21 July 2011

E.X.U Clothes Buffet - CANNOT MISS ONE.



This time it's held by E.X.U Boutique, a subsidiary of Milly's group of companies. I know right, each and every clothes buffet that happens, it'd get advertised here. Lol. Cox it's SUPER GOOD DEAL!

One price, one bag, squeeze all you can and off you go. NISE!

I understand through the first few clothes buffets there might be a small group of people who are not 100% satisfied becox of some 'rules' to the clothes buffet (time limit, super loooooong Q, spread mostly consist of past-season/ clearance items, top-up not prompt enough), but TRUST ME, Milly (herself) has looked into ALL the minor problems from other buffets, and here's what you get!!!

E.X.U is gonna hold the event for two days (this Sat + Sun!!!), so you can expect the overcrowding problem to be HALVED no matter which day you go to!!! =DD Makes sense? Lol. This will give you more time to shop and select which pieces you'd like to take! It also means the Q should be half as long as past buffets which were all one-day event.

Yes, as said, the top up of items up for grab will be constant and prompt!!! So no more going in in the later part of the 15 minutes, and be left with limited designs..

Why E.X.U is doing is is really just to create awareness for their shop, cox they are new and they want to hit the market with a bang. So it makes no sense bringing the crowd to their shop but throw out past-season clothes and have people spit on their brand. Lol.

As you're reading this, Milly is OVERSEAS, picking out clothes DIRECT from another country, and bringing them back to Singapore, for the buffet!!!!!! So the spread is not just gonna be what's IN-TREND, it's also gonna be made up of what is not yet typically seen in the market!!!

EXCITED NOT?!?!?! I type also type until super excited!!! Lol!!

Let's see a small tiny fraction of what you may expect!


also love my $2 straw hat from Daiso =DDD

Top and bottom, will both be available at the buffet!!! Hat and model not included. Lol. Oh, camera also not included.

Love it so much, must give the top one more close up =D

Something more hip?! For those who love strong loud designs on their top!

All the details on the denim shorts!

How about something sweet?! The mesh softens up the whole look!!!

See the flare~~~!!! LOVE!!!

If you love maxi dresses, you won't be disappointed. They have like 10,000 designs.

They also have clutches up for grab! Quite love this synthetic animal prints one!!! So easy to match with outfits! Great to bring out for lunch during work too!

Plenty of rompers if you'd love!!! I love the two side-pockets on this one-piece!!!I added the pink scarf myself to add a little cuteness lol. It's $2 from Cotton On =D

OMG LOVE KNITTED DESIGNS with vintagey pattern!!! This is actually a two piece, i laap on the knitted piece myself one.

The green striped dress and the knitted long top are on thier own!

Yes there'd be footwear up for grabs too! But i think mostly it's the canvas kind on the shelf.

Leopard preens top with a attention-seeking big red heart!!! LOVE!

Pairing it with a high-waist denim for the cute + fun look =DD

Close up on the mini heart sprinkles. LOVE!!!

One more maxi! Comes in different colours!!! Spot the synthetic python clutch!!! So easy to match right?! Please grab that!!!

Love graphic tees and rugged denim?!


THIS IS CRUCIAL - How to get there!
Take escalator all the way up to the third floor at bugis street #03-22. This is the shop you'd see right when you get up the escalator. SUPER EASY!!!

More shots on ALL the clothes you may expect, AND MORE. A LOT A LOT MORE.
Tops and bottoms..

Who love throw-overs, ponchos and knitted fringe tops..

Maxi dresses and dresses..

Another view of the dresses/ maxis.

Wide range of pants and fashionable shorts to match up your outfit!




The price is $35, it's the same pricing as what everyone else is offering. BUT. The bag is A LOT BIGGER O.O Actually i'm really surprised! This bag is about the size of the $55 - $60 bags at other buffets!!!

The previous $35 bags have a usable height of 21cm - 23cm before they hit the limit line.

THIS HAS A HEIGHT OF 30CM before the line O.O

And if it's not enough, the width is bigger as well. SAY WHAAAT???

If they lose money from this event, it's not my fault. LOL. I guess this is what they call, "My gain, YOUR loss" for us. But it'd be "My loss, your gain" for E.X.U!!! Hahaha *evil laughter*

Okay lah, at least the whole point of it is for people to know about their shop right! =DD

This is how you register so you get a FREE hair accessories OF YOUR CHOICE (worth $5.90)! Of course you can choose walk-in but why not register to get the free gift right!

I'm gonna be nice and type out the email format for you so you can just copy and paste to register. Lol.

EMAIL milly-s@live.com

Email Address:
Contact Number:
Preferred day (Sat/ Sun):

GOOD LUCK. You'd definitely, definitely get some really good steals.


Yimin said...

Hello Qiu Qiu, can i ask do we get to try on the clothes at this clothes buffet?

Germaine said...

Sorry but, for this buffet, will there be a time limit?

Anika said...

Awesome outfits:) on totally unrelated note THE SHOES where are they from?

Gloria said...

What time does it start? :)

Milly said...

Hi the time limit is 15-20mins :)
Start from 12 noon - 10pm.
The shoes is also available at e Buffet :) ) )

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu, will they keep restocking the clothes? I'm afraid that when i go, there wont be any clothes left and is there time limit? Thanks! :)

Rebecca H said...

YES, where are your SHOES from?!!?!!? O.O <3333
i need to visit singapore ahhhhhh >.<

FangFang said...

Hello Qiu Qiu , after the clothes buffet , do we get to bring home all the clothes for free ?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yes they will keep restocking.

FangFang.. Hmm.. Yeah.

Light Love said...

Wow! I wish we had buffets like this in the US :) Love everything in that shop; esp. the girly lace/polka dot things! <3

Miyuki said...

Hi qiuqiu, will the pair of shoes you wearing be available for grab too?

Anonymous said...

Do you pay on the day itself or payment first then collect the carrier?

QiuQiu said...

Miyuki, not very sure you gotta check with them =)

Anon, i think you pay on the day itself =)

Anonymous said...

Is there time limit?

F ▲ N G Q / said...

QiuQiu ; Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

OMG. i see the flag top. but its so high up. wonder if its up for grabs! but im too short... later cannot reach and spend 20 mins trying to grab

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu! You look like the girl from channel 8, 9pm show :) The actress from Taiwan.

Anika said...

hi, could you tell what brand are the brown oxford high heels you are wearing? thank you

Anonymous said...

Got size one ?

caramelade said...

Went ther alrdy!wrote sumthing abt it at my blog!