15 May 2011


Find my attempt to do a makeup tutorial on this look HERE!
Or you can just scroll down actually. Lol.
I'm really just showing off picture from this series.
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I have a secret and i dare not tell too many people about it.

So far, people only my boyfriend, my sister and girlfriends who visit my place, know of this secret. And i think i told Wendy about it one night over msn cox the feeling was too overwhelming i had to let it out. Lol.

It's the feeling of happiness..

Do you guys have this auntie in your life, that you are always happy to see? =DDD

I've had plenty! When i was in primary school, there was this auntie who sell drinks in my school canteen. Seeing her means it's recess time and i LOVE the 10cents blackcurrant syrup drink! I drink it almost everyday in school!

Then there's this auntie who sells prawn noodle at a coffeeshop near my old place. Seeing her means it's CHOMP TIME! And i can ask for A LOT OF DEEP FRIED PORK LARD!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY!!!! =DDD

And.. I eat it almost everyday.. For about two years O.O Yes.. I am, this boring. Hahaha. Actually my bf is to be partially blamed for this. This whole eating prawn noodle for two years thing. Hahaha.

And now.. My favourite auntie is the Vitagen auntie!!!

She deliver Vitagen to my doorstep, plus for every pack of five i buy, she gives one sticker. It's for redemption of products/ vouchers. See my collection.



And if you realise, one and a half page filled, and i still have a lot more stickers!!!

I have a total of about 120 stickers. Lolol.

So 120 x 5 bottles each pack, that'd be 600 bottles.

And each bottle contains billions of live probiotic cultures (good bacteria) then that's 600 Billions of good bacteria in me thus far.





*rockets off into the sky*

Okay i tell you why i am SO excited okay. Becox i have decided to change my stickers for many many cups of jelly!!!!!! =DDDDDD And those jelly, when they were first introduced, were like.. Luxury back in my teenage hood. Lol.

And also! I don't mind sharing this secret now becox i've already told auntie what i wanna exchange for, i am not longer afraid people would break into my house and steal all my stickersssss!!!! I keep them refrigerated in the fridge for 1.5yr already. Hahahah.

It's about time for my investment to come to fruition. I don't know if i'd be a changed person after this.. It's like.. For 1.5 years.. My favourite, secret hobby is to collect Vitagen stickers =(( And now i'm about to part with this collection.. What should i collect after this? =(( Okay a bit sad now.

BUT for cup jelly, it should all be worth it! =DDD
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hi~~~ Deesis me doing mask!!! =DDD

I got it from the shop at the basement of Punggol Plaza ^.^ You can email them to purchase if you don't stay near here. It has this thing call Bo1 Niao4 Suan1 (Hyaluronic Acid) in it~~ Woohoo~

Please google the goodness of THE Hyaluronic Acid okay. And true to what it's supposed to do, it does firm up my skin and kept it significantly more supple for.. Two days? Yeah not very long actually. But for one dollar plus, i don't expect it to keep me beautiful for 10 years. Lol.

The part kept me VERY impressed and awed since it's my first time doing facial mask!
It's like i feel this invisible tightening feeling when i try to talk or move my mouth. The force is in the way as drawn in the picture above. It feels like my face REALLY did firm up! So all in all, for one dollar odd, i think i'm sold. Lol. OH OH OH!!! Maybe collecting mask can be my next hobby after Vitagen stickers???? =DDDD


나니 said...

HAHAHA oh god! That's so cute! : D We used to have this canteen lady at my first high school (I went to two) and she was SUCH a sweetheart! My best friend and I LOVED her so much! She always knew what we wanted and she always made sure to keep a diet coke cool for me, cause I always came down to the canteen to say hi and get my first fix of diet coke from her! Haha! Oh man, I loved her <3

cher said...

I know the Vitagen aunty. She always travel around Punggol to sell Vitagen...But u r really a top Vitagen friend to collect so many stickers!

Anonymous said...

i prefer yakult

chloe said...

that's your big secret? that's all? cup jelly from collecting vitagen stickers?