19 July 2011

CORA Lingerie

Welcome to my blog! This post is totally not something you'd see on my blog on any other day but..

Hmm.. Okay let's just say.. I HAD MY RESERVATIONS ABOUT DOING THIS TOO cox i'm really afraid people might start thinking i am THAT KIND, you know.. THAT KIND lah. But the products are too good. I can't not feature them myself. Lol.

Although i had a boob job, but i'm really not THAT much a showoff. Lol. I just want to keep them to myself (under my clothes) and feel good about it. Had quite a number of people come asking me after the procedure, "Eh you do already why never show one?!"

So anyway. Not that i'm trying to proof them wrong like "SEE, I SHOW NOW" lol, i'm just her to share some good stuff.

You ready? If you are, please go youtube and play "MY MOMENT" by Rebecca Black while you read this. LOLOL. This is my moment~ My moment~ To show the world my boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs O.O ......

This would be what i'd do..

If i were to snap pictures with little clothes on. That'd be what i'd do. Cover boobs with hair, show more legs than body, do weird colour-treatment to picture to distract people. Lolol.

In the picture above, i'm wearing a HKD10 bra please. Lol. That's like 2SGD. Jialing help me buy one! Since YEARSSSS ago in Hong Kong!

It's really not about the support the bra gives me anymore, it's about "This is the A Cup i've been wearing for years, and it's never been filled. Now that i had my boob job, this is the cup i can finally fill. I shall wear it everyday!"

Err..... Yah.

Hmm.. I have two very similar of these non-supportive cheap bras. Okay. So i can wash one and wear one, okay. Just thought i need to clarify.. In case you think i REALLY wear them everyday.

I do that i also won't admit one.
OKAY! MOVING ON. You seen this? I posted that on my birthday! A picture of my.. Cleavage =.=

Dah, this is the magic. U-Bra from CORA Lingerie =D

I'm gonna TRY, in my own term, figure out the magic.

First of all, i noticed the U-Bra is like ONE-piece O.O Super simple.. Super compact.

And it's wireless. Yup, NO wire at all. Just ONE simple piece!

And the area where it's padded, is almost ALL through out. But yet, you can't see exactly where the padding starts, and where it ends. If this U-Bra has a facebook account, its relationship status will be some emo shit like "It's complicated" Lolol. Or or, "It's a mystery" Lol.

So let me SCRUTINISE it and since i've wear it, i probably can figure out where is pushing and lifting what.

Here you can see, the part of the bra, nearest to our armpits, is already about a centimeter thick. It doesn't just serve as a padding! It works in a way it pushes all the excess fats at your armpits inwards and it's able to hold it there cox it's thick and strong enough! Thin ones will just squeeze your armpit fats out and make it more obvious if you try to pull it together =(

Keeping the two sides of the boobs close, so the outer side of the bra pushes it inwards, towards each other!

Right underneath the boobs. This part will push and lift it all up. Nobody wants big looking boobs with cleavage, but have them near the ribcage okay. Lolol. We want it near the chin. Lololol! Kidding!

For A-Cuppers like myself now.. It is possible for us to get the thin ONE-LINE cleavage.. But in my opinion.. It's not quite natural like that. Like if you pushed it to that limit, from the side it'd look super squashed and tightened and stuffed. Lol. I don't know if you know what i mean.

So this is why i LOVE the U-Bra!!!

After all the push and life done from the armpit area to the outer bust, to the under bust, we have to have one end to stop the push and keep it all together. U-Bra has it covered. Right in the middle! I can feel it pushing against all the other sides and holding it all up. It's COOL!!!

End result.. A natural-looking cleavage.

From the side.. Doesn't look forced =D

One more crucial element to make the U-Bra magic happen.. THE STRAPS!!! It's not elastic one leh! It's using this fuse-technology and it's more comfortable (super soft and smooth!!!) than having elastic straps sit on your shoulders. PLUS, it gives the uplifting needed to complete the whole "UP AND TOGETHER" boobies look. Lolol.

By the way, don't know if you noticed, CORA hot-seal all their logos and care-tips onto the products so you don't get flaps of cloth coming out =.= HATE THOSE. It alwas prick my body! Be it from clothes or bra or panties! Always! So heat-seal is good!!! =DD

Can you see that this has embossed pattern on it!! =DD

It goes with a matching bra too!

