24 May 2011

Swarovski Jay, Jiotao, Mikimoto Tata Pearl

Jayelle is also Jia Ling is also the CREATOR OF "BONGQIUQIU".

Yeah i don't know if i should thank her or hate her..

I mean.. Bongqiuqiu is kinda catchy (after so long).. But seriously, i can't help but agree when people go, "Wtf is BONG? Why BONG qiu qiu?"

I've made up a few stories that i think might be more interesting than the REAL origin of BONGqiuqiu. But really, they are all quite crappy, and involves a lot of supernatural sightings and unrealistically romantic love scene O.O Yeah..

So here's the true story, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Us during the break in between classes =D
Me, Dorothy, Jayelle

Jia Ling and i were roomies during the training months in Hong Kong for our flying career. I am Qiu Ting. Or Ang Chiew Ting or Hong Qiu Ting. People there call me Qiu. And then one of the ladies say there was this singing girl band call "Qiu Qiu He Chang Tuan". So sometimes, i'm called QiuQiu.

And one fateful, random night, Jia Ling and i were just lazing on our beds and we were just talking and she went "ANG QIU QIU"! We both kinda like it and she was thinking of a more catchy tweak to it.

And pooof, it became Bong Qiu Qiu. No meaning. Okay. NO MEANING ONE. So please don't ask me why BONG.. It makes me feel like you think i am stupid and lame, and i have no choice but to accept that as that =(( It's not my fault, it's Jia Ling's fault. Lol. Cox it's like a rhythm.


Bong, QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu Bong..

Bong, QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu-Bong-QiuQiu Bong..

*awkward silence*

"Oh yeah, ooooh, OH YEAH, WHO'S YOUR MUMMY!!! SAY MY NAME!"

"BONG...." *brother died*

"Can we still be friends?"

THIS IS HOW I GO DOWN. Lol. Kidding. I had a boyfriend before i was BongQiuQiu.

Oh my god. Talking about this.. I think i should hate Jayelle for giving me this name afterall. I lost count on how many times people address me in email/ invitation/ various other ways as BONG Qiu Ting *STABS SELF MULTIPLE TIMES*


"Miss Bong, we would like to invite you to our company's 8th anniversary grand celebration.."

Seriously, why would you want to invite a Miss Bong to a cool celebration? LOL.

Miss Bong sounds so.. So.......... UNCOOL.

So anyway, Jia Ling, if my blog does well, i have you to thank for. If my blog fails, i'm putting it on you. LOLOL. Convenient right!!!

Three of us went for hi-tea!!! =DDD It's been so long since we last met!

They got me these ='((( I am very touched.

Cox everytime they see me, they'd have something for me. Especially Jia Ling please! There was this once she was helping out at a photoshoot with me, and she just came back from a flight the day before, and she bought back a bag of Garette popcorn from DUBAI for me!!! That time Garette not here yet!

And then she got me my first branded blusher from V.S, i have been using it forever since but now i'm putting it aside cox i don't wanna finish it too soon!!! JIA LING, SARANGHAE. Lololol.

I always get my gfs little little boh liao stuffs, and especially love it when they come to my place and just pick out anything they like. Especially new clothes, accessories etc. If nobody takes them, i'd keep and keep and keep and finally give them to my sisters. They either throw it away, or they give it to their friends.

Thing is, i never thought i could actually offer Jayelle and Doro anything that they'd fancy!!! I mean.. They see the MOST beautiful things all over the world! They tasted the yummiest food, they buy the prettiest stuff.. BUT OKAY, i think i should just start loving them my own way. Lol. First i should get a bird cage for Doro (LOL kuku). Then i should get more accessories for JiaLing becox i think she thinks she has 27 fingers or something.

I drifted too far into redeeming myself for being a bad friend. Hi tea, hi tea.

Custard, Butter One, Butter Two, Jam.

LOL. The funny shit about butter one and butter two lasted like 20 minutes or something. Jialing try butter one. Then i try butter one, and then try butter two. And it goes like this..

Me: OMG! Take this one! It taste better. Like sweeter.. Don't take the other one
*points at butter one*

Doro (haven't tried any of the two): Okay..
*spreads butter two on scone*

Jia: You sure not! I thought they are the same.
*tries both*

Me: Confirm please. This one (B2) sweeter! The other one no taste one, don't bother.

Doro: I think it's the same..

Jia: I think it's the same too!

-both of them super bothered and keep talking about it, i don't understand why-

Me (after sending out one tweet and replying one SMS): NOOOoooo. It's not the same lah. Haiyoh. Trust me man.
*tries both butter again.. A bit confused*

Jia: Okay i'd call the girl here and ask her. Ang Chiew Ting! If it's the same how!

