22 July 2011


7 more days (or so) of swimming in the womb for my niece. Quickerly please.

Selling super effective double-sided double eyelid tape i used here.

Leaving for Genting 1st August for 3D2N =DDD

New episode of Budget Barbie, watch it here.

32 items from the flea up for grab here. FREE.

Need to upload at least one youtube video to get new blogskin filled.

Get started on blogstore.

Lots of days taken up for filming next week.

Laundry, do laundry please.

If i could remember everything on the to-happen, to-do list, the list would be three times longer than this. Or even longer.

So many things to do but i only have one brain, one scatterbrain.

And all i think of is to carry my baby niece, like soonest possible.


smok√ę said...

Good luck honey. :)

Anonymous said...

where are you selling the double eyelid stickers? :D

Anonymous said...

Damn fail he cn eu pronouce lingerie as laundry. -.-