonymous said...

how big is the carrier?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, if i remember correctly, it's about A4 size or slightly smaller when lay flat =))

Anonymous said...

what about the $55 one? sry uh first time ><

Celia said...

Hi Qiuqiu, does Vic Jomo sell men's clothes?

QiuQiu said...

Maybe you can ask questions on their facebook page =)

And yes i remember seeing some males clothes! More females clothes of course! =D

Linhui said...

Is there any time limit? :) And you are drop dead gorgeous.. ^^

crunchy said...

Hi qiuqiu,
would like to know if a limited number of people enter at a time or its rush in and first come first serve?:D

Anonymous said...

Hi , if we register , do we have the priority to enter the shop first ?

Anonymous said...

how to regester i cant

QiuQiu said...

Hi crunchy, i think shouldn't be THAT crowded until the whole shophouse cannot accomodate you all right.

Anon, i am not so sure about this, maybe you could ask on their facebok/ email them to check? =))

Jsica said...

hey, i saw you tt day and i think you are mad tall and totally gorgeous!

QiuQiu said...

Jsica, where did you see me! =DD Hello!

Linhui said...

Will you be there on that day? :)

XueLing♥ said...

yah will you be there that day?? never see you in real life before!!

QiuQiu said...

I'd try to be there! but it'd probably be so crowded you guys can't catch me! Lol.

Anonymous said...

how much is that stud clutch wortH?

Anonymous said...

i love the concepts!! hopefully more shops come up with it, then they compete for business and things get cheaper xD
ohya i asked them a qn on facebook then they never reply, idk why they skip me because the whole stretch of questions above and below they got answer lol.
maybe they think i some joker.
cause i see got 1k people sign up liao, so i ask if i can line up at 8am or soemthing and get priority or those that register gets priority. cause i no bank account. so who gets priority?
ohya.. how to get to haji lane by mrt btws? i googled and it says arab street and i've never heard of arab street.

Anonymous said...

If I buy the $35 bag and fit around $50 worth of stuff , it's ok right ?

Evangeline said...

Hi Qiuqiu! May i know how do we start the email? :) Like what must be stated in the email? Am i allowed to help my friends register too? Sorry i for asking so many questions :/

Anonymous said...

How big is the bag size?

Anonymous said...

Hi BONGQIUQIU. ;) The registration is only to get free icecream & the vouchers isit?? o.o According to your blog post, you stated, you can stay even longer than 5minutes, what's you mean isit that if i stayed longer than 5 miuntes, isit there is no refund of $5? In that case your "Stay longer" could be how long? Sorry for too many questions. :)

Anonymous said...

Is 9 haji lane the same as the normal haji lane? I'm not too sure because i only been once to haji lane..

Anonymous said...

Hi BONGQIUQIU. ;) The registration is only to get free icecream & the vouchers isit?? o.o According to your blog post, you stated, you can stay even longer than 5minutes, what's you mean isit that if i stayed longer than 5 miuntes, isit there is no refund of $5? In that case your "Stay longer" could be how long? Sorry for too many questions. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey may I know how big is the $35 carrier?