10 July 2011

QWeekly - Feeling loved =)

Me tryna act a little sexy. LOL. Yeah look at my druggy eyes. Hahaha!

Check out the back!!! Unique?! That's not all!

I can change it to this back!!! EASILY!

Then the front will look like this, with the cross back. The Infinity Convertible Dress from Fairebelle is just super amazing!!! One price, one dress, more than a few dozens of styles!!! And you have two colours (inside and outside) to play around with!

Had dinner with Althea, Freda and Gillian the other day! It was meant to be weeks earlier, for my birthday but i was too packed then! But they are super nice!!! To push back the dinner!

Usually birthday treat would be like.. "Valid on birthday month" Lolol. And once your birthday month past, it's invalid already. But woohoo~ We went for Korean BBQ =DDD

I thought it was just gonna be Freda actually. Lol. Like cox i only talk more to her. And that's why i'm extra touched when Althea and Gillian spare some time out =)) Thank you =))

Eh but in real life i'm super not expressive one, i just smile with a pair of sincere eyes like *squint eyes harder* this, when i say bye bye to them O.O Lolol. I don't think they got it.

LOVE the side dishes!!! LOVE the sweet potatoes MOST!!! It's chewy, sticky and not too sweet!

LOVE GARLIC!!! *drools*

There's SUPER LOTS of candies and chocolates and cookies inside ='((( I FEEL SUPER LOVED!!! The BEST thing to send me is SERIOUSLY FOOD / snacks like this!!!

BEST! Thank you Tre, Hui Ying and Gillian!!!
Thank you Althea and Freda ^.^

I think the feeling of receiving something you don't expect if truly overwhelming.. Like i start to question myself.. "What did i do?" and most of the time.. My conclusion is.. "Nothing much leh" LOL.

It's really a bonus when people are nice to you. And it's especially pleasant when you don't expect it! =D

Okay bye i need to go work on a super project. And i'd need your help!!! And it's gonna be to your advantage too!!! Like a SUPER free deal/ discount if you do a good deed! Tell you more, REALLY SOON! ^.^


Anonymous said...

qiuqiu where is the korean bbq place? looks good

Happy Belated Bday


Anonymous said...

How much was the BBQ?

Anonymous said...

it's at katong village right? it's v v v yummy! and more hygenic than 2d1n. cheaper on weekdays though :)

QiuQiu said...

Hello! The bbq is at katong village! =D I think it's called Jang Shou or smth. Not sure of the price!

It's buffet style thou =D

Ellie said...

WAH! QIUQIU YOU LOOK SO SEXY! GUM LENG AH LEI :) lol if you dont speak canto than this would be awkward :P

Amber said...

Hi, QiuQiu! Just wanted to say I love your blog. Your personality seems really quirky and fun, which makes for a good read. And I love your pictures! Jealous of how skinny you are haha. I'm reading all the way from Virginia, USA. ^_^

QiuQiu said...

Hi Amber!!! thank you!!! <33