07 July 2011

The black bird name Pinkie

Few days back i tweeted about a baby bird landing into my place! It was the day after my birthday! And on my birthday, i watched Mr Popper's Penguins. LOL. If you watched it, you would know that the dad of Mr Popper's sent him one penguin in the show. Lol.

The next day after my birthday, i get a bird too!

Not penguin, but still.. Lol. It's a mynah! I think it's washed down from the aircon ledge two floors above my place. My bf saw birds nesting there since weeks ago. And on the 29th, it rained, and the maid was washing something and the next thing we know, there's a baby bird drenched and standing still in our kitchen. Haha.

There's a little bump on his chest. We think he might have gotten this tiny injury from the fall.

He looks kinda proud actually! And the legs so weird i thought they were broken! I tweeted a picture and people told me it's normal for baby birds' legs to look like this.

We decided to call the SPCA cox we have no idea how to help it survive and mainly becox our dogs were eying on the bird as if it's turkey!!!

SPCA say they'd try their best to nurse it till it can fly before letting it back to the nature but no promise as it's dependent on whether or not they have the manpower to do it. And kept reminding me that the chances of baby bird surviving without their parents is quite slim O.O

But i was pinning on it that they will TRY. So i said it's okay for them to come pick it up.

We put it in this flower pot and threw some rice (lolol we very noob) hoping that it'd eat them.

And then just minutes after i hang up with SPCA.. I heard chirping from two birds. And they were frantically flying around my window but kept missing my unit!!! Like they went two floors up, two floors down, unit beside me, unit diagonally opposite me -.- Anywhere except my unit.

And when the baby bird started chirping in response, the parents FINALLY found my window unit!!!

I kinda know how the chirping goes.. Since i've been monitoring them for days. I know, i super no life one. LOL.

Parents would go "CHIRP"

The baby bird will go "chirpchirpchirp"

Parent will go again "CHIRP"

Birdie will go "chirpchirpchirp"

Like this lor. Hahahah! And they can go on forever. Haha.

So the parents come and go as they want and i was peeping at them from a corner.

And the unbelievable thing happened. The mum actually came back with a worm.

So i was kinda touched lah.. Lol. So i cancelled the pick up from SPCA and then just hope that the birdie will quickly learn how to fly. And also the parents won't suddenly find their child missing and start pooping at my window to curse me everyday. Lol.

But our flower pot is too small for the bird. So~~

Tadah~ We went to buy a bigger tub. It's those used to shower baby kind. Lol. And placed some water and rice in it.

At about 6.45pm the parent stop flying back so i spend my time googling for more information about baby mynahs.. Yeah, instead of standing behind a wall and peeping at the parents with the birdie. Lol.

I found out that baby birds that fall down from the nest before they learn how to fly is call a Fallen Pinkie. Lolol! Cute! But i think they meant those that are so young its feather haven't even grow out yet.

But anyhow, we named the baby bird Pinkie. Hahahah!

The internet say facial tissue are good for their comfort. So here we have! Nest made from facial tissue.

The next day morning. The parent came back with a piece of bread, then later on, a dead cockroach, then later on a piece of bread again.. Nise....... Totally disregarding the fact that i HATE pest. Lol.

We were worried and not very sure if the parents did manage to feed Pinkie cox the parents don't dare to come inside my kitchen. I already place the tub VERY near the window, like just right beside. But i'm not sure if they did feed Pinkie.

And also cox he manage to jump out from the tub, and was on the floor of my kitchen. So the only way for the parents to feed it is to come inside my house.

But they don't dare and i remember how i tried to build a facial tissue nest on my kitchen floor for Pinkie, the whole time the parents were looking at me.. I swear they were thinking "Amatuer" and shaking their head. Lol.

Anyway.. The internet say we can try to hand feed.

So in the evening bf bought some worms from pet shop that sells birds.. It is call a pet shop or bird shop? Anyway.. These worms feeds on bread. So we have to feed them too.. If not they'd get hungry and will start feeding on each other cox i see some dried up worm skin, empty and flaky kind O.O I think they are sucked dry by other worms. LOL. It's a practical worms' world.

Pinkie doesn't eat them anyway.. But he's still pooping A LOT. So i guess he's eating what the parents feed him.

On the third day i woke up to find him outside the window, on a ledge. It's SUPER dangerous! Half a feet of space and if he cross that, he'd plunge 8 floors down. The parents were with him thou.

And so i place some tissue and worms there. There's nothing i could do! Nobody can reach that area one lor =( Unless.. He's spiderman =D Okay Anyway..

I went to clean up the doggy room and when i'm back in the kitchen, the bird was gone!!!! GONE!!!!! Means he confirm plunge down already! I think he'd have die.

But nope~ Happedy-hoppedy happily walking around.. =DD At my void deck. Hahah! Quite cute! He looks super carefree and so much happier than in the tub/ in my kitchen floor walking around!

The parents were with it and so i went up to get some bread for them.