For this the push-up is more rounded! LOVE also! Goes super well with clothes with bustier cutting!!! Love love love!!! Finally something to double-UP with my bustier tops and dresses!!! Cox bustier cutting already gives an illusion like the boobs are bigger! With this push up bra now, EVEN BETTER! Hahah =DD

What i mean by more "rounded". Anyway! Can see the embossed details?! =D Love how subtle it is!

Another thing i LOVE about CORA Lingerie is that almost ALL their stuff are SEAMLESS. Especially the panties!!! SMOOTH, SOFT, SILKY-ISH. Comfy like mad!!!

Like this! See the side of this bra?! Seamless!!!

Introducing the Low Plunge lacey push up bra!!! LOVE OR NOT?! Low-plunge, LACEY, PUSH UP!!! Okay i'd take it!!! Haha! And best! It's nude-colour on the inside! SEXYYyyyy~ People'd think it's lace over your skin! Haha. Notti nitti~

Love how it's already pretty on it's own, you can wear anything over it and even show a little bit of it on the outside, and it'd still look nice altogether!

Okay this is just a random act-cute shot O.O

And this is a not-so-random shot cox i want to show you the LOW-PLUNGE. Haha. And the push-up effect! =DD

Forgot! This is the panty i wore to snap picture with the U-Bra above. But it's quite covered in the picture. So don't know if you can see the details!!! It's SUPER pretty!!! And it's mad smooth cox it's all fine mesh and seamless. And it feels like satin!!! SUPER SHIOK!!!

Also have label heat-sealed on and LOOK AT THE BUTTERFLY!!! =DDD There's a promotion for this panty now! USD30 for THREE instead of USD15 EACH. Yeah, not cheap but SATISFACTION GURANTEED. Lol.


CORA Lingerie produces for the European and Australian market. So you can expect TOP quality items from their online store, at a fraction of the price!!!

I kid you not. This is good stuff. So good i feel indulgent just owning them =((

Sigh. Anyway~ They have items for FULLER FIGURE! So go visit their site and see what you can get to compliment your shape =))

Here are the links to the items i featured in this post =) They have a few colours for each design so you might wanna check them all out! ^.^

Seamless Embossed Rose Print Thong
Low-Plunge Push-Up lace bra
PROMOTION: Seamless panties with mesh and butterfly

Hope you'd look GREAT and feel GREAT! =))


Ellie said...

Again, I wish I lived in sg >< but OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING. but then again, you already knew that ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, do they have an outlet in SG?

Anonymous said...

The picture of you in the pink polka dots pyjamas is nice ! :) & thanks for introducing those bras :D.

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

You look amazing!

If I had your figure I would walk around in my bra and panties......you would have to pay me to put clothes on :P


Anonymous said...

would the bra fit if u didn't do your boob job? as in will they have gaps?

LOVEチュー said...


will said...

next time you do the breast fillers, please do C cup. your current size see like no see no difference.

Jaslyn said...

omg QiuQiu after this you will have a lot of weird guys that will be your fans...

QiuQiu said...

Hello Ellie, they ship overseas too! ^.^

Anon, nope only online store! =D

Anon, thank you!

Marina, LOL. It's not so typically accepted in Sg actually, to do that.

Anon, before boob job i'm totally flat, would need some paddings to make it work. Now i'm a A cup ^.^

will, sick.

Kagami, don't think so lah. I keep it pretty clean, i think. Lolol.

Anonymous said...


which has the best push up effect in your opinion? I'm an A cup too but push ups don't work well on me.. cos mine are firm and don't have much fats.

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu~ You were willin to spen so much on bras?!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu ! really enjoy reading your post, may i know what size of bra do you wear before your boob job and now ?

because i have really small boobs and i can't find a bra for them ):

xxshinrai said...

Wow! I love the look of these bras! I live in Australia and never knew about this brand. Gonna check it out right now!! As a fellow A-cupper, I'm liking the look of how the bras give that nice lift :D thank you thank you for sharing. PS. you look damn beautiful and sexy ! Just goes to show, don't need DD to be the smex haha <3