Me: Same then same lah! But i think it's different! I'm quite sure!

So the girl came and say it's the same. I'm thinking it's some conspiracy thing. It might be the same but to me.. It's always different. I'm rebellious like that. Lolol. Kidding. I'm a sore loser.

Jialing and the sandwiches. Got more creative caption? Lol.

Dorothy and tea =DDD It rhymes!

Hi, see who doesn't have makeup on again =(
You can also say i'm confident in my own skin. LOL. No really, just lazy.

Dotty about to tuck in!

DENG DENG DENG DENG~~~~ LOVE!!!! Love the look of it!
As for the taste, 50% of it is nice, 35% average, the other 15% taste pretty bad.

Above are the pictures my camera took before dying on me =( So the rest of the pictures are from Jialing's cam! *cough* Not *cough* very nice. LOL.

 Love!!! =)) Thank everything, every factors that keeps us together =)) Or keeps me with them!

 We crash Jialing and Jeslin's dinner!!! At a chinese restaurant at ION! THIS IS SO GOOD!!! The sauce/ soup base is REALLY GREAT.. Pair it with the skinny fritter, YUMMEH!

Why i say i think only the soup base was great is becox.. I could really do without the WHOLE LOT of fins in it.. It's seriously filled with fins!!! I could do with just the mock abalone/ mushroom shreds that's in it. Lots and lots of that, plus a little bit of cheap fins (those we normally pay $3/bowl for) would do the job!

You can definitely figure out that i didn't take this picture.. Becox a blogger wouldn't take food, with a foot in the picture -_-"" Plus the peking duck, cucumber and the keropok has not sense of belonging now. They don't look like they belong in a group!!! *grumble* Lol. I would take the shot from another angle!

Lol. Giving the manager authoritative brows to fit her action. Lol.

Again, taken by Jialing. Oh, now the keropoks is the highlight of the dish?!?! And the peking duck crepes are just garnishing right?! -_- WOON J.L, WHY LIKE THIS!!! Lolol. Turn the plate around for a picture why you no do!!! Now my blog will have lousy pictures becox of you. Like the BONG is not disastrous enough!!! Lolol.

After dinner, we go toilet! Lol. Like how Wendy and Sophie and i did. Lol. ION Orchard toilet confirm hate girls like us. Shameless much. Hahaha. Left to Right, Me, Jeslin, Dorothy and Jayelle!

Jialing look so young here! In fact.. All three of them look young here.. *pull out pistol and yell DON'T STOP ME!!!*

Only i deserve photoshop lashes.

Then Jeslin say we should take pictures that is.. In her words, "Here but not here, there but not there" Hmm........ In my few years of camwhoring experiece, i believe she means.. Candid shots? Self-taken shots that doesn't look like self-taken? Act-emo shots that looks far away from the camera? WHAT??!! WHAT?!?!? Lolol. So we each decipher "Here but not here, there but not there" to our own understanding of it.

I am shamelessly trying to maneuver the Mong Huan (dreamy) pose, Jeslin looking sensual, Jialing look vain and naughty, Dorothy just laughing at the three of us maybe.

Jialing say this picture would be perfect if all of us except her, were cropped out. Lol.

Okay give her one more solo apperance. Lol.

We were supposed to take a back-view, act sexy shot.. None of us were ready except Jialing -.- But look at Dotty face please. LOL. Really got the "Huh" face. OMG. We never know, maybe Dotty WAS ALREADY POSING. Lolololol. This could be her sexy pose.

Us doing the Barbarella "OKAY THANKS BYE THANKS~~~ THANKS~"

With that.. Bye bye! =D Sigh~ Totally happy now! =D

And btw! Swarovski Jay is Jialing's daughter, Jiotao is my child and Mikimoto Tata Pearl is Dorothy's daughter. Lol. I figured that Jialing is super act atas. Dotty is super act quirky.

But my child, will be like me! Jiotao means rock. And all diamonds come from rocks. And.. this whole diamond from rock crap, is made up by Jialing. She is saying Jiotao might become another sensation. Lol.


Anonymous said...

Where is the place u haf ur hi tea? Hw much per person?

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i ask how much was the hi-tea and where is it located at? Thanks ! :D

Peesai said...

Haha I think you photoshopped Jialing's face until she doesn't look quite like herself anymore. I love Taste Paradise too! :)

QiuQiu said...

Hello! It's at Regent hotel. One pax about.. I actually forgot. I think it's $40.

Anonymous said...

Your name reminds me of this.

Anonymous said...

Bongqiuqiu, bon qui qui.
Not that much difference! haha.

Anonymous said...

you use to be air stewardess? for which airline?

Anonymous said...

is this you in the picture??