From like.. 2pm - 7pm. It was just there.. With the parents. I could see them from my corridor.

Only until 6 plus, bf and i were having dinner and then we suddenly remember.. At night there are cats that'd sit around at the void deck O.O And cat eats bird.

So we quickly rush home and i suggest we put Pinkie at the roof garden. We can still see it from our place! =DDD Plus the parents can feel feel to visit anytime! PERFECT IDEA! Lol. We should have brought it there in the first place!

The next day, we went to visit Pinkie =D I didn't know boyfriend took this picture. Haha.

Okay below will be Pinkie's camwhore pictures. LOL. Every bird with a sad childhood deserves to be camwhored, despite Xiaxue saying it's too fugly. Lol.
We can easily recognise him cox he has these weird messy white hair sticking out on both sides of the head!!! CUTE!!! Hahaha.

One more~

Gimmie a frontal shot, Grumpy face!

He's kinda fluffy and the wound at the chest recovered on the second day actually.

Okay last one~ Say bye bye~

Whole time i taking pictures of Pinkie, the parents hardcore protective. Stood there going CHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRPCHIRP = /

Then i have to start cleaning up the kitchen.. And i finally realise why on earth would the baby bird choose to land in my kitchen. And why the parents kept visiting it.

The washing machine is facing my window. And the Nestle bag is placed on top of it. Maybe it looks like a bird hotel signage -.- Lol.

Now everyday i can still hear Pinkie at the roof garden! I hope it learns how to fly ASAP!!! =D And i've since kept the Nestle bag properly. Away from the window. Okay bye~


GenevieveWijaya said...

SO SO SO SO SO ADORABLE! Love the picture your bf took of you and Pinkie!

pinkkfish said...

i think the bird is sooooo cute! i find it really lucky that you were able to take care of it happily haha

Jessica Tan said...

This birdie story is sooooooo interesting and touching....

You're so nice to take care of it!

The photos are really cute!

Take care!


Xinyi 씬이 said...

The whole story is interesting.
Pinkie landed on the right place :)

Tina said...

This is the sweetest/cutest story ever!! You must been disgustedly happy when the parents started bringing cockroaches into your kitchen LOL I love it's hair, looks like albert einstein hahaha

Anonymous said...

I rarely read full blog posts but this one was so cute. I'm glad you helped him and that his parents came looking for him.

lissy said...

such a cute birdie story :D and im glad you liked looking after pinkie ^^

Jas said...

the birdie is so cuteeeeee!
that's really very nice of you!

and your last picture made me laugh till tummy ache! lol

Pinkystar said...

Nice & cute birdie story! So nice & kind of you to take care of it and even take pics of it! It good to be caring towards those pitiful birds or animals.

Anonymous said...

Pinkie ftw! :D

Anonymous said...

i think YOU are really cute lor ! HAHAHHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

What an interesting encounter :). & cute bird!

Beatrice Liew said...

ur so kind! if i were u, i might have ignored it :(

LITTY said...

I enjoy this post so much! <3 you are so kind, cute and funny!!

QiuQiu said...

Hello~ Yeah Pinkie is CUTE! I'm not THAT kind or anything!

I just thought okay lor, the parents are here, i don't wanna separate them.

I hope this is a little bit informative thou! Lol. Like don't bother trying to feed a baby bird uncooked rice, and don't leave it at the void deck. Lol.

And importantly.. Don't leave a nestle bag by your window. Lolol.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!! The bird and you got same hairstyle! Messy!!! Lol~ Okay bye muacks~!

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, you are so sweet to do that!

Rie said...

Hi! Cute bird! :) I kept one once for a few days until it's broken wing healed. Btw Qiu I just bumped into you at Ion Orchard while you were walking into the toilet near Marmalade Pantry (I was on my way out). Didn't say hi because I wasn't sure if you wanted to be disturbed! :)

Jean said...
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Anonymous said...

omg you are such a kind soul!!!! may god bless you QQ!

Rebecca said...

my dad once brought home a fallen pinkie too! we kept and fed it until it could fly and one day it just flew away and never came back ):

Anonymous said...

damn cute !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you can contact ACRES if you spotted any wildlife that needs help. Hope that helps, and for everyone else! There is no point contacting SPCA. HTH :)


Anonymous said...

Abt the mealworm dried-up skin, it is actually just like snakes shedding their skin because they are growing. Not exactly suck up by other worms though

Bel said...

Hello, may I know in your latest Budget Barbie episode at the flea @ Chinatown, when will the flea be until?

Korin said...

Hahaha! The bird hotel part was really funny! I literally laughed xD

Xtine said...

Love the not-anti climax!

Janice P. Tan said...

hahhahhh you are so funny. so nice to see the parents trying their best to feed their baby. Rmb to keep nestle bag away! :)

Coco Tai said...

So cute! Bird not fugly at all! Btw, next time, don't try to give a bird rice, can kill them /: